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Tempo April 2012

  2. 2. contentswww.tempoplanet.com ed’s note:0405 letters to the editor uspace 12 We receive so much feedback from you, our06 what’s hot readers, about what you want to see more of in07 the bottom bottom line Tempo, and what you want us to throw out. We love your letters and are always thankful for the08 tech talk / game hedz feedback, both positive and negative.You see, we09 tempo’s top 10 songs / on my ipod know that you wouldn’t write to us if you didn’t10 my style blueprint care.12 running wild peeta14 city bites So we gathered months of feedback and decided to send Tempo back into the garage for a tune-up.15 the passion of art We’ve tweaked the design and the look and feel,17 people calendar and hope Tempo is more entertaining and pleasing.18 youth talk19 time capsule We’ve also been tinkering with our website www.21 planetarians tempoplanet.com to make it easier to read and more user-friendly to navigate. Have a look and23 fairy tale magic send us your comments and ideas. Drop me a line24 doc in the house / campus view personally and I promise to respond.26 social media: policy not policing27 tamakkan knowledge hub The one thing that we’re not changing is the28 articulate / just handcrafted Tempo editorial formula. We are still steadfastly ‘community’ and remain unabashed in recognizing30 mini minx / just a thought groups and individuals who are interesting and make a contribution to the wonderful tapestry of humanity in the UAE.14 15 Be kind, live well and keep up the tempo! Sana Bagersh Managing Editor bagersh@tempoplanet.com MANAGING EDITOR Sana Bagersh SUPERVISING EDITOR EDITORIAL Ian Mason CONTRIBUTORS FEATURES WRITER Angeli Castillo Alma Kadragic Neena Rai EDITORIAL Jan D’Sa COORDINATOR23 Manar Al Hinai Sharon Carvalho Ahmed Samir MARKETING COORDINATORS Rohith Bhat Manjul Abhishek Azza El Masri Laskar Laipubam Shahid Saeed MAGAZINE DESIGN Blakniss Mark De Castro Shamma Al Suwaidi DISTRIBUTION Dave Solomon COORDINATOR Melaku Muluneh Justin Thomas ADDRESS To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@tempoplanet.com. If you need to find out where you can pick up your PUBLISHED BY: MICROSOFT TAG SCANNING GUIDELINES copy call: 02 491 8624/25 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. download www.gettag.mobi NOTE TO ADVERTISERS to your smart phone Advertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach advertising call: 02 491 8624/25, fax: 02 491 8626 run application email: advertising@tempoplanet.com click on tag beside each article to have fun with online content, videos & cool tags! DISCLAIMER Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the QR SCANNING GUIDELINES publisher. Scan the QR CODE using your smart phone MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 for Blackberry this is done through BBM for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Reader
  3. 3. letters to the Post your views and comments on our facebook and twitter pages anks for Hey Ed, th rians. he Planeta featuring T more grass We need is, tives like th roots initia ols ping scho and I’m ho ceHello Tempo! I was an intern for your ities embra Dear editor, I was touched by the story on the and universamazing magazine last year! Loved working dra M. orphanage in Tanzania, and also about the British this - Santhere, learned a lot and definitely got a lot School Al Khubairat drive for Zambia. Sharingof experience too. Well, this is a stop motion such stories really helps to motivate us allfilm I came up with, not so long ago. It was a - Mathew N.college project :) Hope ya’ll like it! :D Cheers BrandMoxie was- Nyurka Fernandes proud to host Hi Tempo, I dont always agree with your the launch of choices for Top 10 songs in the UAE - Imagenations filmHey Nyurka, we’re so proud of you ( "Give me all your luvin?" - Madonna... Really?!!) club, Bopcorn &and we wish you the best of luck But Im glad youre doing the Top 10 in the Sawaleef, at itswith University! - The Tempo Team UAE...coz no one else is doing it - Brian D. Innovation@Work Hall. TEMPO’S SHOUT OUT: “WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE PART OF THE MAGAZINE?” Follow them on twitter: @ BopcornSawaalef Well, the articles are interesting I loved the story on and Tempo is like a home for The Dream Players!! everyone to get noticed! :) - Kera Thompson - Jason D’souza The fact that anyone with talent can find their place in Tempo :) - Simone Carvalho u vote RESULTS OF LAST MONTH’S U VOTE: Tempo asked our online readers, If you had a super NEXT power, what would it be? This is what you said: MONTH’S QUESTION: Do you like the new size of Tempo magazine? INVISIBILITY 10% 10% Yes X-RAY VISION No 20% SUPER STRENGTH 60% SUPER SPEED go to tempoplanet to vote04 | www.tempoplanet.com
