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Tips To Build A Hard B2B Working Website
Tips To Build A Hard B2B Working Website
Tips To Build A Hard B2B Working Website
Tips To Build A Hard B2B Working Website
Tips To Build A Hard B2B Working Website
Tips To Build A Hard B2B Working Website
Tips To Build A Hard B2B Working Website
Tips To Build A Hard B2B Working Website
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Tips To Build A Hard B2B Working Website


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Deck presented to Sacramento regional SMBs in Sept 2010.

Deck presented to Sacramento regional SMBs in Sept 2010.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • RD: hi, I am… thank you to SARTA for having us… reminder that your copies of slides and handouts are in front of you – time check/ housekeeping before diving in.
  • Red:
    B2B buyers primary motivator is risk avoidance – fear of making the wrong decision. That means a lot of research and scrutiny.
    Today’s sites need to work harder - as an educational tool – to aid in the decision making process. Prospects are looking to educate themselves; do their own comparisons, and create their own short lists.
    A generous amount of educational content helps prospects find you and lets them get to know you and your approach in a non-invasive and anonymous environment. As they get more comfortable with you and your offerings, they’ll be more comfortable giving your their names in exchange for the most valuable content.
    What content can you offer to help them in their decision making process, in their comparisons? Or in their jobs? TO help overcome the fear of making the wrong decision?
    Case studies
    Certifications, awards, affiliations
    Executive profiles
    Tools and resources
  • RED: Provide your biz card if you’d like us to email today or tomorrow with a link to that page
    Feel free to contact us with questions.
  • Transcript

    • 1. EMAIL WEB ADDRESS 1524 Navajo St. Davis, CA 95616 (530) 231 5397 PHONE Presentation for Sacramento Press Club - Tuesday, September 14, 2010 Profile of a Hard-Working Website
    • 2. 530-231-5397 | | Your Business Goals Why do you market your writing skills?
    • 3. 530-231-5397 | | The Wrong Reasons “To build awareness” “So people will know what I do” “To build my brand” “To be in search results”
    • 4. 530-231-5397 | | The Right Reasons “Start relationships with prospective clients” “Build reach/ add more subscribers” “Market research on story ideas” “Build referrals” “Ramp up new clients faster” “Get paid faster” (“Branding” and “awareness” might be good reasons… if they will drive the goals above)
    • 5. 530-231-5397 | | Summary 4 Keys to Successful Web Marketing 1. PROVE: Build strong business case (why trust me?) 2. PULL: Attract best visitors (where are my clients?) 3. ENGAGE: Start a relationship (>1 way to engage?) 4. NURTURE: Ping with permission (what do they need?) 2 Keys to Successful Marketing Planning • Focus on performance more than looks • Don’t break what’s currently working
    • 6. Website – adapt vs. start at “square 1” “I'm going to go out on a limb and beg you not to create an original design. There are more than a billion pages on the web. Surely there's one that you can start with?” “Your car isn't unique, and your house might not be either…” – Seth Godin blog/2007/10/how-to-create-a.html
    • 7. Why believe you? Content that can build prospects’ confidence • Decision guides • Case studies • Samples of work • Testimonials • Statistics • Bios/profiles • Certifications • Awards • Affiliations
    • 8. Learn more Resources Blog Twitter @b2bcommunicate @b2bjt Contact Rebekah E. Donaldson Business Communications Group 530-231-5397 direct