Social Media & The Effective Job Search


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How to use social media to search for a job

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Social Media & The Effective Job Search

  1. 1.  Bob Miller Pittsburgh Native Background: SEO & Social Media Marketing E-mail: Phone: 412-567-3934 What I do now: ◦ Social Media Marketing Consultant ◦ Local Google/Bing/Yahoo! Listings Consultant ◦ Website Search Engine Optimization ◦ Website/FB Page Creation & Enhancement
  2. 2.  Social Media has been transforming how everything is being done including the job search. In the 21st Century, people seeking to find a job or build their careers need to know how to be as effective as possible. Using Social Media can help build a network that can be the next step to a new job or career move! If you are new to Social Media, this introductory workshop is for you.
  3. 3.  We’ll only scratch the surface More Research @ Home ◦ Learn with Google / Bing / Yahoo! ◦ Be careful of information found ◦ Buy a book? (Not Recommended) You need to have a plan of ACTION
  4. 4.  Casual Environment Questions Encouraged (raise hand) Scheduled break every 45-ish minutes Take breaks as needed (no hand raising) Relax, Have Fun, & Learn!
  5. 5.  Your Name Your 30 second Elevator ‘Pitch’ Why you decided to take this class What you intend to do with the info: ◦ What Social Media will you use? ◦ What type of job are you interested in? ◦ When will you start?
  6. 6.  Social media are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue - Wikipedia
  7. 7.  Sometimes referred to as “Web 2.0” Quite broad – many medias involved Utilized for Socializing & Business Powerful (see: Egypt, Libya, etc.) Overtaking e-mail as form of communication
  8. 8.  Blogs And The List Goes On & On…
  9. 9. 
  10. 10.  120+ Million Active Users Business Professionals Business Pages 1 Million New Users Every 12 Days Formal Process to ‘connect’ Control over profile 1 Profile per person Professional Endeavors Job Hunting
  11. 11.  750+ Million Active Users (last 30 days) 50% of Active Users Login Each Day Average User Has 130 Friends Most Trafficked Website in 2010+ 50%+ users are beyond college age Fastest Growing Demographic: 35yrs.+ Segment Greatest % Growth: Female 55-60 1 Profile / Multiple Pages Personal | Friends & Pages | Fans
  12. 12.  100+ Million Active Users Microblogging (140 characters) Primarily for Link Sharing Anyone Can ‘Follow’ You (2500 Limit) Third Party Picture Sharing Svcs ( Third Party Link Shortening Tools ( Third Party Interfaces (Tweetdeck)
  13. 13.  3 Billion Videos Viewed Per Day 48 minutes of Video Uploaded Each Minute 70% Of Traffic External To USA Great Way to Manipulate Google 200 Million Users Visit Each Day Make Videos: Owned By Google Videos on *Everything* You *Need* To be Using YouTube!
  14. 14.  1) Start At The Top: & Facebook ◦ Social networking has become so popular and profitable that the digital landscape is now littered with upstart social networks promising to be the “next big thing” in social media. But until they live up to such hype, develop your presence where the masses are: LinkedIn , Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube Concentrate your initial efforts on established, trusted platforms that will still exist by the time you get the hang of them.
  15. 15.  2) Give Social Media Equal Billing ◦ One of biggest social media mistakes a person can make is to dismiss social media as a relevant avenue to further their career whether they are working full/part time or between employment opportunities.
  16. 16.  3) Invite Business Contacts to Participate ◦ Social Media for Professional Development is truly indispensable in the 21st Century. No one thought twice to consult the ‘Want Ads’ in the newspaper in the past. The new ‘Want Ads’ are online. Join in the conversation and find that position you have always dreamed of OR stand on the sidelines and be left behind.
  17. 17.  4) Use Social Media for Research ◦ Not only are the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook remarkably effective promotional vehicles, they serve as vastly underrated research tools. Many of the world’s largest companies now employ scores of individuals whose sole responsibility is to troll the social media space to gather consumer information, read customer feedback, and explore what the competition is doing with social media. Many agencies are now also looking for talented employees who have inviting online profiles on the major Social Media Networks
  18. 18.  5) Develop Your “Street Cred” ◦ Urban slang defines “Street Cred” as commanding a level of respect that results from substantial experience or knowledge. In the world of social media, “street cred” is the amount of expertise you convey via LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter communications.
  19. 19.  6) Use It or Lose It ◦ It’s important to update your information and/or convey information often. Prospective employers will be looking at your history and completeness of information as an indication of your thoroughness and dedication to your craft. You might even receive an unsolicited job offer or two!
  20. 20.  7) Be Consistent as You Become Competent ◦ Let your use of social media represent a daily work in progress. Both a commitment and a craft, contemporary social media requires a consistent investment of time and energy. Over time, as you cultivate your social media presence with relevant and topical information, you’ll grow exponentially more competent in social networking. Soon after, your knowledge and level of comfort can be used to advance your social media efforts and, ultimately, make them more sophisticated.
  21. 21.  Go Home, rest for a bit (not too long) You DO NOT need to know everything Activate Social Media Accounts / Services Start Using Them (Ready, FIRE!, Aim) Study What Others Are Doing Join Groups & Follow Companies Questions?
  22. 22.  Blog/Website Software – Wordpress (FREE) Blog / Website Hosting ($) Third Party Social Media Software (FREE) ◦ TweetDeck ◦ Seesmic Third Party Social Media Services (FREE) ◦ URL Shortening: ◦ Image Storage/Sharing: Google is your BFF (FREE)