  4. 4. u space occasions and everyday use, as well as accessories and decorative items. Paris Avenue is the window to TALKING BOOKS By Azza El Masri the world for these designers. INSPIRATION AND PARTNERSHIPS There are two - the first one is a nod to my father, God bless his soul, who used to have a fashion boutique, but I was too young to be interested in it. The second reason is to pay tribute to the art of Book Review: French living and to all the artisans who love their The Fault in work. I take this opportunity to thank all those Our Stars who surrounded me, helped me and encouraged (Dutton Books, 2012) me - my family, my friends and my wonderful Author: John GreenENTREPRENEUR FOCUS collaborators. THE ESSENCE OF PARIS AVENUEIN THE ZONE WITH… I wanted a cosy place where everyone would feel at What’s worse than losingMeet Houda Cassim, Francophile Fashionista home. It is not only a boutique but a gallery where someone to the death-gripsHouda, a Saudi entrepreneur with a strong you can admire objects, and read, smell and feel the of cancer? Being diagnosedFrench influence, has poured her love of Paris and soul of Paris avenues. with a terminal cancer yourself.everything Parisian into a new boutique she has setup called ‘Paris Avenue,’ located in Khalidiya. Houda Most of the items available are chosen from Introducing John Green’s newest materials and handmade in small workshops.chatted to Tempo about her inspiration and her Some of these items are unique. The workshops I masterpiece, “The Fault in Ourdreams. deal with respect labour rights, demand freedom Stars”.A SAUDI IN FRANCE of association and compliance with local laws,I am a Saudi national. I studied architecture at and prohibit child labour, forced labour and FINDING THE BEAUTY OF LIFEEcole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris, but due to discrimination. Despite the miraculous surgery thatfamily reasons I had to stop my studies and started buys her a few extra years, 16-year-oldworking for my embassy. Having lived for several FORWARD LOOKING Hazel’s cancer has always been terminal.years in Paris, I have been imbued of French culture, With God’s help, I will consider opening more Then she meets Augustus Waters, aand I appreciate a lot of the French know-how in stores in the UAE and in the GCC region. I also have other projects in mind, not in the fashion field 17-year-old ex-basketball player, at amany fields. I knew this was something I had to do but still related to French living. Paris Avenue is Cancer Kid Support Group and her lifewhen I moved to the United Arab Emirates. located off Zayed First in Khalidiya. takes a beautiful, tragic and funny turn.BRINGING PARIS TO ABU DHABI For the first time, Augustus coaxes herParis Avenue is a concept store themed around into savoring the beauty in her life.the discovery of new designers. It is dedicatedentirely to those creators of art for whom To find out more about Paris Avenue CHARACTERS TO LOVEelegance, originality and quality go together. I offer call 02 635 4030 Narrated by Hazel, “The Fault in Oura large selection of handbags and shoes for major Stars” will grip readers with the deep and realistic perception it describes. Heavy with philosophical meaning, this novel succeeds in absorbing you right shortly after. He told me all about motorcycles, his favourite hobby, and how much he wanted to have a into the lives of its main characters to social life again. the point of feeling like you’ve become part of the book. It raises fundamental FORMING A SOCIAL GROUP questions that every teenager asks After hanging out a couple times, we decided to themselves yet adds a sense of gravity start a social group for adults with special needs. for those who haven’t much time left. The aim of the social group is to find adults with mild-moderate cognitive or physical disabilities and create an exciting environment for them to feel LAUGH AND CRY welcome and be accepted for exactly who they are. John Green, acclaimed for his previous MEMBERS WANTED: novel “Looking for Alaska”, mixes Special needs group formed ABOUT THE GROUP comedy with tragedy so perfectly that By Jenna Bolduc The group has started as a meet-up group through you’ll find yourself not knowing whether www.meetup.com. It is free of charge - the only As a newly-arrived special education teacher costs will be for the activities we do. In particular, to sob or laugh. It’s the kind of book in the UAE, I quickly became aware of the lack we urge the guardians of group members to attend you’ll want to have a notepad close at of organizations for children and adults with the first meet-up. hand while reading to jot down all the exceptional needs. beautiful, perceptive quotes. But more However, more members – at least 3 or 4 – are than just notes, you will find yourself FIRST MEETING needed to commence the proposed regular events writing out half of the book because of Last year, I met a wonderful woman with a such as dinners, bowling, movies, plays and going to its touching realism and the perceptions 21-year-old son who has exceptional needs. the beach. of young adults and their feelings. They are expats who have lived here for about two years. She told me that her son is bored and stays at home every day because there are no MORE INFORMATION For me, “The Fault in Our Stars” is the opportunities for him. She said he sits around To find out more or to register someone as a best book of 2012 so far. It’s powerful the house and waits until she returns so they group member, visit www.meetup.com/Social- and life-changing; electric, sharp, funny can travel to the mall or go outside to ride his group-for-Adults-with-Exceptional-Needs but tragic. Read it - trust me, you won’t beloved Harley Davidson bike. I met with her son regret it. www.tempoplanet.com | 05
