Escape the winter chill to orlando florida


Published on You know that Orlando’s got the thirteenth busiest airport in the USA, so you’ve thought ahead about Orlando stroller rental to save yourself some hassles. But what about the weather?

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Escape the winter chill to orlando florida

  1. 1. Other parts of the USA and theworld get four seasons a year:the classic spring, summer, fall and winter.
  2. 2. Orlando, although it has these seasons on the calendar,doesn’t experience four in its actual climate.
  3. 3. “Cool” here is a relative term, as theaverage maximum temperatures during these months are in the seventies to eighties (Fahrenheit) and the average low temperatures are from the high forties to the sixties.
  4. 4. This is the most pleasant time of yearin Orlando and there is less rainfall (but not no rainfall, so be sure to book that rain shield accessory when you book your Orlando stroller rental),
  5. 5. The hot season comes next and goes from May to September.
  6. 6. The hot season is a lot wetter and gets very humid, so if you want to visit Orlando during these months, make sure you get the free chiller packaccessory as well as the rain shield as part of your Orlando stroller rental package.
  7. 7. There’s no denying that Orlando does get a lot of rain – this, combined with the balmy temperatures, is probably why orange growing was once one of the biggest industries in the area,although tourism has taken over today.
  8. 8. Orlando is on slightly higher groundcompared to other parts of Florida, so it catches the precipitation.
  9. 9. However, the upside of this rain is that it has made beautiful lakes in the area as well as providing homes for a lot oflocal wildlife – visit the Gatorland theme park with your family if you want to find out more about this aspect!
  10. 10. The main lake in Orlando is Lake Eola,which is right in the middle of town andlooks gorgeous at any time of day butespecially at night when the fountains are lit up.
  11. 11. During the wet season, Orlando gets agood dramatic thunderstorm complete with lightning nearly every day.
  12. 12. If you’re here at that time of year and like a few natural thrills and specialeffects, come and enjoy it, whether you and your child watch from the comfort of one of Orlando’s many eateries or cafés
  13. 13. or whether you make the most of that rain shield and the hood on yourOrlando stroller rental and try to catchlightning flashing around Cinderella’s Castle.
  14. 14. However, in spite of the warmth and the thunderstorms, Orlando hardly ever gets tornados, being well outside Tornado Alley.
  15. 15. However, keep an eye out for hail.Although the hood of a stroller will keep the hail that does come with thunderstorms occasionally off your child, you might need an umbrella to keep it off you!
  16. 16. Our advice? If you’ve not booked your tickets or your Orlando stroller rental yet, then the dry winter season is probably thebest time to come, although it’s still nice in the summer.
  17. 17. When you do book your Orlando stroller rental, make sure that you getthe free chiller pack and the rain shield as accessories along with the stroller itself.
  18. 18.