My greatest traffic tip and strategy ever


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I just realize that what we “average” bloggers normally do to get the traffic that we have now is, write a great blog post...

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My greatest traffic tip and strategy ever

  1. 1. babanature My Greatest Traffic Tip And Strategy Ever I just realize that what we “average” bloggers normally do to get the traf f ic that we have now is, write a great blog post -> share it on social networks -> do some little bit of blog commenting to drive traf f ic to that particular post and if possible, do some little bit of guest posting f or some valuable sites. And this is how we do it over and over and over again… am I right or am I right? Just by doing blog commenting and taking advantages of all social networks can indeed help boost traf f ic and as well as give you backlinks, but have you thought of getting some extra traf f ic and quality backlinks (with little less ef f ort) with that lovely post of yours? When I started blogging newly, the only source of getting my traf f ic was f rom social networks, guest blogging and blog commenting. Don’t get me wrong, doing just that gave me great deal of traf f ic but like “Oliver Twist”, I still f eel that there are some more ways to utilize that same post to give me even more traf f ic. Time passes by and I did some good research then saw something, implemented it and it worked wonders . Are you still asking or wondering what this something is? I won’t say because it’s a secret ok, I’ll tell you this little secret because I really want you to get f rom that traf f ic as well . This simple secret is none other than turning your blog post to pdf and distributing it to some directories. And what are the directories? In some f ew, you’ll know… Must Read: The Perfect Logo Design For Your Blog To Boost Your Business Just so you know: Turning your blog post to pdf f ormat is no news f or people who have been blogging f or a while now but f or those who just started blogging newly, it is still very much new to them and today we are going to show you how you too can make extra valuable traf f ic f rom your blog by converting your blog post to pdf f ile.
  2. 2. Greatest Traffic Tip Ever Do you know what I always tell people searching f or valuable web traf f ic and backlinks? Always practice all tips about traf f ic that you see online (no matter where you see it but as long as its clean) and if af ter trying the tips and it doesn’t work f or you, leave it and move on to the next. Put this at the back of your mind that there is always room to try out new stuf f . Reason why this method is the best ever: If you’re a blogger that only uses social media to drive traf f ic to your blog, and let’s say, f or like a month you did not come online due to lack of internet connection or some other issues. Do you know that you will lose like half of your traf f ic (if not almost all)? That’s a f act , but by turning your blog posts into pdf f ile and submitting it to some valuable pdf and e-book directories, you can prevent such actions f rom taking place. Yes! With this process, you can get long term traf f ic even if you’re not online f or many months or you stop blogging. That’s how ef f ective this PDF stuf f works. How Can I Convert My Already Published Blog Post To PDF? There are just so many ways in which you can convert your blog post/ article to pdf f ormat. Don’t worry because today, I am not going to be discussing the many ways of converting your blog post to PDF but I will be showing you just one simple way of doing this… Must Read: Adding Google Adsense Smartly To Improve Your Earning: for Blogger Blog First download “print f riendly & PDF” extension to your f avorite browser. You can download the Chrome extension here or if you are using Mozilla Firef ox download the extension here. Have you downloaded the extensions? If yes! You can now turn any web page to pdf without any stress. Note: If you have not heard of the extension bef ore or you don’t know how to use it, watch this 2 minutes video by clicking here Extra Tip That Will Help You: To make this work perf ectly, your post or articles should have in-link pointing to other posts in your blog or make sure there is something that will attract the readers to click your link that will redirect them to your blog – hope you got what I’m trying to say? If not! Please ask question by using the comment box below and I am sure to answer you the best way I can. Note: With this method, you can get valuable traf f ic f rom pdf directories, f ile sharing sites and even E-Book directories (if the post is long enough )
  3. 3. Now I Have Converted My Post To PDF, What Next? Now that we have created the PDF version of our blog post, it is time to distribute it to f ile directories, PDF links, E-books and whatever place you’d want to distribute it to. Below are all the places I always submit my latest PDF f iles to: Are There Any Advantages Of Doing This? I don’t know what you mean by advantages but there are some benef its of doing this and below I stated the benef its I know √ With social network, we post and promote our blog regularly, right? But with this traf f ic strategy, you’ll only post your PDF f ile once and watch it grow. √ It does not take time or ef f ort to carry out the task. √ It helps you get more traf f ic f low even when you’re not online or trying to promote your blog √ Doing this will give you quality backlinks and increase your blog (domain) authority. √ Oh! And don’t worry because It is totally f ree and doesn’t have any negative ef f ect on your blog. Disadvantages Of Doing This. The only disadvantage you will get f rom applying this traf f ic strategy to your blog is; you will not get any traf f ic if you do not do it well. Apart f rom this, this method is tested, trusted, saf e and secure Back To You: I have said so much about so much, right? Now, it’s time to pass the ball to you. Have you used this method to drive traf f ic to your blog bef ore? Are you still using this method to drive traf f ic to your blog? Have you tasted the method but hate it? Why are you not using it yet? Please do let us know by using the comment box below. Must Read: Do It Smartly: Promote Your Self And Your Blog Here Do you have questions, comments or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Kindly use the comment box below and we’ll gladly reply you ASAP. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated.
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