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  • 1. goes mobile Bártházi András Arkon Zrt.
  • 2. Bártházi András• IT research and PR guy at Arkon Zrt. (the creators of &• @ba78 on Twitter• blogs at,
  • 3. July 2011 Source:
  • 4. let’s do a mobile view • we’ve done it in last July • today’s landscape of choices is different, I’ll talk about that as well
  • 5. the idea • a basic mobile view for • our “main site” is using jQuery • jQuery is “too big” for mobile development • we don’t want to maintain a new code
  • 6. Zepto.js? • a jQuery compatible, mobile JS library • Zepto v0.5-v0.6: 31k, 14k minified, 5k minified+gzipped vs. jQuery 1.4.3: 180k, 78k minified, 27kb minified+gzipped • sounds good, but not worked as a drop-in replacement
  • 7. documentation?• unfortunately Zepto.js had no documentation• fortunately the code is small and easy to read
  • 8. .querySelector() • jQuery is using the Sizzle selector engine • Zepto.js is working with querySelector() • jQuery’s :visible selector is not part of the CSS specification, so not working with querySelector()
  • 9. .click() • jQuery has a .click() eventhandler • Zepto had only the general .bind()
  • 10. $.inArray(), $.each()... • jQuery has some great utility functions • Zepto have not implemented them
  • 11. Touch• Zepto focuses on mobile, handles touch events <3
  • 12. Summary, the good news• had to work on it, but Zepto.js seems to be a working, recommandable solution
  • 13. And these days... Source:
  • 14. ... and today, even better news • Zepto.js improved a lot, v1.0rc1 have been released yesterday • a new site with a good documentation • much-much compatible with jQuery • also with experimental support for :visible and so
  • 15. ... and not the only one • new players arrived as well: • jQ.Mobi - even smaller than Zepto • jquip - a modularized jQuery
  • 16. Source: