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Taking FreeLife Products
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Taking FreeLife Products


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A quick powerpoint on the benefits of FreeLife products.

A quick powerpoint on the benefits of FreeLife products.

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  • 1. Taking Products
    Here is some detailed info on the products and how to take them. Try not to skip any of the dosage and make sure you follow the instructions for maximum results. 
    THESE PRODUCTS WORK! I have personally seen the results in myself, in my family and my closest friends. The products are backed by scientific studies and there are thousands of testimonials. FreeLife is so confident in their products they offer a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • 3. GoChi-health drink- immune/antioxidant builder
    The best way to explain this product is that it is apremium functional beverage, meaning it’s a productthat provides your body with the most nutritional value on the planet.
    GoChibuilds up the antioxidants in your blood by 50% in 15-20 days. This is awesome for muscle recovery and energy during the day. It’s also great for anxiety, stress and especially great for sleeping. It gives you the ability to jump out of bed fresh in the morning, and helps you get through a long day. 
    Dosage – Take 60ml in the morning and 60ml at another point during the day. By taking the 60ml twice a day, one bottle should be consumed every 7-8 days. NEVER DRINK FROM BOTTLE – FreeLife uses no preservatives in Gochi and bad bacteria from your mouth can destroy the living nutrients.
    Further Info – If you want to do some more research on the product and its benefits there are heaps of articles on or
  • 4. Reduces FatigueHelps you sleep
    Increases energy
    Reduces stress
    Improves athletic performance
  • 5. TAIslim – No. 1 weight loss product in the U.S
    TAIslimis not a meal replacement drink or anything like that – it’s a total weight management solution that works on 4 key areas. The product does not disrupt your day-to-day lifestyle which is why it is the No. 1 weight-loss product in the U.S.
    Dosage – Take 60ml of TAIslim 5 minutes before breakfast along with a glass of water, and do the same 5 minutes before lunch. Try to drink 2 litres of water every day as it is great help to your metabolism. The timing of 5 minutes before food is critical as this helps with curbing appetite and also the water helps with digestion. Only take 20-30ml before dinner, as the small amount of natural caffeine in TAIslim may keep you awake if taken to close to bed time.
    Further Info – If you want to do some more research onthe product and its benefits there are heaps of articles or
  • 6. Fights abdominal fat
    Enhances metabolism
    Controls appetite
    Cleanses your body
  • 7. Chi3 Energy Shots – World’s 1st clinically validated energy drink
    Chi3 Energy™is for when you're feeling run down and exhausted – it will wake you up and get you feeling alert, focused, and ready to go. You won't feel the crash later that you feel with other energy drinks since Chi3 Energy isn't packed full of excessive amounts of sugar, caffeine, and herbal stimulants.
    Dosage – For best results take the 60ml energy shot 30min before a training session or a sporting event, or when you just feel tired, need a lift or to get you through a long day. Chi3 is also exceptional after a big-night out...... so people have told me!
    Further Info – If you want to do some more research on the product and itsbenefits there are heaps ofarticles on www.gojihive.comor
  • 8.
  • 9. Jule of the Orient – Worlds’ Premier Energising Tonic
    Juleof the Orient™ is an energizing blend of Jiaogulan – known in China as the “Immortality Herb”, and 21 carefully selected, health-promoting super-nutrients from around the world. Julegives you the adaptogens, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that you need to live life to the fullest!
    Dosage – The daily dosage of Jule is flexible, depending upon one's needs. Although you can drink as much Jule as you want, we recommend starting with 60ml twice daily, preferably with your morning and evening meals. You can adjust this to achieve the results you want to seek – an additional 60ml can be taken 30 minutes before sports to enhance athletic performance.
    Further Info – If you want to do some more research on the product and its benefits there are heaps of articles on www.gojihive.comor
  • 10. Boosts energy levels
    Enhances circulation
    Maintains blood pressure
    Reduces stress
    Increases immunity
    Reduces fatigue
    Improves athletic performance