LO2 - Lesson 14 - Technical


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LO2 - Lesson 14 - Technical

  1. 1. Planning – Accessibility Lesson 14
  2. 2. Lesson Goals  Know W3C accessibility guidelines and recommendations  Understand costs associated with website creation  Be able to plan technical aspects of the website #accessible #standards
  3. 3. Assessment Criteria  The assessment criteria for this part of the unit is as follows: LO2 – Plan the development of a multipage website P2 Plan the development of a multi-page website: • Purpose • Target Audience • Content • Production Plan M1 Detailed planning for the design and function of the website considering how information flows and pages link. Justify choices in relation to target audience appeal and usability. Relevant legal and ethical issues considered. D1 Consider visitor needs and how they will navigate the website. The info provided on a budget, launch date and timescale is realistic. Some consideration to relevant revenue potential.
  4. 4. Web Standards What are web standards and why do we actually need them?
  5. 5.  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines provide recommendations for making the web more accessible.  If developers follow the guidelines their site should be more open to people with disabilities including:  Blindness  Deafness  Learning  Speech  Cognitive W3C Guidelines Know accessibility guidelines Describe technical aspects #accessible #standards
  6. 6. Colour Information in colour is also available in black and white  These are some of the top priority guidelines for web developers: W3C Guidelines Know accessibility guidelines Describe technical aspects Equivalents Text equivalents for media such as images and videos Language Use the clearest and simplest language for site content. Tables For data tables identify row and column headings Failsafe Alternative page if an accessible page can not be made with limited functions.
  7. 7.  There are other priorities too which must be adhered to including:  Ensure all page colours contrast  Use style sheets for layout  Don’t make auto refresh pages  Don’t make popup windows  Divide information up into blocks  Use good navigation methods  Finally think of the lower priorities:  Make forms easy to work through  Group related links together  Use a house style across all pages W3C Guidelines Know accessibility guidelines Describe technical aspects #accessible #standards
  8. 8. Considerations What else will you need to consider in planning your website?
  9. 9.  Other things to be considered in website planning include: Considerations Know accessibility guidelines Describe technical aspects Costs • Hosting • Media Fees Resolution • Display sizes • Average display Browser • Compatibility • Displays Correctly #accessible #standards
  10. 10.  Describe the ways in which you will ensure your website will meet the W3C Guidelines on accessibility.  Explain how you will consider these factors in the design of your website:  Website Costs  Resolution  Browser Your Task Know accessibility guidelines Describe technical aspects #accessible #standards