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Ba 319 final ppt - Chris, Lacey, Alyssa
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Ba 319 final ppt - Chris, Lacey, Alyssa



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  • 1. The Growing Popularity of Fantasy Baseball
    By: Alyssa Davis
    Chris Fadule
    Lacey Bowman
  • 2. Part of an 800 million dollar industry
    Approximately six to seven million people participate
    Began with a group of guys who played a board game called American Professional Baseball Association (APBA) and Strat-O-Matic
    With these games, every February new cards would come out, and players would buy the cards and play the game by rolling dice
    With these games, every February new cards would come out, and players would buy the cards and play the game by rolling dice
    By the 1990’s, fantasy baseball expanded to the computer with a computerized dice roll
    About Fantasy Baseball
  • 3. Some major online sites such as CBS Sportsline, Yahoo, and ESPN make it easy for people to manage their fantasy teams
    These companies pay Major League Baseball Advanced Media $2 million per year for the rights of the player’s statistics, photos, and logos on their sites.
    About Fantasy Baseball
  • 4. Research Hypothesis:
    Fantasy baseball has evolved from a board game in 1951 into a multi-million dollar industry in 2010; this growth, for reasons we will determine with our research, has produced more positive than negative implications.
    Research Planning/ Exploration
  • 5. General Questions
    Do more players play annually than casually?
    Do more people play fantasy baseball because it makes games more exciting to watch or for the chance to win money?
    Do people find immorality in playing fantasy baseball for money?
    Do the positive aspects outweigh the negative aspects of fantasy baseball
    Does the desire to play for money outweigh the sports betting expansion factor?
    Research Planning/ Exploration
  • 6. Online Questionnaire created through surveymonkey.com, 55 total responses
    1.) How many have times have you played fantasy baseball?
    2.) What was your main reason for playing fantasy baseball?
    3.) On a scale of 1-5, would you say it is immoral to play fantasy baseball for money?
    4.) Do you agree or disagree that the positives of fantasy baseball outweigh the negatives of fantasy baseball?
    5.) What is the main factor that contributed to the expansion of fantasy baseball.
    Data Collection
  • 7. One-on-one Interviews 15 total interviews (5 each)
    1.) When did you first hear about fantasy baseball?
    2.) How did you first get involved with fantasy baseball? (Choices were the following: Did you create a league of your own? Were you invited by friends to join a league? Did you join an existing public league?)
    3.) Which of the following types of fantasy baseball leagues do you prefer to play in? (The choices we gave them were free entry leagues for bragging rights, free entry leagues for prizes, or cash leagues.)
    4.) Do you foresee continued growth in the popularity of fantasy baseball in the future? Why?
    5.) Do you feel as though fantasy baseball is more of an annual habit or a one-time affair for you and why?
    Data Collection
  • 8. Online Survey Results
    1. the answers ranged from 0 times played to 15 times played.
    2. the most popular answer was that playing fantasy baseball makes baseball games more exciting to watch, with the chance to win money coming in a very close second.
    3. the most selected answer was “strongly disagree” that playing fantasy baseball for money is immoral.
    4. most of the people that filled out the survey agreed that the positive implications, such as entertainment and friendly competition, outweigh the negative implications, such as possible illegal gambling linked to fantasy baseball.
    5. the most popular answer was that easier access to online availability is the biggest contributor to the growth and expansion of fantasy baseball.
    Data Collection
  • 9. One-on-one Interview Results
    1. the majority of the people said they heard about fantasy baseball by word of mouth.
    2. the most popular answer was that they were invited to join a league.
    3. the overwhelming majority said that they play for the cash.
    4. the majority agreed that fantasy baseball will keep growing because of the easy set- up and availability of many sites that offer fantasy baseball online
    5. the answers varied, with several saying they would play fantasy baseball again but haven’t, a few saying they play every year, and a few believing they would not play again.
    Data Collection
  • 10. Use of Descriptive Statistics
  • 11. Use of Descriptive Statistics
  • 12. Use of Description Statistics
  • 13. 1SHT for the Proportion
  • 14. 1SHT for the Proportion
  • 15. 1 SHT for the Proportion
  • 16. 1 SHT for the Proportion
  • 17. 2 2 SHT for the Mean
  • 18. 2 SHT for the Proportion
  • 19. 2 SHT for the Proportion
  • 20. 2 SHT for the Proportion
  • 21. What we found
    Certain aspects of our research turned out like we expected, while others proved us to be incorrect about some of our very basic assumptions
    The third, fourth, and fifth hypothesis tests proved to us that our assumptions that the positive implications of fantasy baseball, such as bringing people together, entertainment, and friendly competition outweigh the negative implications of the possible immorality of fantasy baseball
    The main appeal of fantasy baseball is a combination of both making baseball games more exciting to watch and playing for money
    Our findings seem to show that fantasy baseball is not as popular today as we had previously assumed.
    Our survey findings prove that the online accessibility of fantasy baseball has been the main contributor to the game’s growth.
  • 22. Our most interesting finding came from our first hypothesis test, dealing with the amount of players who play annually compared to casually
    This test showed us that not as many people as we previously thought play fantasy baseball consistently year after year.
    Since it is a fact that fantasy baseball has expanded from the days of the Strat-O-Matic board game of the 1950’s and the early Rotisserie leagues of the 1980’s, we cannot say that fantasy baseball has not grown and expanded tremendously
  • 23. Improvement Possibilities
    Finding more experienced fantasy baseball players to survey may help
    Locating fantasy baseball participants through online sites could help to provide a more accurate view of it
  • 24. Questions?