  5. 5. LAIDBACK LUKE5 April, Flash Forum, Abu DhabiAfter proving to be a massive hit with the crowds at Creamfields Abu Dhabi 2011, the Dutchdynamo Laidback Luke returns to the capital on 5 April. With his fusion of hyper drive housestep & ghetto jack trance bass, he’s sure to whip up a frenzy at the FLASHForum. Supported by local DJs Mister Outlaw and Immaculate Touch(Chad Punk and Stew Magoo), this is a club night not to be missed.Laidback Luke chatted to Tempo about his upcoming gig – theinterview can be read on www.tempoplanet.com MIDDLE EAST FILM MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION® BAZAAR AND COMIC CON THE DREAM THE 20-21 April, Mina Seyahi Hall, 14 April, Café Arabia, Abu Dhabi PLAYERS IS Dubai International Marine Club GOING DREAM PLAYERS The region’s largest pop culture and The Make-A-Wish Foundation® United MALL-SIDE! 19 April, entertainment festival is back. The Arab Emirates does some awesome Al Wahda Mall, Middle East Film and Comic Con work, and this is no exception.Vendors, Abu Dhabi is the place to meet celebrities for artists and artisans are invited to autographs and photos, buy exclusive participate in a fundraising arts and merchandise and loads of cool stuff crafts bazaar on Saturday 14th April from some of the world’s largest from 10-4pm at Café Arabia, Abu Dhabi. After successful performances entertainment companies, watch Support the cause and help them put a at the Innovation@Work space, classic sci-fi, anime, superhero movies smile on a child’s face! The Foundation, The Dream Players will take its and gain exclusive previews of the under the Chairmanship of HH Sheikha next show to the newly-expanded summer’s biggest blockbusters. Sheikha Bint Saif Bin Mohammed Al Al Wahda Mall on 19 April from Nahyan, is dedicated to granting wishes 6.00pm- 8.00pm. Be a part of the Gamers compete in the Gamezone to children aged 3-18 living with life and try out the latest video game coolest community talent show in Abu threatening conditions in the UAE. releases, take part in art, cosplay Dhabi and cheer on the incredible talent and gaming competitions, and join in More info: being discovered in the UAE! workshops and panel discussions. mel.raymer7@yahoo.co.uk More info and registration: www.thedreamplayers.com Ticket info: www.mefcc.com06 | www.tempoplanet.com
  6. 6. THE BOTTOM BOTTOM LINE Lighting up the skyline I passed by the Abu Dhabi breakwater and realized that there was something quite spectacular about the skyline. And then it occurred to me, that it was the huge UAE flag that’s next to the Abu Dhabi Theatre. The flag, which I’ve heard told holds the Guinness record for the largest flag in the world (can anyone corroborate this?) looks absolutely stunning, and it’s all because of the lights at its base. Now the flag projects to the heavens and carries a sense of historical purpose. DUBOMEDY TURNS 4! Nipping smoking in the bud Is anyone aware of the growing problem of 1 April, 7.00pm and 9.00pm smoking among the young? If you have any doubt DUCTAC, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai then go to the public parks where kids hang out in the evening and you’ll see groups of preteens and April Fools Day (1 April) is an appropriate day to celebrate Dubomedy’s 4th teenagers lighting up casually and passing out fags birthday bash. Renowned international comedian Aron Kader (Axis of Evil, LA’s as if they were gum sticks. I saw a young boy who Comedy Store, Arabs Gone Wild & much more) returns to the UAE after a three looked like he was 11 or 12 lighting up, and I was year absence, and his live show in Dubai is sure to match his previous sold out hugely tempted to walk up to him, yell ‘idiot’ in his shows . face and take away the cigarette. But I didn’t. Joining Aron will be Mina Liccione and Ali Al Sayed along with two students from Health craze bandwagon Hurray for all the health clubs that are popping the Dubomedy Arts School to be nominated by Aron based upon their ‘end of up everyday throughout the UAE; it gives all of us workshop’ performance. less reason to gripe about why we can’t exercise. The health clubs who get marks are the ones that To join the comedy workshop, email LOL@vivadubai.com are clear about their offerings and transparent about their prices. Amna writes to me that she Show info: LOL@vivadubai.com or www.dubomedy.com went up to Fitness First to ask about their prices Ticket info: www.ticketingco.com or 050 927 3621. and was told that the girls at the counter couldn’t VIP tickets: AED 250. give prices, and that she had to first talk to one of Regular seating: AED 175. their interviewers/reps and that they needed her number and would call her back later to give her an assessment etc etc…. not cool, guys. Getting the word outEMIRATES KOREAN FILM FESTIVAL If you’re a film aficionado, there is a recent event that you should have not missed but probably5-8 April, Heritage Village and other locations