Clive Woodger: Creating Added Value. Post Crisis Trends
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Clive Woodger: Creating Added Value. Post Crisis Trends






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Clive Woodger: Creating Added Value. Post Crisis Trends Clive Woodger: Creating Added Value. Post Crisis Trends Presentation Transcript

  • Creating Added Value Post Crisis Trends Clive Woodger, SCG London
    • Customer Mindsets – staying relevant
    • Shopping Modes – formats … multi channel
    • Differentiation – brand development
    • Social Media Challenge
    Creating Added Value Post Crisis Trends
  • Strategic Consulting Group International Strategic branding and design consultancy. 13 years … 60+ Russian managements We work in the retail, financial, real estate sectors by creating
  • Creating Added Value Customer Mindsets Staying relevant
  • Customer Mindsets Staying relevant – Lifestyle changes
    • Marrying later …
    • Rise of single households
    • Time poor – cash rich er
    • Value
    • ‘ Values’
    • Freshness … Health … Choice
    Changes in Society, needs and aspirations
    • Increase
    • Decrease
    • No Change
    • Consumer confidence –
    • Russia = ‘average’
    Return of Consumer confidence? International
  • Return of Consumer confidence? International
  • Return of Consumer confidence? Russia
  • Shared Norms for the New Reality “ we live in a world that is becoming increasingly complex and interconnected but also experiencing an erosion of common values and principles”. DAVOS 2011 Opinion poll 2010 … global values for cooperation 40% chose honesty … integrity … transparency 24% chose others’ rights, dignity and views 20% chose the impact of actions on the wellbeing of others 17% chose the preservation of the environment Universal Values?
  • Food Trends – Customer Attitudes
    • Value
    • Health
    • Connectivity
    • Home Dining
    • Fresh
    • Sustainability
    • Energy vs. Relaxation
    • Internationalism
  • Food Trends Value “ Constrained consumers” More for Less pragmatic .. careful… planned shopping Price led but value driven Quality … Choice … Experience … environment / service / process The best quality at the best price A good ‘deal’ … every time you shop
  • Food Trends Health … nutrition food / pharmacy realistic claims – growth of ‘proven’ products
  • Food Trends Connectivity … social media marketing campaigns
  • Food Trends Home Dining … indulgence at home / new products for creative home cooking ‘ eating out at home’ Premium ranges – gourmet and restaurant dishes Budget – cooking from scratch ‘ Ingredient foods’ – less pre-made / packaged Tesco launches City Kitchen range
  • Food Trends Fresh
    • Demand for Freshness
    • Minimal processing, chilled, minimal packaging
    • Food safety
    • Organic products
    • Diet books
    • Increased frequency of shopping trips
    • Highlighting ‘sell by’ dates
    • Organic and Ethical label range opportunities
  • Food Trends Fresh Back to basics – Fruit & Vegetables Less packaged / processed food Smoothies / packaged fruit snacks
  • Food Trends Sustainability … environmental / ethical / social … People … Planet … Profit
      • Consumers want to feel ‘good’ about what they buy - how was it procured, grown, reared, caught, manufactured, transported, by who, how?
      • Emergence of the ‘principled consumer’
      • Did it harm the environment, people, communities?
      • Was it ‘Fair Trade’
      • CSR industry - differentiated by values
      • ‘ Look behind the label’ …. M&S
  • Food Trends Energy vs. Relaxation
  • Internationalisation Regional / Locally sourced Ethnic / Fusion cuisine “ Now all fresh meat at Morrisons is 100% British”
  • Creating Added Value Shopping Modes - Formats Multi Channel
  • Shopping Modes - Formats
    • shopping centres
    • hypermarket
    • supermarket
    • convenience stores
    • discounters
    • online
  • Shopping Centres Trends …. Food Experiences & Services Crisis exposed weak developer strategies In UK 60% of centres in trouble, only super regional will survive? What lessons for Russia?
