Crime 5


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for 5th grade
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Crime 5

  1. 1. Structure lessons vocabulary skills (function/grammar) Past simple(revision) Possessions Listening, It happened Questioning Crime ,more writing yesterday /2h/ past simple verbsCrime/7h/ He was driving Past continuous crimes Listening home at 7 Telling time o’clock /1h/ a.m./p.m. What was he Past continuous More crime Writing, wearing?/2h/ questions vocabulary reading What were you Past continuous vs. Court speaking doing? /1h/ Past simple vocabulary test
  2. 2. •Match the crimes to their meanings• 1.A murder a.stealing from a shop• 2.A robbery b.stealing from a house• 3.Shoplifting c.killing someone• 4.A burglary d.stealing from a bank or big office• 5.Pickpocketing e.stealing from a pocket or bag
  3. 3. crime person verb A burglary … To burgle A robbery Robber … shoplifting … To shoplift A murder … …pickpocketing A pickpocket …
  4. 4. Remember•He was a burglar.•He burgled my house.•I told the police about the burglary.
  5. 5. • Choose the correct word.1.The robbery /robber ran away.2.The security guard caught the shoplifting/shoplifter leaving the shop.3.I saw the burglar/burgle through the window.4.He wanted a murderer/to murder the boy.5.The pickpocket/pickpocketing is becoming very common
  6. 6. .1.What happened yesterday?-2.Why is the detective questioning Sandy?-
  7. 7. cigarettes money jewellery A handbag A paintingmatchboxes A meal matchboxes A meal jewellery A handbag money
  8. 8. -Who killed MissBrown?-Why did this person kill her?
  9. 9. Finger_Football.3gp
  10. 10. O’clock Quarter pastHalf past
  11. 11. 1.It ‘s ten fifteen It’s quarter past ten2.It’s ……… ………….. It’s……… ……. twelve.3.It’s ………………….. It’s….. …….. four
  12. 12. He was driving.He started the car 11.30pm He stopped the car It is used to express things happening around a particular time in the past
  13. 13. Positive form Negative form I was studying I wasn’t studying. You We You Weren’t studying. They were studying We They He was studying He wasn’t studying. She She It ItQuestion form Short answers Was I Studying ? I wasn’t You Weren’t Were You Studying ? Yes/ We We No They They He wasn’t Was He Studying ? She She It It
  14. 14. Boys were playing football at 5 :15 pm yesterday.
  15. 15. We were having dinner at 7 o’clock pmyesterday.
  16. 16. Put the detective’s notes in order 1-7• Murder investigation• Victim:Miss Jean Brown• Time of death:Between 12 p.m and 6 a.m.• Witness:waiter at the fish restaurant• Report:11.30 pm – He was driving home. 511.00 pm – He was closing the restaurant. 311.45 pm – He arrived home. 610.30 pm- He was cleaning up. 212.15 am – He was asleep. 711.15 pm – He left the restaurant. 410.00 pm –The waiter saw Miss Brown leave with a friend. 1
  17. 17. RememberWhat were you doing at 5 pm?-I was doing my homework.
  18. 18. Complete for you.Ask and answer.• What were you doing yesterday at………? you Your partner 8:15 am 9:30 am 1:45 pm 5:30 pm
  19. 19. Break time
  20. 20. Match the words to their descriptions
  21. 21. Listen and check1.C A suspect is a person who may be acriminal.2.D A detective is a person who investigatesthe crime.3.A A witness is a person who saw thecrime.4.E An alibi is a person who knows wherepeople were.5.B A prison is a place where criminals arekept.
  22. 22. Complete the sentences using these words:Suspect ,detective,witness,alibi,prison
  23. 23. Read the newspaper article./p58/ What crime is it for?  Read again and answer.1.How old is the suspect? 1.He is about 25-302.What was he wearing? 2.He was wearing dark glasses,dark blue striped trousers,a blue shirt and a dark blue hat3.What did he have round his neck? 3.He had a gold chain round his neck.4.When did he come to the restaurant? 4.He came to the restaurant at around 8.20 pm5.What was he carrying? 5.He was carrying a bag with money and some jewellery6.What did the waiter think he saw? 6.The waiter thinks he saw a gun in the man’s pocket
  24. 24. Work in pairs /p59,ex-4/ Look at the pictures and say what kind of crime it is. Describe the pictures to each other.Write a newspaper article for thiscrime.
  25. 25. The Judge The lawyer The jury
  26. 26. Write questions for the detective to ask the suspect. Үйлийн Туслах ҮндсэнАсуух үг эзэн тусагдхуун Байц? үйл үг үйл үг /subject/Where did You go - Last night?What were You doing - At 8 pm?What … … (Eat) - At 10 pm?What ... ... (Wear)? -Where … … (Go) - After that?Who … … Go With? Listen ,check and repeat
  27. 27. Tell the truth!Where did yougo last night? What were you doing at 8 pm? Take turns to ask and answer the questions.
  28. 28. Play Alibi with other students in the class. Suspects Detectives Leave the room and Prepare questions to ask the prepare your alibis. The murder was between suspect. Interview the suspects one 12 pm-6 am by one. You say you were Ask your questions. together.What were you If the suspects’answers are doing? Check details with each different they are guilty. other and learn your story. If their answers are the Speak to the detectives one by one. same,they are not guilty. Decide on a punishment for the criminals
  29. 29. Choose the correct word.1.The pickpocketing/pickpocket isbecoming very common.2.The burglary/burglar ran away.3.It’s 10 pm/am in the morning.4.10:15 -It’s quarter toten/quarter past ten.5.The alibi/witness saw themurder.
  30. 30. Write questions.1.Where ,go?(p/s)2.Who ,go,with? (p/s)3.What,wear?(p/s)4.What,do,at 9 am?(P/c)5.What,eat,at 1 pm?(p/c)