in Abu Dhabi did. This is a documentaries film festival focusing on women that was held in Abu Dhabi in March. It was brought to the capital by The Women InThe Emirates Korean Film Festival celebrates the best of Korean cinema and culture from Film group (kudos Michelle Nickelson) and held5 – 8 April. This year’s festival will introduce the politics of North and South Korea through outdoors at Heritage Village. It was an incrediblethe eye of the lens. setting with many unforgettable films. The only thing missing was an audience… what a shameThe world of Korean anime opens up during Saturday’s family friendly day at the Heritage only a small number of people knew about theVillage, along with Korean fashion, food and fun. A festival highlight is the annual platform of event… if only art authorities and corporateeducational workshops by award winning filmmakers. benefactors supported worthy artistic events with funding for marketing.Festival info: http://www.wix.com/ekff2012/ekff# In support of film Thank you New York Film Academy and US Ambassador Michael Corbin for the invitation to the short film competition “The UAE Through Your Eyes:Your World,Your Future.” Five movies were shown at the ambassador’s residence. Tempo was especially happy to see Daniel Malak, a rising star from the Tempo-NYFA “I Love UAE” BE THE FACE OF SMASH! competition, win this short film competition. And a Tempo shout out to Image Nation who Send a photograph of yourself to smash@liwastores.com along with the answer to "Why launched its new social film club - Bopcorn & should you be the Face of Smash!?" The winner will be the Face of Smash! and will receive Sawalef - at BrandMoxie’s hip innovation space in a voucher worth AED 400 to spend at any Smash! outlet, and will be featured in Tempos Nahyan Camp. All pretty cool stuff. My Style Blueprint. The chosen entries will be uploaded to the Smash ME Facebook page. 3 runners up also Write to me: get gift vouchers. So enter today and get your friends to Like your pic! concierge@tempoplanet.com The Concierge www.tempoplanet.com | 07
  7. 7. EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS tech talk Shahid Saeed | Talker for the Non-Techies Follow me on @shahidaasi LATEST NEWS THE NEW iPAD Social Media Demographics Apple has unveiled its third iPad, restoring its technological lead over rivals in the tablet stakes. More than 66% of adults are connected to one The new iPad has impressive retina display upgrades or more social media platforms, but who exactly to 3.1 million pixels, giving it the range of 2048 x are these people? This infographic, created by 1536 which is more than an HDTV resolution. It Online MBA, breaks down the demographics: has Apple’s new A5X processor with quad-core • 57% of Facebook users have completed some graphics, said to be four times the pixels of iPad 2. college and 24% have earned a bachelor’s or CANON EOS 5D MARK III master’s degree. People aged 45 and older Canon has announced the latest addition to its The camera is upgraded to 5 megapixel with 1080p world-famous EOS range with the launch of make up 46% of Facebook users. There is HD video recording and 4G LTE - I don’t know why the new EOS 5D Mark III which builds on the also gender split, with women using Facebook a tablet would need that much faster data speed but performance of the legendary EOS 5D Mark II. more than men - about 57% of Facebook it sounds great. With the Dictation feature, you can users are women. now write an email by speaking. It features a 22.3 megapixel full-frame sensor, up • 59% of Twitter users are women. to 6 frames per second shooting, 14-bit DIGIC • Pinterest has the heaviest gender imbalance, It also has the smart covers previously supplied 5+ processor, 61-point AF system and 63-zone with 82% users being women. with iPad2, and the battery life is up to 10 hours per metering, a huge native ISO range 100-25600 • Google+ is occupied by men (71%) and charge which is also a good sign. expandable to 102400, advanced AF system, about 50% of Google+ users are 24 or 1920X1080 full HD movie, highly accurate younger. exposures by iFCL metering system, 3.2” clear • LinkedIn have an even ratio of men and view TFT fixed LCD screen, dual card slots CF women, and 49% of over-45s use the site to Type 1 and SD/SDHC/SDXC. connect with other business professionals. • Most people use social media to stay in touch The Mark III is faster and more responsive and with friends and family, and more are doing so features the tools to adapt to everything from while on the go - about 200 million Facebook studio photography to creative videography while users check their Timelines from their mobile producing results of the highest quality. devices every day. game hedz Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox! MASS EFFECT 3... game are more cut scene than anything else - only Pretty sweet. Just make sure you have an EA How’s it going, Game Hedz? I trust you›ve done the after about 45 minutes of game play does the full account so the game outcomes can be synced. right thing and got your hands on a copy of Mass RPG experience kick in. Effect 3. If you haven’t, you’ll be cursed with two left