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Lesson 10
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Lesson 10


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos

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  • 1. Front-End Web Development Lesson 10 Arrays
  • 2. Agenda ● Review Divided Times ● Collection of Data ● Manipulating Collections ● Lab ● Introduction to Final Project
  • 3. Divided Times Homework Class examples The GA solution
  • 4. Collections of Data What if we had a collection of images that we wanted to display to the screen, one at a time? How could we store all the images?
  • 5. Collections of Data var image_1 = “images/image_1.jpg”; var image_2 = “images/image_2.jpg”; var image_3 = “images/image_3.jpg”; var image_4 = “images/image_4.jpg”; var image_5 = “images/image_5.jpg”;
  • 6. Collections of Data
  • 7. Arrays An array provides a simple organized way to track a list of related items. Think of a array like a … ● toaster ● shopping list ● file cabinet
  • 8. Declaring Arrays First Option: Declaring an empty array using the array constructor. var myArr = new Array();
  • 9. Declaring Arrays Second Option: Declaring an empty array using literal notation. var myArr = [ ];
  • 10. Declaring Arrays myArr = [‘Hello’, 54.3, true]; ● Arrays are filled with elements ● Elements can be strings, numbers or booleans
  • 11. Declaring Arrays myArr = [ ‘Sunday’, ‘Monday’, ‘Tuesday’, ‘Wednesday’, ‘Thursday’, ‘Friday’, ‘Saturday’ ];
  • 12. Declaring Arrays If you leave a blank spot in an array it creates a blank shelf space, an undefined placeholder.
  • 13. Array Indexing
  • 14. Array Indexing Array elements can be fetched by their index number (starts from 0). Elements can be viewed in the JavaScript console. console.log(myArr[0]); // prints Sunday
  • 15. Code Along arrays.html
  • 16. Array Indexing We can insert new values into any space in the array using the positions index. myArr[4] = ‘Humpday’;
  • 17. Array Indexing We can overwrite all the elements of an array simply by giving the array new values or by setting an array equal to a different array.
  • 18. Array Indexing var fruits = ['Apples', 'Oranges', 'Pears', 'Grapes']; myArr = fruits; console.log(myArr); // prints Apples, Oranges, Pears, Grapes
  • 19. Array Length What if you would like to know how long the array is (how many elements)? console.log(myArr.length); // prints 4
  • 20. Manipulating Collections How to iterate over an array: fruits.forEach(function(element,index){ console.log(element,index); });
  • 21. Assignment Create an array of sports teams (or other collection of stuff) and print them to the page. Examples: NHL Eastern Conference Standings NBA Atlantic Standings MLB American League East Standings
  • 22. Lab (proposed) Description: Students create a basic image carousel using arrays and .each jQuery function. Hint: Go to the API documentation at jquery. com to review the documentation and practice examples of the .each() function.
  • 23. Lab (proposed) Notes: ● Students can decide to use the provided photos of food or animals or pull photos from another location. ● Students will use the .click() method to navigate between pictures.
  • 24. Lab (proposed) Instructions: ● The first part of this exercise is timed! ● Create the HTML for the page (15 minutes) ● Add CSS to style the page (15 minutes)
  • 25. Lab (proposed) After 30 minutes, provide students with HTML/CSS starter code. The remainder of the time should be used to implement the JavaScript code. This exercise will carry over into next session.
  • 26. Lab (proposed) Bonus: They will use the change event to give a ranking to the photos between 1 and 5. The user should be forwarded to the next image after voting.
  • 27. Lab (alternate) Access the jQuery Plugin Registry Access the slider tag Select Anything Slider Get AnythingSlider working independently Incorporate AnythingSlider into Divided Times Continued in Lesson 11 (Lab)