Wordpress website targeted by hackers be warned!


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Wordpress website targeted by hackers be warned. How you can backup your wordpress, actions you need to take.

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Wordpress website targeted by hackers be warned!

  1. 1. URGENT: Hacker’s Attacking WordPressand YOU’RE at Risk!http://sbabzy.com/urgent-hackers-attacking-wordpress-and-youre-at-risk/WordPress, one of the leading publishing software’s for websites, has come under attack byhackers, leaving hundreds of thousands of websites vulnerable. Reports show that one inevery six websites run on WordPress, making the internet a virtual playground for hackerswith the potential for devastating results.http://sbabzy.com/urgent-hackers-attacking-wordpress-and-youre-at-risk/It is believed that WordPress hackers have obtained an estimated 90,000 IP addresses and areusing brute-force dictionary based software to find the passwords for the default ‘admin’username that WordPress creates. If these passwords are hacked, it will allow the WordPresshackers access to the administrative panel where they can view and change information onthe users account. While that can create a pretty big problem, the bigger problem is that thissmall scale attack may be a prelude to a larger attack down the road.http://sbabzy.com/urgent-hackers-attacking-wordpress-and-youre-at-risk/CloudFlare CEO, Matthew Prince said, “As for the scope of the attack, we saw attacks onvirtually every WordPress site on our network.” With a massive amount of websites at risk,it is essential that you do what you can to protect your account.Protect Your Website and Your Servers!If you use WordPress then there are a few steps that you can immediately take to help protectyour account from attack, and we recommend that you do them right now!http://sbabzy.com/urgent-hackers-attacking-wordpress-and-youre-at-risk/Change Your Password! Even if you have changed your password recently, do it again.Use six to eight letters, numbers and symbols. The more complex the combination, theharder it is for a dictornary based software to hack it. Good passwords contain upper andlower case letters, numbers mixed in the middle and symbols (@#!*) between the letters andnumbers. (Example: p@s#W0rD!)Change Your User Name! The WordPress hackers are targeting account holders who didnot change their username when they signed up. WordPress, by default, gives the username‘admin’ that needs to be manually changed. If you are using ‘admin’ as your username,change it to your name or your company name.http://sbabzy.com/urgent-hackers-attacking-wordpress-and-youre-at-risk/Install a Plug-in! There are a number of WordPress plug-ins that will limit the amount oflogin attempts from the same IP address. While this may not be a fail-safe solution as
  2. 2. hackers generally have access to a large data base of IP addresses and networks, it will add alayer of protection to your website.Also, if you host your site on WordPress you can turn on the two-step authentication feature.To enable this security feature, go to the security tab in your WordPress account settings andthe wizard will help you with the rest.While teams are actively working to stop the attacks, a scary predication from CloudFlareindicates that there may be more to come. “One of the concerns of an attack like this is thatthe attacker is using a relatively weak botnet of home PCs in order to build a much largerbotnet of beefy servers in preparation for a future attack. These larger machines can causemuch more damage in DDoS attacks because the servers have large network connections andare capable of generating significant amounts of traffic.”http://sbabzy.com/urgent-hackers-attacking-wordpress-and-youre-at-risk/