This game does great in continuing to show how thumbs...or something like that. We’ve been playing NOTE OF CAUTION: if you import a saved iOS and other portable devices can provide a great through the game (not finished yet) and can see the character, you can’t choose gameplay mode - you gaming experience with near console level graphics get Role Playing Game mode (RPG) by default. and gameplay. immediate impact of larger scale conflict and story that makes for a density of interdependent missions ...AND A MORE! Get it, and keep fighting to save the universe! and pivotal relationships. Big news! You can play a Mass Effect prequel on iOS! Without the universe we can’t enjoy chocolate...and Can I get a “wuhoo”! I love chocolate. You might experience the temptation, like I have, to backtrack and change a choice to see the differing outcome, like putting Jack and her students on It’s called Mass Effect Infiltrator, and you play Randall MY FAV APP the frontline. I chose a support role for them, but Enzo, a Cerberus operative with a conscience My favourite app is Real Football 2012 for iPhone, wonder if choosing frontline duty would put Jack who is now fighting for the Alliance (supposed iPad & Android devices. This is a fantastic touch game back on the Normandy. We’ll see. Otherwise, it’s good guys) and intent on taking down Cerberus and very easy to play for anyone as it has difficulty rolling on nicely, though the beginning stages of the (Cerberus is a dubious organisation that is working selection options. against the good guys in the main game).You are You can play in practice, exhibition, league and cup trying to recover important alien-related data from mode; select your team, level, time, ball and when you a research facility and pass it on to the Alliance. are off the ground, push the goals to win the match; share results on Facebook; and get your rewards It hasn’t been widely publicised but it does exist, I in coins, cash and experience points. Later, you can promise, and it’s pretty cool. With similar controls use all the rewards to buy more stuff from the store provided within the game. as Dead Space and Shadowgun, you can shoot from cover, vault, switch weapons and use biotic skills Everyone must try this app - it’s free to download pretty seamlessly. and heaps of fun. This story occurs simultaneously with the Mass Effect 3 storyline, and the outcome apparently by Shajeel Malik contributes to the console game’s storyline! 08 | www.tempoplanet.com
  8. 8. 1. We Are Young - Fun ft. Janelle Monae 2. Stronger - Kelly Clarkson 3. Glad You Came - The Wanted 4. Set Fire To The Rain - Adele 5. Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye ft. Kimbra 6. Starships - Nicki Minaj 7. Turn Me On - David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj 8. Take Care - Drake ft. Rihanna 9. Wild Ones - Flo Rida ft. Sia 10. Part Of Me - Katy Perry 1 Earthquake - Labrinth ft. Tinie Tempah 1. Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye 2. Starships - Nicki Minaj 3. Elephant - Alexandra Burke ft. Erick Morillo 4. Next To Me - Emeli Sandé 2 Lego House - Ed Sheeran 5. Wild Ones - Flo Rida ft. Sia 6. Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia 7. Hot Right Now - DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora 3 Stronger - Kelly Clarkson 8. Turn Me On - David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj 9. Love Me - Stooshe ft. Travie McCoy 10. Paris - Jay-Z & Kanye West 4 Part Of Me - Katy Perry 5 Get Yourself Back Home - Gym Class Heroes Phoebe Jaspe, a 20 year old film making student who is ft. Neon Hitch currently a digital content creator in an oil/gas company loves chillwave, homesick ambient sounds laced with modern/electro pop, psych-folk, post-punk revival, nu gaze 6 Starships - Nicki Minaj and witch house. 1. Twin Shadow - Castles in the Snow (Com Truise remix) 2. Holy Other - Touch 3. Stumbleine - Sun Bleached 4. Marques Toliner - Deep in my Heart 7 Drive By - Train 5. 6. Twin Shadow - Slow (Van Rivers remix) The xx - VCR 7. Toro y Moi - Talamak 8. James Blake - Wilhelm Scream 9. Neon Indian - Polish Girl 10. Washed Out - Feel it all Around 8 Wild Ones - Flo Rida ft. Sia 9 Hot Right Now - DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora10 Sorry For Part Rockin - LMFAO View the #1 SONG IN THE UAE www.tempoplanet.com | 09
  9. 9. Name:AhmedMohammedAbusaraAge: 204th year Civil Engineering student atAbu Dhabi UniversityFashion Statement:I am forever a lover of fashion. Somepeople are quick to say that I am notinto fashion, but we all have style withinourselves, whether we are open torecognizing it or not.Clothes are a part of our daily lives so whynot make a statement with your clothes?Your personal style:Funky, fun, bright,sometimes sporty,comfy, suitableandstylish.Fav buy of the past month:A t-shirt from Armani Exchange.Which is your fav store in AD? H&M is myfavourite store. There are a lot of places but Ithink the best places are Diesel, Zara, H&M andPull & Bear.Does AD have style? Of course it has style!I think that people here are much more stylishcompared to other countries in the region.It’s a multicultural city so you can see the styleranging from a kandura to jeans and a t-shirt.Do you have any fashion pet hates? Idon’t like people wearing unmatched colors inthe same outfit; outfits with glitter and shinydiamonds; and I don’t like shoes with long necks. MY FAV THINGS10 | www.tempoplanet.com
