special feature  the name chronicles   What’s in an                                                         name?         ...
The story behind my name    Actually, my father has a fetish for unconventionalnames. And he named me Awashyakta for the s...
special feature                                                                                                          ‘...
knowing that I shared the same name with a celebrity. I never                                                             ...
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The Name Chronicles


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The Name Chronicles

  1. 1. special feature the name chronicles What’s in an name? This is how Babins Shrestha, a software engineer at ?" our name again D2 HawkEye Services, generally goes through the "Err… whats y -N-S, Babins." ritual of introducing himself to a new person. "People "Babins, B-A-B-I just cant keep their curiosity to themselves when l…??" "Bobins… plura they notice the s in my name," he exclaims. And not Bobins." "Yup, but Babins, no, Babins hasnt added the s to give his name a unique twist to the otherwise quite common name, “Babin” (as in Babin Pradhan, a popular Nepali singer, remember?). “Babins” was exactly how his father named him. And its not just Babins dad who are derived from the day/month they were actor/actress the caller intends to talk to, orhas (over) exerted his creative faculty in born in, some have been named after one of continuously reaffirming ones own namenameing his child. In fact, when it comes to their parents favourite flower or a celebrity, just because someone doesnt believenaming a newly born, parents all over the a favourite character from a book or a that its his or her real name. However,world are getting more and more inventive. movie, a historical figure, a word that might conventional or not, names seem to makeGone are the days when simply one of have a special appeal to the name-giver, or the person’s identity. American writer Dalethe names of the Gods or Goddesses, a something altogether eccentric... Carnegie put it the best way: "Rememberprotagonist from a mythical legend, or just that a persons name is to that person theone of the popular contemporary names was Well, yeah, it could be really annoying sweetest and most important sound in anychosen to name a newly-born child. Names to spend ones lifetime explaining to language."are getting more and more unconventional, others how one’s name is really spelled orweirder and more interesting than ever pronounced, to keep on answering wrongly VOW talked to five individuals withbefore. There are individuals whose names directed calls clarifying that s/he is not the names that demand attention...44 | VOW | march 2011
  2. 2. The story behind my name Actually, my father has a fetish for unconventionalnames. And he named me Awashyakta for the sole reason ‘My namethat my name should stand out in a crowd. Even my elderbrothers, who were of course named by my father, have keeps me longing forvery unique names—Abiskar and Aswasan. progress’Peoples reactions… When I introduce myself to others, they find my namequite exceptional and react with a hint of surprise. Theyfind it easy to remember my name and I dont have to repeatmy name to someone I have already been introduced to. Sothats a plus point I guess.What my name means to me… I have always been very comfortable with my name, no matter how strange itsounds, and never did it occur to me that I should go about changing it to somethingelse. However, unlike what my name suggests—(need or wants)—I am quite satisfiedwith what God has showered on me. My name reminds me that I should never stoplonging for progress. awashyakta Sigdel Student ‘My name My father intervened and decided that instead of calling him Manish (dlgz), he could be named apparently backwards—Sanim (zlgd). Sanim sounds quite a familiar name, but we doubt if it has any meaning. doesnt We often joke that if we had another sibling, he or she would have been named with a j... something have any like j6f6f (Vatata) or jG8/ ls8 (Wonder Kid)... only my dad knows! meaning’ For 22 years, I didn’t know what my name meant… I knew there are some homophonic words that sound similar to my name: for example, Bobin, brother of Batman, and “Bobbin case” (used in sewing machines); but for 22 years of my life, I didnt know what my name meant. I searched for the meaning wherever possible and finally, I sort of derived the meaning in one of the electric circuit classes while doing my Bachelor’s in Engineering at the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk. In the class, while I was half-asleep (sleeping with my eyes wide open), the professor somewhereBaBins Shrestha mentioned “and within this, Babins is wounded with a coil” to which everyone laughed. I sprung back to attention wonderingSoftware Engineer, D2 HawkEye Services what the joke was. The professor thought hed cracked a hilarious joke, so he repeated the same sentence yet again. Well, funny itThe story behind my name… was or not, but right at that moment, when everyone got a reason I was named by my father. Both my younger brothers—Sushban to laugh, I was enlightened. I came to the conclusion that Babinsand Sanim—were also named by him. Actually, none of our names is "something that is wound or has been wound". However, thehas any apparent meaning, and we were always very curious why our “Babins” that the professor talked about is spelled B-o-b-b-i-n-s.father named us so. I did some research and discovered that actually, Yeah, my name, if it corresponded to its possible meaning, has anhe named us with the alphabets corresponding to his own name: error in spelling... but what the heck!Basudev -af;bj_. I was named with af -aflaG;_, Sushban was named ]with ; -;:ag_ and Sanim was previously named with b] ( b]l/a– Deriv). What my name means to me…How Deriv became Sanim is an interesting story again. Actually, My name is very dear to me and I am kind of proud of it becausewhen he was named Deriv by my father, my mom sprung into action: its super-unique thanks to my dad—he is my hero! To those who"No way! You have already messed up with our two sons names. dont ever pronounce my name correctly, mostly leaving the “s”I am not going to name him Deriv or whatever." My father didnt out, I dont mind and let them call me Babin. I also often use “z”object, and my mother happily named him Manish. But, there came instead of “s” to make my name sound cooler –Babinz! I just hopea twist when our uncles son was born at pretty much the same time people dont pronounce my name as “Baabins” or “Poppins”…and he too was named Manish. So there occurred an identity crisis. calling me Bob is cool though. subscribe online: www.vownepal.com | VOW | 45
