MOPAC Introduction


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MOPAC Introduction

  1. 1. Quality Safety Service Value Quality ● Safety ● Service ● ValueGenerating Value Through Sustainable Asset & Energy Solutions
  2. 2. Quality Safety Service Value Generating Value Through SustainabilityMOPAC is a multi-specialty services contractor focusedon the design, construction and preservation ofcommercial, industrial and government assets. QUALITY ● SAFETY ● SERVICE ● VALUE About MOPAC 2012
  3. 3. Quality Safety Service Value Generating Value Through SustainabilityMOPAC Facts – Who We Are• Founded in 1978• Regional Contractor & Consultant with Corporate Headquarters in Atlanta, GA• Industrial, Government, and Commercial Multi-Specialty Contractor• Professional Expertise from Design/Build through Facilities Maintenance• MOPAC = Motivation, Organization, Professionalism, Achievement, Commitment• Woman-Owned, Family Operated Business Service Offerings Construction Facility Maintenance Innovative Energy Services Programs & Projects Solutions About MOPAC 2012
  4. 4. Quality Safety Service Value Generating Value Through SustainabilityMOPAC SafetyMOPAC operates in industrial environments where Safety First is the highestpriority due to hazards in the workplace.The MOPAC safety program, safety policies and practices for the past thirtyyears have implemented the MOPAC safety standard . . . “Safety is no accident”. About MOPAC 2012
  5. 5. Quality Safety Service Value Generating Value Through SustainabilityExperience Across Industries Hotel, Leisure, Healthcare Corporate Education Sport Transportation Design Build Renovation Manufacturing Power Food & Beverage Pulp & Paper Water Treatment About MOPAC 2012
  6. 6. Quality Safety Service Value Generating Value Through SustainabilityScope of Services Construction Facility Maintenance Innovative Energy Services Services SolutionsDesign/Build Services Facilities Maintenance Programs Lighting Optimization or UpgradesLEED Consulting and Design • Asset Management Systems (T5 Retrofit Adapters or LED Solutions)Construction Management • PAS 55 Compliance Building Energy AssessmentsGeneral Contracting Services • Contract Services • Infrared Inspections • Contract Execution Roof & Waterproofing Reflective, Cool/Low Temp Roofs • Renovations & Upgrades Insulation/Energy Assessments Solar Water HeatingConcrete Specialties Infrared Reporting and Inspection Solar Energy – Photovoltaic PanelsRoofing & Waterproofing OH Door & Gate Maintenance Day-Lighting – Skylights & WindowsResinous Flooring Systems Corrosion Control Services Insulation – Building, Pipe & Duct SystemsProtective Coatings & Linings Concrete Repair & Strengthening Heating & Cooling System OptimizationOH Door & Industrial Door Closures Resinous Flooring Systems Sealing of Windows and DoorsSecure Entry (doors and gates) High Pressure Cleaning Water Reclamation Systems Parking Lot/Deck Maintenance About MOPAC 2012
  7. 7. Quality Safety Service Value Generating Value Through SustainabilityConstruction ServicesConstruction Consulting Division 1 General Requirements Division 2 Site ConstructionLEED Consulting and Design Division 3 ConcreteGeneral Contracting Services Division 4 Masonry Project Management Division 5 Metals Division 6 Wood and Plastics Design/Build Services Division 7 Thermal & Moisture Protection Contract Management Division 8 Doors and Windows Contract Execution Division 9 Finishes Division 10 SpecialtiesRenovation, Restoration Division 11 EquipmentSpecialty Services Division 12 Furnishings Concrete Specialties – Division 13 Special Construction Division 14 Conveying Systems Slab on Grade Division 15 Mechanical Foundation and Retaining Walls Division 16 Electrical Elevated Slabs HardscapesRoofing & Waterproofing – Low-Slope and Steep Slope SystemsResinous Flooring Systems (thin film, broadcast, slurry, trowelled and sprayed)Protective Coatings and Linings – Field and Shop ApplicationsOverhead/Garage Door, Industrial Door ClosuresSecure Access (automated gate installation, badge/password door access, etc…) About MOPAC 2012