  10. 10. cover storyBy Sharon CarvalhoRUNNING WILD PEETASOCIAL MEDIA THE RECIPE FOR SUCCESSWild Peeta is a home-grown success story with an ambitious plan to roll out their unique brandof restaurants across the globe. Mohamed and Peyman Parham Al Awadhi, the brothers behindWild Peeta, tell Tempo how social media and the community have been critical to their growth.Getting started of between 50-70% for small businesses menu; a really good hearty soup, our gourmet not making it past the 3-5 year mark. It’s shawermas and our signature drinks. ForAs with any invention or idea, it comes out of not easy being an SME in the UAE because instance, our coffee is from a brand calledopportunity.You see something that doesn’t there is no legislation for small businesses. RAW that sells organic fair trade Dubaiexist and you fill that gap. For us, it was Being grouped with big businesses is not roasted coffee. In terms of our cold drinks,creating the first brand of gourmet shawerma. fair because they have more money and we make our own and we’re a big fan of tea-We saw that there were tons of regular resources at their disposal. We believe that based drinks.shawerma shops but not one that had gone unless this is addressed, we won’t see enoughbeyond the norm. That was about 12 years small businesses entering the market and we Passion brings happinessago and it’s been a hell of a journey since then. stand to lose some amazing ideas that small businesses can bring to the market. It’s simple Wild Peeta has changed our livesLearning curves - does the UAE only want imported brands? tremendously. For one, it showed us how Does the UAE not want to see local brands resilient we can be. We came in to this with aIt took so long for the idea to take shape and local ideas? small budget and so we had to find innovativepartly because of fate and partly because of ways to achieve what we wanted to. Forthe lack of funding. Back then, there was an Meeting expectations most, moving from a paid job to this is notabundance of ways to find financing for cars easy but for us, we didn’t think much aboutor houses or other such items but there There’s a lot of hype that surrounds Wild it. It was just hell, yeah! And even though it’swas nothing for those that needed money to Peeta. Sometimes it works for us and other extremely challenging to be a small businessstart a business. 12 years ago, the business times it doesn’t. How it works for us is that in the UAE, we have never been happier. Weenvironment in the UAE was not geared for everybody always wants to go to Wild Peeta. believe that happiness comes from doingstartup businesses. Then, eight years ago, How it works against us is that sometimes, something that you love, have passion for andwe went and met the Sheikh Mohammed expectations are extremely high and we have believe in deeply. Plus it helps that there areEstablishment (now called Dubai SME), to remind everybody that we’re still new. We 10,000 people encouraging us and keeping usexplained everything to them and since then, are a small business that’s only been around grounded constantly!they’ve been huge supporters of Wild Peeta. for three years and we’re trying to make theWe are now in our third year of operation best of the means that we have. Next, the worldand it has been highly turbulent because ofthe many learning curves we’ve faced. Being different I think today, more than ever, we know that Wild Peeta has the potential to be in everyStart-up challenges Two things that you notice when you walk major city in the world. It makes us feel that in to the outlet are: one, the food and two, there’s no such thing as impossible. ImpossibleWe tested a lot of things. As a small business, our followers. We make everything in our was when they said that man couldn’t fly oryou are able to have an idea and test it out kitchen by hand, with fresh ingredients and couldn’t be in space! We feel that man can doand you learn from these tests. The statistics no preservatives. We don’t own a deep fryer! anything, so why not? Why not have a brandfor a startup business are really poor in the Everything we get is from the Middle East created in the UAE and exported to everyUAE. They say that there is a failure rate and we put all of that together to create our country?12 | www.tempoplanet.com
