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English, Math & Science Newsletter page 2    Reminder to Parents    from the English Department, during    exams please ma...
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Newsletter gr33


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Newsletter gr33

  1. 1. May 2012 Grade 3 English, Math and Science NewsletterLessons covered in Math Lessons covered in ComputerThis month students learned how to This month we completed working with Excel.measure the perimeter and the area for We also learned about Networks, what theydifferent types of shapes. are, how they are useful and the differentThey also learned how to write fractions, types, like LAN, WAN, NAN and WWW. Wecompare them together, write mixed will have our final examination on Microsoftfractions, add and subtract fractions then Excel, how to create a spreadsheet and aput them in the simplest form. chart, and how to read and interpret the results. We would like to wish all our students and their families a fun and safe holiday and a spiritual Ramadan, inshaAllah. Lessons covered in English The third graders have finished reading the stories “Fly, Eagle, Fly” and “Suki’s Kimono” .In Phonics they have taken words with the (- A caption describing the graphic tion & ture) and Mutisyllabic Words. In Grammar the students have taken Adjectives that Compare and Adverbs. In Writing they have written biographies. Students need to rest and prepare themselves for the final exams.
  2. 2. English, Math & Science Newsletter page 2 Reminder to Parents from the English Department, during exams please make sure your child receives *an adequate amount of sleep *a healthy breakfast *a quiet place for studying Lessons covered in Science We have finished theThank You Students! science material for this semester. Our exam is going to be on the 6th of June. The material that wasThe English Department would like to covered in the last month was the electricity chapterthank our third graders for a wonderful and the “heat, light, sound” chapter.year! You have all been a real pleasure to Hopefully the students have enjoyed science this year,work with and a magnificent bunch of and study well for the exam. Always keep in mind:angels. God bless you! We will miss you “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a singleterribly!! Hope you have a safe and fun step.” summer.This Newsletter has been prepared by English Department Activities Thank you to all the students that participated inMath and Science Teacher/Coordinator-Mrs. Hiba the “Extra Reading Material” Competitions. TheMehyar, English Teacher/Coordinator, Mrs. NadiaElatrash, Computer Teacher, Mrs.Amal Chafic third graders who participated in “English Day” did a wonderful job. You were amazing! Please students keep reading during the summer!!! There are a variety of wonderful books please pick up a story and enjoy. Please keep up the good work!!.