LO3 - Lesson 17 - Assets


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LO3 - Lesson 17 - Assets

  1. 1. Creation – Assets Lesson 17
  2. 2. Lesson Goals  Know how legislation that may affect website assets  Understand how to setup a suitable folder structure  Be able to create and collect a range of website assets #structure #assets
  3. 3. Assessment Criteria  The assessment criteria for this part of the unit is as follows: LO3 – Create a new functional multi-page website P3 Demonstrate web authoring skills by creating a new competent functional multi-page website that includes: • Consistent style across pages • Text and graphics • Method of user feedback M2 Demonstrate proficient design skills. The new multi-page website produced is suitable for the target audience and includes rich media. The website produced is generally of a good technical standard. D2 Make appropriate use of optimisation techniques and site management tools. The website produced is generally of a high technical standard.
  4. 4. Folder Structure #structure #assets Website Images Video TemplateAudio  You must set up a basic folder structure to store the assets for your website.  You will be graded on how well organised you can keep your website files.  Naming conventions should also be used for the files within your folder structure. Understand website folder structure Be able to create & collect assets
  5. 5. Naming Files  Each file saved should be renamed so that they have a sensible file name which is relevant to the content of that image file: Understand website folder structure Be able to collect & create assets Scene.wmv Actors.jpg Cast.jpg Costumes.jpg Interview.wmv Trailer.wmv Advert.mp3 Radio.mp3
  6. 6. Website Assets Where can you source the images, audio and video for your website?
  7. 7. Assets  Assets can come from a variety of sources including the following: Making unique assets specifically for your site Creative Commons Assets which have been shared that you are allowed to use for non-commercial use #structure #assets Understand website folder structure Be able to collect & create assets Using suitable assets that you have created elsewhere previously Copyright Making an arrangement to use assets created by someone else
  8. 8. Creative Commons There are several different methods of searching for Creative Commons licensed images including a search of other sites through their website: search.creativecommons.org
  9. 9. Creative Commons  Other relevant websites for sourcing creative commons assets include: #structure #assets Understand website folder structure Be able to collect & create assets Wikimedia Commons Nottingham Xpert Attribution Pixabay.com Blip.tv Archive.org CCmixter.org Phlow Music Artbeats.com
  10. 10. Your Task  Create the folder structure for your website using relevant folder names. #structure #assets Understand website folder structure Be able to collect & create assets  Collect a range of suitable assets for your website including:  Images  Audio  Video  Use naming conventions when saving any assets for your website.  Reference any sources used and make note of license details included with any creative commons files.