LO2 - Lesson 9 - User Trust


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LO2 - Lesson 9 - User Trust

  1. 1. Planning – User Trust Lesson 9
  2. 2. tatereeves.com georgehutchins.com Starter Which of these websites would you judge to be the most trustworthy?
  3. 3. Lesson Goals  Know how to establish user trust in a website  Understand main trust factors involved in web design  Be able to describe methods of establishing user trust in your site
  4. 4. Assessment Criteria  The assessment criteria for this part of the unit is as follows: Detailed planning for the design and function of the website considering how information flows and pages link. Justify choices in relation to target audience appeal and usability. Relevant legal and ethical issues considered. D1 P2 Plan the development of a multi-page website: • Purpose • Target Audience • Content • Production Plan M1 LO2 – Plan the development of a multipage website Consider visitor needs and how they will navigate the website. The info provided on a budget, launch date and timescale is realistic. Some consideration to relevant revenue potential.
  5. 5. User Trust Know how to establish user trust Describe key trust factors  It is the job of a web designer to ensure that they do everything possible to promote the trustworthiness of their site right from the very first page.  Making a site appear trustworthy will increase the appeal of your site for the visitor and therefore encourage more business.  If a visitor trusts a website they will be more likely to visit the site again in future and also to recommend the site to other users. #user #trust #establish
  6. 6. Establishing User Trust Think of judgments you make about the trustworthiness of a website…
  7. 7. Know how to establish user trust Describe key trust factors User Trust  There are several key trust factors to consider when creating a website: Testimonials Social Media Contact Awards  Research suggests that it takes an average user just 6 seconds to make a judgment on the quality of a website they are visiting. #user #trust #establish
  8. 8. Design The design of a website is the very first thing a visitor will use to make a judgment on the quality of a website including: Layout Navigation
  9. 9. Testimonials A credible customer testimonial can have a massive impact on a persons impression of a company giving a real life insight into the business.
  10. 10. Reviews As with testimonials, a review will give the thoughts of a real life customer on the quality of the product or service someone is interested in purchasing.
  11. 11. Social Media This is not only a good form of advertising for a company but gives users an easy method to contact a business and shows previous conversations.
  12. 12. Third Parties A company that works in partnership with another trustworthy and well known business is more appealing as it shows a genuine affiliation.
  13. 13. Contact Details Making contact information clearly visible on a website is proof that your business exists, letting customers know they can easily get in touch with you.
  14. 14. Content The quality of information on your pages will be judged by users. It should be clear, free from errors and relevant to make a good impression.
  15. 15. Awards If a business can become verified and gain some certification this supports a users decision to trust a website by giving some strength to their decision.
  16. 16. Your Task Know how to establish user trust Describe key trust factors  Explain what you will do to establish user trust in your website:  Design  Testimonials  Reviews  Social Media  Third Parties  Contact Details  Content  Awards  Describe the impact these measures will have on your target audience. #user #trust #establish