  11. 11. QUICK Q’s WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO10,000 followers... and growing COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT SEE WILD PEETA IN 5 YEARS?Our social media followers have been a huge We have all sorts of events happening We would like to have a handful ofpart of our lives even before we opened the at Wild Peeta. There was a Dubomedy outlets in the GCC. We have a target;outlet. We invited them to help in the decision comedy event, we celebrated Social we’re looking at a certain number ofmaking. We asked them for advice about the Media Day, and clubs like the Dubai outlets and a strong base in the GCCdrinks we served and the layout of the store Anime Club and the Twitter Book Club before moving out. Every day we getand almost everything. We figured that the meet at our outlet. Wild Peeta is like a contacted to open up Wild Peetamore people we asked for advice, the better focal point, an opportunity to connect outlets across the Americas, Asia andwe would be. Over three years, we have built all these people in the UAE. Europe but we aren’t going to do ita following of over 10,000 people and these until we have a solid foothold in thearen’t random people. We grow our followers, These are all community initiatives and GCC.have conversations with them and take time we don’t want to take credit. The onlyout of our day to involve them with Wild thing that we do is bring them together. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IFPeeta’s life and, in the process, these 10,000 We create opportunities for the people YOU WEREN’T RUNNING Apeople feel like they are a part of the Wild to share. RESTAURANT?Peeta existence. We’re just grateful that the community We really don’t know but runningCustomers are everything has adopted Wild Peeta and considers a restaurant has definitely taught us it their own. It would have tougher if that life is too short to do anythingPeople tend to ask us why would we want to the community hadn’t got together. that you’re not passionate about. We’dinvolve 10,000 people in our decision making travel. We love travelling and we’dprocess. We think that it makes us better SUCCESS OF SOCIAL MEDIA travel all the time if we didn’t havepeople and it makes Wild Peeta a better the restaurant. One way that we’vebrand. We’re doing this for ourselves and Wild Peeta’s social media influence managed to incorporate travellingour customers and if we don’t listen to our ranks among one of the highest in the is by launching Peeta Planet. Peetacustomers, why do it? UAE and it’s growing among the Middle Planet is our way of fusing social East. media, travelling and television. It’s us travelling around the world but guided The result of having such a strong by our followers. Our followers tell us influence is that brands look to us the best places to go and we go there! as partners to try to engage the community. WHAT IS THE WILD PEETA MOTTO? For instance, Sony got in touch with us to collaborate and we look forward to Local. Social. Fresh. more such collaborations. www.tempoplanet.com | 13
  12. 12. city bitesBy Justin ThomasSEVILO’S AT MILLENNIUM:ITALIAN FOOD YOU CAN’T REFUSE The restaurant is one of the last strongholds of genuine face-to-face social intercourse. Sadly though, even here, there are increasing numbers of diners insisting on a side of Blackberry with every meal. It’s heartbreaking to watch a young couple out for a candle-lit meal, both of them stare lovingly into their smart-phone screens, frantically thumbing messages to whoever, wherever - “fa6ooomy: waynich 3yooni?” On what level is the couple actually even together? Physically? Perhaps. Psychologically? Definitely not. More tragic still is when only one partner engages in this behavior while the other partner waits patiently for scraps of leftover attention.Such a scene is unlikely at Sevilo’s, an old- where their Italian chef masterfully prepares Calling it pizza seems a disservice - this wasschool restaurant oozing authenticity. This a medley of traditional Italian dishes and about as distant from the usual fast-food-jointis a place where the food, the chefs, and the guests get to sample everything. This is a nice pizza as a Ferrari is from a Fiat.occasional musicians command attention, concept, not quite buffet and definitely notdiverting diners away from their habitual à la carte. Each dish is brought fresh to the Similarly, the steak was outstanding, equaldigital distractions. table and you can take as much or as little as to, if not superior to, those served at you like. It’s meant to create a homely dining establishments specializing in steak. Mid-Sevilo’s is located within Abu Dhabi’s experience - food like mamma used to make. meal, the Chef and his assistant toured theMillennium Hotel. Not the gargantuan Grand Mamma’s rules too; you get what you are tables on a well-deserved lap of honor. TheyMillennium Hotel resembling a citadel which given and eat it. But there is lots of choice and received authentic heartfelt appreciation fromcasts an ominous shadow over Al Wahda Mamma, being the friendly matriarch she is, all the diners.Mall, but rather the older Millennium Hotel has made all your favorites.on Khalifa Street. This Millennium has a lobby By the time desserts started to pile up on ourwhich is almost identical to that of its sister Nine courses were served on the night we table, I was fighting an almost irrepressiblehotel, the Sharjah Millennium. This slightly dined. First up was a bruschetta with spicy urge to do my Don Corleone impression,disorientated me on arrival as I was haunted vegetables and black olives. The olives were especially as the music wafting through theby surreal feelings of déjà vu until I made the amazing, understandable given that Sevilo’s restaurant was reminiscent of the