  • Shopping Centres “ the city centre at your doorstep” Kaleidoscope Tushino, Moscow
  • Hypermarkets
    • More than functional warehouses – providing services and non food as lifestyle pit stops and community destinations
    • Choice
    • Price
    • Services
    Lifestyle pitstops /centres - ‘everything for your life’ big was better? Retail theatre … events / workshops / parties
  • Supermarkets “ making shopping a pleasure”
    • Balancing convenience, quality and experience
    • Range – focused to local catchments …
    • demographic … ethnic
    • More space for deli and fresh produce
    • Food to go / Cafes
    • Services – financial, mobile phones, …
    • Sales densities vs better environments
  • Supermarkets “ making shopping a pleasure”
  • Convenience Stores “ my place”
    • Near to the customer … work or home
    • Baskets not trolleys
    • Coffee cafes - takeaways
    “ Marks & Spencer struggle to keep up with demand for wine by the cup concept” Open … 7am to 11pm
  • Discounters “ quality repositioning”
  • Online “ total convenience … to your door” According to sales data collected through the UK’s leading website, Tesco enjoys the majority share of online grocery shoppers, with 41% of supermarket sales through, compared to 27% via
  • Online “ total convenience … to your door … to your store”
  • 2010 HIGHLIGHTS Gross sales 2010: £551m Average order value: £112 EBITDA: £16m Still loss-making after 10 years Market cap: £1.13b 2010 HIGHLIGHTS Owned by Only ships non-persihable, household goods and office supplies Sales $10m OCADO = New … Amazon … What is the difference? 2000 2001 2004 2006 2007 2010 Founded, first distribution agreement with Waitrose Deliveries began First automated conveyor warehouse 50’000 orders delivered in a week EBITDA positive for first time 100’000 orders delivered in a week 2011 IPO, valued at £1bn Trades above IPO price for first time 1997 1999 2000 2001 Founded, $50m of seed capital raised Deliveries began $40m in annual sales, average order value $81 Bankruptcy $800m in accumulated losses IPO valued at $600m
  • Customers will shop through various platforms and formats – supermarkets, convenience stores, farmer’s markets or online. Tomorrow’s sector winners can’t ignore - customers will demand the best possible experience. We b grocery sales will increase to 9.5 billion pounds ($15 billion) by 2015, from 4.8 billion pounds this year. More 18-to-34 year-old shoppers are moving online and wider delivery coverage means sales have the potential to grow “significantly.” The Internet will account for 5.2 percent of total grocery spending in five years, up from 3.2 percent now. (IGD). In 2010 total retail spending was up 1%, online retail spending up 15%. CONVENIENCE + VALUE will fuel the online food sales. OCADO = New ? What is the difference? The difference is structural shifts in the society and higher acceptance of online shopping
  • Multi Channel “ How to grow your business in a low / no growth industry” City … Supermarket … Convenience … Hypermarket … Online … now towns!
  • Multi Channel UK grocer challenge
    • Intense competition … near market saturation
    • Slow growth … rising taxes … higher inflation
    • Grow by stealing market share from rivals … enhancing proposition … adding space (better to cannibalise sales than lose to rivals!)
    • Race for space – but diminished site availability
    • Need for hypermarkets lessening – growth of convenience stores and online
    • UK petrol price increase – more local shopping
    • Leverage of multi-channels – click & collect kiosks … direct catalogues
    • Non food needs more space – extensions & mezzanines
    • More services and facilities … health, finance, travel
  • Brand Experience CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE BRAND REPUTATION word of mouth, sms… advertising, direct marketing web site, social media, twitter, facebook promotional publicity posters, street signs … collateral … bags, cards, leaflets assurance, memories reminders, triggers, after service … customer journey… anticipation … moments of truth first vistas, approach, process, layout, environment, products, staff, facilities, exit experience … Managing the Process – Physical … Human … Technical coordination … consistency … control … Brand Touchpoints Awareness Promise Customer Journey Visit Afterglow Satisfaction
  • Touchpoint Synergy Food Retail Identifying opportunities … solutions ‘ Customer Journey’
  • Touchpoint Synergy People ‘ Our people make the difference’
  • Creating Added Value Differentiation Brand Development
  • Differentiation
    • Convenience
    • Products
    • Service
    • Experience
    • Culture
    Why are you first choice? Brand Development - Image & Reputation “ Added Value”
  • Marketing and Communicating ‘added value’ Using media, activities and events to reinforce tangible and emotional attributes … head and heart triggers.
    • Outdoor advertising
    • Press
    • Radio
    • T.v.
    • Web banners
    • Web search engines
    Talking ‘at’ ATL Talking ‘to’ BTL ‘relationship ‘ marketing
    • Direct mail
    • Email
    • Printed media through database …
    • Personal contact
    • Events / road shows
    ‘ Brand Awareness’ Mass Audience Difficult to measure benefit Defines / triggers purchase Targeted Audience Easier to measure benefit / outcomes Differentiation - Marketing Methods & Media
  • Differentiation - Marketing Social Media Challenge ‘ Awareness’ ATL Individual needs ‘triggers’ action BTL ‘ Database Knowledge’ Target customer groups information / aspirations Customer Price comparison sites Social media Opinions Shared experiences
  • Differentiation - Marketing - Challenges Savvy Customers - Product Reviews ‘ To buy or not to buy?’
  • Differentiation - Marketing - Challenges Comparison websites
  • Differentiation - Marketing Email marketing – customer dialogue ‘immediacy – relevance’
  • Differentiation - Marketing Brand Reputation … Equity - P.R. Challenge
    • International Benchmark – credibility crisis …
    • Inept corporate governance?
