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Eng 2 d0 culminating task

  1. 1. ENG 2D0 Books: Hot or Not? Culminating Activity This assignment is worth 100 marks and comprises 15% of your final grade.Phase 1: Reading Process (30%) 1. Select a Novel: choose your own novel or select a novel from the available list of suggestions. Your novel must address topics of oppression, discrimination, or injustice! You will be given time, during class, to go to the school library and choose a book. Your novel must be at least 200 pages in length and at an appropriate academic reading level. If you cannot find the book you want at school, you are expected to explore the many public libraries in the area. You also have the option of purchasing a novel to read for this task. It is YOUR responsibility, as a young adult enrolled in an academic English class, to obtain a novel to study. Your choice must be approved by your teacher. Students should select a novel and have it approved by Monday. May 7th, 2012. Students who have not chosen a novel by that date and had their book approved by the teacher will be assigned a novel. 2. Reading Reflection: As you read the novel you are required to make notes on the following: 1. different themes of the novel (minimum of 4) a. pick the most important of these and turn it into a properly-structured and formally- written thematic statement 2. the obstacles the protagonist faces and how these relate to/help develop the conflict(s) (minimum 5) 3. outline how different specific settings in the novel contribute to the development of one of: the mood/atmosphere, the plot, or characterization (minimum 4) 4. characters’ personalities and their development (or stagnation) throughout the novel (minimum 4 points for 3 different characters) 5. outline the major plot events in the novel, including (and indicating) the inciting event and climax of the novel (minimum 10). For inciting event and climax, be sure to include why you think that is the inciting event or climax 6. identify a minimum of four significant literary devices used in the novel and explain their importance/significance Element Quotation / Reference Importance/SignificanceCharacterization-Jem “Atticus is a gentleman—just -Jem realizes that Atticus is like me!” (126). does not need to brag about his ability to shoot (that he is humble) -this makes Atticus more of a gentleman or hero in Jem’s eyes than someone who goes around bragging; further develops the theme of heroism -brings Jem closer to Atticus and teaches him an important life-lessonPlot
  2. 2. Literary DevicesEtc. Due: Wed., June 6th, 2012Phase 2: After Reading (70%) Book PromotionYou will write a 4-5 minute persuasive presentation that shall be accompanied by a powerpoint or prezi-based visual that provides information about your book and promotes it to teenagers, high school Englishteachers, and teacher-librarians. You must include appropriate information about the book and prepare anattractive and persuasive presentation that showcases the information you have. Presentations will takeplace on Mon. June 11th –Wed. June 13th.Objective: Students will demonstrate their clear and comprehensive understanding of their novel(character, plot, theme, setting, conflict, literary devices, its genre, and background); they will demonstratethe ability to creatively share their information in a public setting; they will demonstrate their ability toproduce an attractive visual aid; they will demonstrate the ability to speak professionally and convincinglyto an audience using persuasive language techniques and elements of rhetoricPART A: Students will create a power point or prezi visual document that shares the requiredinformation. Remember, your display is promotional and should persuade your audience to read yournovel.PART B: Students will write and present a 3-4 minute speech/sales pitch for their novel. The presentationshould have a beginning (introduce yourself and the novel and outline your “thesis”), a middle (provideinformation about your novel and describe why this makes this book worthy of consideration), and an end(a final summation of your arguments/points/thesis as well as a final recommendation for a specificaudience). Essentially, the “thesis” for this presentation is: “You should buy, read, or teach this bookbecause it will better your life by… / increase your global awareness because…”
  3. 3. Must Haves for Presentation (Both oral and visual)Beginning1. The novel’s genre, its author, date of publication, and other relevant background information (setting, historical context, etc.), as well as other books by the same author.2. A thesis: “You should read/buy/teach this book because…”Middle3. A symbol that represents a character from the novel, accompanied by an explanation that justifies your choice using evidence from the novel.4. Different themes in the novel, including a properly-worded thematic statement. Provide at least two examples from the text that support your thematic statement. Explain why these themes would appeal to a particular audience of your choice.5. A quotation from the book that will capture attention with an explanation of how it creates suspense, expresses a central conflict, or relates to a character.6. Promotional content such as a book cover or movie poster, along with a justified answer to the question(s): “How will this book better your life?” or “How will this book increase your global awareness?”End7. Your final opinion of the book. Make a justified recommendation for a specific audience.
  4. 4. Assessment and Evaluation The Reading Process portion of your culminating task is worth represents 30% of your culminating task.The Power point portion of your culminating task is worth 70% of your culminating task.CHECKLISTReading Notes Include:Item Complete Incomplete-4 themes from the novel-properly structured thematicstatement-5 obstacles the protagonistfaces-4 different specific settings-4x3 character personalitypoints/development-10 plot developments,including the instigatingevent and the climax alongwith justification-4 significant literary devicesPresentation Includes:Item Complete Incomplete-Intro Information: The novel’sgenre, its author, date ofpublication, and other relevantbackground information(setting, historical context,etc.), as well as other books bythe same author-A thesis-A symbol that represents acharacter from the novel-An explanation that justifiesyour choice using evidencefrom the novel-Different themes in the novel-a properly-worded thematicstatement-At least two examples fromthe text that support yourthematic statement
  5. 5. -Why these themes wouldappeal to a particular audienceof your choice.-A quotation from the book thatwill capture attention with anexplanation of how it createssuspense, expresses a centralconflict, or relates to acharacter-Promotional content such as abook cover or movie poster-A justified answer to thequestion(s): “How will thisbook better your life?” or “Howwill this book increase yourglobal awareness?”-Final opinion of the book-A justified recommendationfor a specific audience.-A well-developed visual aid(powerpoint or prezi, etc.)