  3. 3. special feature ‘My name ‘I mean means the the wor last one, bu ld t to my d I love takin ad’ gDuniya Raut antim Ranjit initiatives’Student Manager – Marketing and Branding, Big MartThe story behind my name It was my father who named me Duniya, which means “the The story behind my name…world”. Perhaps I mean the world to my dad! When the American doctor in charge of my mothers caesarean handed me over to my father, he asked how many kid(s)Peoples reactions… he already had. My father replied that I was the 13th one. Upon Whenever I introduce myself to new people, I have to reaffirm hearing that, the doctor was utterly surprised and asked my fathermy name. Some of them even say, "If you dont want to tell me that I should be their last child. As my father didnt understandyour name, its okay. Leave it," while some of them request, "You English, the nurse translated the doctors request, saying, "Yocan trust me. Whats your real name?" It takes some effort to tapaiko antim santaan hunuparchha." Everyone around heardconvince them. the nurse say so and teased my father saying that I was the last one—antim. And that was precisely how I was named. Later, myMemories associated with my name… parents wanted to change my name to something conventional, Generally, after a couple of reaffirmations and a confident look but somehow it didn’t happen.in my eyes, people get convinced that my name is Duniya for real.Once, there was this man who wouldnt get convinced at all and Peoples reactions…accused me of kidding with him no matter what I did to prove that By the time I was of school-going age, my name, Antim wasmy name is Duniya. I had to actually show him my identity card as what everyone knew me by in my village. My name didnt makeevidence. He was sorry later, and we are now good friends. any difference at school because I studied at a local school and my classmates were my friends. After SLC however, when I cameFlattering remarks to Kathmandu for further studies, people were surprised to learn People generally compliment my unique name, saying, "You my name. When I submitted the admission form at Mahendrahave such a meaningful name" or "Duniya sounds so sweet." Ratna Campus, the officer looked at my form and asked if I had not made any mistake with my name. I assured him that thereWhat my name means to me… was no mistake and then he told everyone in the room that my I love everything about my name—from what it means to name was Antim. All of them burst into laughter! I was new tohow it sounds. And just like what my name means—the world Kathmandu and given my reserved nature, I couldn’t react in any(with everything and everyone), I have an attitude that does way. However, I am glad that my name is Antim in the sense thatnot discriminate against anybody or anything. I have a large people remember it very easily—it takes only one introductioncircle of friends and I love meeting new people. I also have a and they remember me forever.very versatile character, and I can mould myself into whateversituation demanded of me. In fact, its my name that encourages What my name means to me…me to do something in favour of the whole world and be somebody Although my name means “the last one”, I am quite anrenowned. If my name was something else, I wouldn’t probably innovative person and I am always game for taking initiativesbe what I am today. and leading my team.46 | VOW | march 2011
  4. 4. knowing that I shared the same name with a celebrity. I never gave it any thought. ‘I am I started being punctual in class thanks not that to my namesake Once I completed schooling and went to Ratna Rajya Bhuwan Campus for further studies, Lal Deuja Rai, Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication, asked me about film shootings and my relationship with Sushmita KC (actor Bhuwan KC’ KCs wife) whenever I was late for class. I knew he was just mocking me for my tardiness, so I would smile back and try my best to reach class on time just so that I didnt have to go through being embarrassed. The perks of having a celebrity name Well, once I introduce myself, most people remember me by my name. As a journalist, its very essential to make and maintain relationship with new sources, and my name has helped me do so. Some senior political leaders, who are great fans of actor BhuwanBhuwan KC KC, remember me easily even after just one introduction. I shouldPolitical Correspondent, Kantipur Television Networks say I am lucky I havent been introduced to someone who doesnt appreciate the actor much.The story behind my name… I was named Bhuwan by Balananda Upadhyay, a pandit as The flipside…well as a teacher at my primary school. Initially, I used to write my Some people, after learning of my name, ask me if I am a greatname as Bhuwan Khatri, but when I reached class four, another fan of the hero. Some even ask me if I have any scoops on theteacher Januka Acharya, who loved me very much for being the actor. Many a time, it gets a little annoying when I receive callstopper in my class, requested me to write my name as Bhuwan from young people who ask me if I can give them an opportunityKC, and I agreed. to act in one of my ‘projects’. I try to humbly explain to them that I am not the Bhuwan KC they think I am, but sometimes, theyWhen I discovered about the popular actor, just dont believe me.Bhuwan KC… It was only when I turned 14 that I learnt about the popularactor Bhuwan KC. However, I dont remember feeling anything Text» Poonam Maharjan Photos» Sanu raja /Shankar subscribe online: www.vownepal.com | VOW | 47