LO3 - Lesson 3 - Mind Maps


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  • Source: www.mindmapart.com
  • Source:gallery.iqmatrix.com
  • Source: www.mindmapart.com
  • Source:gallery.iqmatrix.com
  • LO3 - Lesson 3 - Mind Maps

    1. 1. Mind Maps Lesson 3
    2. 2. Lesson Goals  Understand where mind maps are used in planning  Know how to break down a topic for individual branches  Be able to create a digital mind map with text and images #mindmap #content
    3. 3. What is a mind map? Think about our research lessons…
    4. 4. Mind Maps Understand purpose of mind maps Create an electronic mind map  A mind map is used to show the development route of an idea broken down into categories.  They can be used to show options for one idea based on a central theme or any resources needed for a project.  Mind maps can be made by hand or using publishing, word processing or image editing software.  They are used by designers, project planners and even students to help with revision. #mindmap #content
    5. 5. Mind Map Content Pick out the similarities between each mind map being displayed…
    6. 6. Content Understand purpose of mind maps Create an electronic mind map  Branches and sub-branches must contain relevant information for that particular branch.  All branches will also have to link back to the overall theme of the mind map.  A mind map that is effective will include the following contents:  Text  Images  Coloured Branches #mindmap #content
    7. 7. ExamTime.com Sign up to this website using your school email address to gain access to the web tools including the mind map creator. Your school email follows this standard format: username@ems.hartlepool.sch.uk
    8. 8. Your Task Understand purpose of mind maps Create an electronic mind map  Use examtime.com to create a mind map using the theme of interior design by including some of the following:  Living Room  Bedroom  Office or Study  Games room  Lighting  Colour Schemes  Your mind map should include the following items:  Text  Images  Coloured Branches #mindmap #content
    9. 9. Key Words  Mind Map  One central idea with branches on each side breaking the idea down  Content  What goes onto something or has been put into something
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