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Hi 2 Every 1, …

Hi 2 Every 1,
I want to introduce the Huge n Revelutionary Product as well as Business to get Early RETIRE / RETIRERICH
Plz.log on

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  • Hi 2 Every 1,
    I want to introduce This Huge N Potential New Revolutionary Product as well as Business Business Plz. log on
    Contact : Mr.Sheetal P.Muttin Cell :+91 09343403100
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  • 1. Welcome
  • 2. VEmpower Get Empowered…Get Transformed
  • 3. What you are going to see today ?
    • A dynamic company set to become a Global Market Leader .
    Cutting Edge Internet-based communications technology product. Successfully doing the business in more than 45+ countries
  • 4. Headquartered in San Ramon, California U.S.A.
  • 5. Welc ome India Prelaunch of My Video Talk In India
  • 6. Today the internet is the fastest growing marketplace Video is the most effective form of communication on the information super highway
  • 7.  
  • 8. IN THE NEWS
  • 9. IN THE NEWS
  • 10. New Cutting Edge Technology Products And Services. My Video Web Mail
    • My Video Web Streaming
    My Video Web Meeting My Video Web Cast
  • 11. INTERNET USAGE FACTS Market growth potential excellent 1.2 Billion Internet users ~ and growing daily 90 Billion emails sent daily Less than .1% of Internet users have experienced video brochure solutions (total Indian online population stands at 78 million users, and this is without looking at the traffic from access through cyber cafes, mobiles or PDA’s. The overall number of people accessing internet could be much higher.) Less than 1% of web sites have streaming video on demand
  • 12. VideoWebMail
  • 13. My Video Web Mail
  • 14. MyVideoWebMail
    • Powerful new way to communicate & market online.
    • No Attachments or Downloads.
    • Be seen and heard anywhere, instantly via computer or Mobile Phones.
    • Easy to use 1-2-3 System.
    • Priced for the masses.
    • DVD Quality.
    • Fully Customisable.
    • No Language Barriers.
  • 15. More Advanced features of Video-Brochure
    • Features
      • Total Secure Control over the video by way of
        • IP tracking of the user
        • Controlled download option
        • Can restrict number of views
      • Flexibility in editing the video-brochure at source
      • Can send clippings of upto 1 hour in 1 video-brochure
  • 16. Personalized invitations and greetings
  • 17. Virtual Home Tour Call me on 9448853663 Email: [email_address]
  • 18. Insurance Brochures Sumaiya Smith 9448853668 LIFE IS UNCERTAIN INSURE AND BE SECURE [email_address]
  • 19. Grant Davis Age: 42 Qualification: MCsSHoward University Work Exp: 12 years Hobbies: Painting, climbing, trekking, public speaking. Married, with 2 sons and 1 daughter Email: Post Applied for: Director, Software R&D TIME FOR VIDEO RESUMES.
  • 20. Share your Family Functions Sow Vidhyathmica weds Chi. Ramani November 2 nd 2008
  • 21. 1-2-3 Approach [email_address] , Hey Des…! It has been a long time that we have..
    • Reach New Customers
    • Improve Relationships with existing customers
    • Build Brand Awareness & Loyalty
    • Reach out to Family & Friends around the world
    • Enhance your communication quality
    • Reduce Travel Time & Expenses
    • Product Demonstrations
    • Announcements
    • Testimonials
    • Training
    • Video Commercials
    • Surveys
    • Video Resumes
    • Event Invitations
    • Personalized Greetings
    • Promotions
    • Video Tours ……………………………………….. ENDLESS
  • 23. We Have the Technology How to use it is YOUR CALL ……… Pooja Matharams Contact: 9900728798
  • 24.
    • “ Video email will replace text messages as the online communication mechanism.
    • Text-based email will seem as archaic as black and white television.”
    • ~ Forrester Research
    Tomorrow’s Need Based Product Today !!!
    • The Motor Car will never become popular…
    • CDs will never replace vinyl and cassettes…
    • People don’t need Mobile Phones …
    • Email will only be used by a few businesses…
  • 25. Video To Mobile will CHANGE the Future of Communication..
  • 26. My Video Web Streaming
  • 27. Website with Video Web Streaming
  • 28. My Video Web Meeting
  • 29. MyVideoWebMeeting Power
  • 30. My Video Web Cast
  • 31. WebCast – Your Online Internet Channel
  • 32.
    • An internet communication service for a virtual seminar
    • Showcase your speech LIVE!!! To 50 people.
    • Carry out POWER POINT presentation or windows media player movie on your topic.
    • Easy to use .
    • Take online on-spot opinion poll and survey during the virtual seminar .
    WebCast – Your Online Internet Channel
  • 33. Security–Monitored 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year A World Class facility with Multiple Redundancy Architecture Fully staffed network operations management, with a multi-tier response system Biometric retina and fingerprint scan to enter MVT Data Center
  • 34. MyVideoTalk is committed to continue introducing cutting edge Internet communication technologies This is just the beginning…
  • 35. Growth Rate Of The Company
  • 36. Timing
    • “ The secret of success is to find out where people are going - and get there first”
    • Mark Twain
  • 37.
    • … There are 3 kinds of people
    • Those who make things happen
    If you want to make it happen for You , the opportunity is here… Finally It Is Often Said..
      • Those who watch what’s happening
      • Those who wonder what has happened