  8. 8. Quality Safety Service Value Generating Value Through SustainabilityFacility Maintenance ServicesMaintenance, Repair and Installation for Asset Preservation and Risk Mitigation Roofing, Waterproofing, and Joint Sealants Skylight Installation and Waterproofing Site Demolition (structures, buildings, tanks, concrete, etc…) Renovation, Restoration Emergency/Disaster Recovery and Preparedness Mechanical and Commercial Insulation Repair/Maintenance of Overhead/Garage Doors, Industrial Door Closures & Automated Gates Interior & Exterior Renovations Protective Coatings and Linings Field and Shop Applications Industrial and Commercial Painting Resinous and Chemical Resistant Flooring and Linings Concrete Strengthening, Repair, & Injection Lead Abatement and Encapsulation Mold Remediation Abrasive Blasting, Hydro-blasting, & Pressure Cleaning, Soda-Blasting (Baking Soda Cleaning) Scaffolding Carpentry and Drywall Warehouse and Parking lot striping, signage and design PAS 55 Asset Management and Program ComplianceConsulting and Management Program Development and Analysis (Facility/Asset Management, Tank Reliability, Corrosion Study, etc…) ● Inspection, Condition Assessments and Analysis ● Layouts, Photos and Infrared Images ● Value-Added Recommendations and Budgets M.A.P.S. CMMS Included without Cost to MOPAC Clients Energy Audits and Appraisals LEED Consulting and Program Management About MOPAC 2012
  9. 9. Quality Safety Service Value Generating Value Through SustainabilityInnovative, Energy & Sustainable ServicesLighting Optimization or Upgrade ● T5 Retrofit Adapters ● LED SolutionsEnergy AppraisalsBuilding Energy AssessmentsInfrared Reporting & InspectionReflective, Cool/Low Temp RoofsSolar Energy ● Photovoltaic Panels ● Thermal PanelsDay-Lighting – Skylights and WindowsInsulation ● Building Envelope ● HVAC Pipe and Duct Systems ● Plumbing SystemsHeating and Cooling Systems Optimization - Eliminate Lost Energy EfficienciesSealing of Windows & DoorsWater Conservation & Reclamation Systems About MOPAC 2012
  10. 10. Quality Safety Service Value Generating Value Through SustainabilityMOPAC Asset Protection Systems (M.A.P.S.)M.A.P.S.™ is a computerized facilities maintenance system for buildings and industrial plants. M.A.P.S.™incorporates world-class, global standards and specifications that optimize facility assets from the designphase in building construction through the maintenance life-cycle of all plants and buildings. MOPACimplements M.A.P.S.™ for Customers at zero-cost where services are being utilized on annual projects.M.A.P.S.™ allows the customer to implement, monitor, measure, and review the latest technology as part ofprotecting enterprise-wide assets.Benefits of M.A.P.S.™:• Significant Cost Savings • Standardization of Maintenance Processes• Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis • Coordinated Asset Protect Team• Predictable Maintenance Requirements • Assists with PAS 55 Asset Management• Real World Budgeting and Scheduling • 4.5 Implementation of Best Practices• Development of Historical Data • 4.6 Performance Assessment About MOPAC 2012
  11. 11. Quality Safety Service Value Generating Value Through SustainabilityMOPAC Asset Protection Systems (M.A.P.S.)Enterprise-wide Asset Management – Manufacturing/Commercial Strategic Solutions • Asset Management Quality & Cost Controls • World-Class Standards & Specifications for Best Practices • Linking Building Life-Cycles • Design/Build to Maintenance Sustainable Solutions • Continuous Improvement  Condition Assessments  Specifications/Budgets  Performance Monitoring  Review/Warranty • Guaranteed Lower Costs  System-Wide Standards  Consolidation of Services •LEED Assistance •PAS 55 Management About MOPAC 2012
  12. 12. Quality Safety Service Value Generating Value Through SustainabilityWhy Choose MOPAC?Focus – World-Class Asset Preservation & Energy Conservation through Sustainable Construction & Maintenance PracticesCulture – Safety: Recognition of Policies & Practices for over 30 years. MOPAC safety standard . . . “Safety is no accident”. Collaborative “Team” Approach: Clients, MOPAC Personnel, and Suppliers deliver Win-Win-Win results. Principle-Based: MOPAC Corporate Culture built upon Honesty, Integrity, and Customer Value. Knowledge-Based: Continuous education of world-class developments in Technology, Methodology, & Metrology. Performance-Based: Quality Assurance provided with State-of-the-Art Solutions and Long-Term Warranties.Cost-Savings – Consistent delivery of Lower Life-Cycle Costs for the Client. About MOPAC 2012
  13. 13. Quality Safety Service Value Generating Value Through SustainabilityKey MOPAC Contacts Gail Morris Martin Morris Owner and CFO Owner and CEO Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Bryan Morris, LEED AP, NIA EA Mike Jefferson Executive Vice President Director, Specialty Construction & Renovation COO Licensed General Contractor – Georgia Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Mike Harding Ira Haber Director, Roofing & Waterproofing Business Development Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Gene Dobbins Jeremy Currey North Georgia Area Manager East Georgia Area Manager (North & Central GA, AL, TN) (East & South GA, SC, FL) Rome, GA Augusta, GA About MOPAC 2012