    TESCO FISH FIGHT When ‘sorry’ is not enough … ‘ Damage limitation’
  • Differentiation - Marketing - Sponsorship
    • Corporate Imaging’
    • Who gets the benefit?
    • Cynical endorsement marketing or mutual reputation enhancement
  • Differentiation - Marketing Discounter repositioning creating quality credibility
  • There is no such thing as loyalty … you are as good as your last transaction / customer experience Challenge - loyalty programmes not just cards Transparent mutual deal - we really reward you - we learn about you - we can serve you better. It has to be relevant, clearly worthwhile, proactive. Role Model - Tesco ... Increased investment ... Key factor in success … Differentiation - Marketing Customer loyalty – wishful thinking? Hard to ensure loyalty of a fickle, frugal customer! Retailer or Partner card?
    • Tesco
    • Tesco now has 16 million active Clubcard holders in the UK, compared to 11.7 million people who have a Barclaycard.
    • Tesco has earmarked further investment on top of the £150m it pledged when it re-launched the Clubcard.
    • iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Ovi applications +
    • Asda
    • Invests in new TV marketing campaign
    • Improved likelihood to shop
    • Created better ‘my kind of supermarket’ perception
    • … and launched own T.V. channel on YouTube ‘saving you money TV’
    Differentiation - Marketing – Strategy Different investments
    • Differentiation - Marketing - Private Label
    • ‘ More for Less’ … Something Different
    • A key retailer differentiation strategy …
    Obvious growth potential with Russian mindset changes Less status conscious - more acceptable ... for anyone … democratic Less brand loyalty - consumers more likely to switch Demand for a bargain - need value for money with economy pressures Trading Up - psychological requirement to treat yourself - premium own brands e.g. Tesco Finest Variety and Choice - new products / ingredients / flavours … Organic and Ethical - retailer label ranges & opportunities
  • Differentiation - Marketing & PR Creating awareness … desire .. reputation Image development Marketing – promises … promotions ... events ‘ what you say about yourselves and offers’ … billboards, T.V., radio, themed promotions / activities … Reputation development Public Relations – corporate relationships, events, messages / crisis management .. . … Image and reputation ‘is what people say about you’ Marketing and P.R. activities and audiences are now symbiotic – social media merges B2B and B2C communication Traditional Today
  • Creating Added Value Social Media Challenge Staying relevant
  • Social Media Challenge Creating a ‘joined up’ social media strategy
  • Social Media Challenge Customer Connectivity not what retailers say … customers listen to each other ... iPhones, wifi, … food forums etc “… there are 59.7m internet users in Russia, 42.8% population” (June 2010) 61.9m people will use the internet in Russia by 2013” eMarketer “ Russians are the heaviest social networkers worldwide in terms of time spent per user” eMarketer
  • Internet Transparency Software Technology who is targeting who? Software technology can track and interface with customers through loyalty cards, touch screens and phone apps … But, …. consumers can use technology to create instant damage or enhancement to your brand – cut and paste communities – Facebook, fanclubs, Tweeters, YouTube Brand demolition! Social Media Challenge
  • Customer dialogue – ‘the good’ Sainsbury Twitter … ‘almost’ real time response to ideas and complaints. Waitrose Forum 3500 people viewed single chat about a food recipe. 24x7 customer service. Social Media Challenge Not just advertising!
  • Managing reputations - ‘the bad’ 556,308 fans … “ 4000 chavs a year die from tesco cheap booze. Every little helps” Tesco had to pull the plug on an unofficial Facebook group of 2000+ called 'Tesco employees could rule the world’ where staff abused their customers. Social Media Challenge
  • Aldi USA Aldi “hate” sites … Live Aldi Twitter 1,614 followers in Germany 4,615 Australia Social Media Challenge
  • Russia Social Media Challenge Twitter – 3,514 followers 'enjoy the taste of our new cereal'   Facebook - Russian winter campaign, 3,295 people like this Perekrestok now have active Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Black PR - Instant ‘cut and paste’ Social Media Challenge
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE BRAND REPUTATION word of mouth, sms… advertising, direct marketing web site, social media, twitter, facebook promotional publicity posters, street signs … collateral … bags, cards, leaflets assurance, memories reminders, triggers, after service … customer journey… anticipation … moments of truth first vistas, approach, process, layout, environment, products, staff, facilities, exit experience … Managing the Process – Physical … Human … Technical coordination … consistency … control … Brand Touchpoints Creating Added Value … Instant achieving a first choice Brand Experience Awareness Promise Customer Journey Visit Afterglow Satisfaction
  • Creating Added Value … Achieving an effective management organisation operations real estate buyers IT communications human resources management procurement sales Brand experience – for customers and employees Departmental activities / functions marketing logistics finance Marketing Department collaboration? Teamwork = Synergy Store Workplaces Service Internet
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