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  • 1. COSMETOLOGY BY: Erika Vaughn
  • 2. ABOUT ME Erika Vaughn Grew up in Canton, Georgia Helped raised by my grandparents who pushed me to choose something I liked In my family, we have three main jobs that we do o Work in a truck dealership o Mechanic o Hairdresser I have done all of these jobs, but only one has really gotten my interest.
  • 3. PROJECT FACILITATOR Rachael Anderson Owner of Interlock Hair Salon Master Stylist
  • 4. PAGE 4 AND 5 Person: Eden Occasion: Homecoming Style: Curly Up do Person: Amanda Occasion: out and about Style: coloring of under layers
  • 5. PAGE 6 AND 7 BRITTANY BROWN Occasion: Military Ball Style: curly up-do with a auburn/ brown color First: Hair was colored and washed Second: Hair was blow dried with round brush Lastly: Hair was curled and then pinned up
  • 6. PAGE 8 AND 9 JENNIFER Occasion: everyday use Style: darker hair color First: hair was combed Second: Color was applied  Left on for 30 minutes Third: Color was washed out and blow dried with round brush
  • 7. PAGE 10, 11, 12 KATHY VAUGHN Occasion: everyday use Style: haircut, color and style First: Hair was cut in a layers form Second: Medium Red Brown color was applied to her hair Lastly: Hair was washed and blow dried using a round brush
  • 8. FIRST STEP Rachele’s hair was long and messy Cut was to her shoulders First step to cutting her hair was to wet it Then Mrs. Rachael taught me how to hold the scissors and comb
  • 9. THINGS LEARNED How to hold the scissors I am a left handed haircutter  Why?
  • 10. SECOND STEP After her hair was dried, I separated Rachele’s hair before I applied color Bleach was applied first to back of Rachele’s head In the salon, bleach is called blonding cream, why? Bleach was blended with 40 volume developer Left on hair for one hour under dryer
  • 11. COMPARED TO MY RESEARCH In my research paper, I got to see the actual effect on Rachele’s hair when I worked with the bleach It made majority of the bleached hair fall out which made it thin I also got to use a stronger bleach then what we would normally put on someones hair unless we have to
  • 12. THIRD STEP Permanent color was applied to the left side of the head 6KR was the color mixed with 20 volume developer Process time was 30 minutes without heat Then the color was washed out and the semi color was added
  • 13. FOURTH STEP Semi-Permanent color was added to the right side Color was 6KR with 20 volume developer Process time with heat was 20 minutes After washing the color out, it was time for styling
  • 14. FIFTH STEP After all the color and “blonding cream” was washed out, her hair was then styled out using a hair dryer and round brush
  • 15. OBSERVATION After all the cutting and coloring was done I noticed many differences o The Permanent color did not stain the scalp and it was darker then semi. o Semi-Permanent color stained the scalp and was much lighter then the permanent. o The bleached portion was very thinned out and you could see the natural hair underneath the bleach.
  • 16. PROBLEMS Getting taught how to do things at the salon but I had to go home and apply them Getting to actually talk with my project facilitator Having to be showed how to do things at the salon and then having to go home and try them
  • 17. MY FUTURE Choose to go to Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School Have my own Salon Spa called Southern Comfort with my own staff Thank You