famousconnection between the Sharjah and Abu is olives spelt backwards, and they obviously wedding scene from “The Godfather” movie.Dhabi venues. harbor a well placed affection for this versatile veg/fruit. Then came pizza - one topped with However, before I could muster my bestI would describe Sevilo’s decor as old-world dry beef and lobster, the other beautifully Brando face, one of my dining companionswoody homeliness with lots of dark wood, be domed by buffalo mozzarella and roasted leaned across the table and, in an impossiblysoft lighting and a distinctly European feel. I eggplant. husky voice, said: “Bonasera, Bonasera,particularly love the little twisted olive trees what have I ever done to make you treatdotted around the place. Next up was, a variety of elegant salads, me so disrespectfully? If you’d come to me followed by durum wheat pasta and hammour in friendship, this scum who ruined yourSevilo’s is unashamedly Italian. When we garnished with a dill sauce. Another pasta daughter would be suffering this very day.”visited, there was live Italian music being dish arrived, tortellini stuffed to bursting with The Thursday night ‘Mamma Mia Serata’strummed on a small wooden guitar-like trout and spinach. This dish was followed by experience is priced at just over 100 dirhamsinstrument, accompanied by a woman with a risotto with saffron and grilled vegetables, per person inclusive of soft drinks, anglorious soprano voice. Those diners fluent then pan-fried tenderloin steak, and finally unbelievably modest tariff for such a first-ratein Italian were mesmerized. All of the lyrics, roasted hammour fillet. I also counted at least dining experience. Indeed, it is an offer youexcept ‘amore’, were wasted on me, but live six different types of dessert, among them a can’t refuse.music has an almost unfathomable ability to powerfully-caffeinated tiramisu.create an enjoyable ambience. I strongly recommend it, but leave your Gluttony and journalistic integrity forced me Blackberry or iPhone at home, and give yourThursdays at Sevilo’s is known as ‘Mamma to eat a little of everything, and quite a lot of undivided attention to the food and yourMia Serata’. This is Sevilo’s signature night, somethings. Of particular note was the pizza. dining companion - they deserve it.14 | www.tempoplanet.com
  13. 13. THE PASSION OF ARTLIVING THE DREAMBy Sharon Carvalho To most, art is just a hobby and is not taken seriously. But to some, art is a passion; a lifestyle. It is a way of capturing every moment and being inspired every second. For Nabeel Khalfan Al Mehairbi, art is just that. Nabeel told his story of inspiration and passion to Tempo.In the beginning the Impressionist period is one of the mostI am a 40-year-old Emirati of mixed UAE and recognized and revered. For me, inspirationBritish heritage and I live and work in Abu could also come from an idea, a scene or evenDhabi. Apart from painting, I love reading, an expression on a person’s face.movies and travelling. I also love visiting thetheatre and national galleries. Artistic difference In the UAE, there are not many artists whoI began winning prizes in the UK and UAE are realist painters; for the most part it isfor my art in my late teens. It was then that modern/contemporary works. Here is whereI realised that my drawing skills were above I can offer something that is not seen everyaverage. One day I sat down and asked myself day. It has worked for me and against me.how much this means to me, and from thatmoment I decided to push myself every day. It Overcoming challengeshas not always been easy but was worth every The main challenges are building a name andmoment and since then I have not stopped. having galleries show your work.You have to work hard and never give up.Living the dreamMy journey as an artist has been very exciting. Life mottoI only began taking my art seriously three My motto would be to just enjoy every day ofyears ago and since then I have participated in your life.an exhibition at the Ghaf Gallery, which wasmy first exhibition. This was followed by other Advice for new artistsventures culminating in being documented as The best advice I can offer is that if you loveone of the Emirates Fine Artists in the Abu painting and creating artwork, don’t let anyoneDhabi Music & Arts Foundation database. dissuade you. I suggest that you introduce yourself to the art community, show yourPersonal influences work, market yourself, visit local exhibitionsMy personal influences are artists from the and don’t hide at home, otherwise no one willImpressionist period such as Renoir, Monet know you.and Sisley. They redefined how paintings weremade by capturing a moment on the canvas Books are second to artand understanding how the surroundings I have been lucky with where I work. Booksaffected the subjects. These artists changed are my other passion so you can imagine howall preconceptions on painting standards and, much of an inspiration it is to be working forat the time, struggled to make a name; now the National Library. www.tempoplanet.com | 15
  14. 14. 1 2 Simone 3 4 5 6 7 Natalie Cole Atelier Live Kareem K. World Ports and The Bride Show Dubai in Concert Dance Arena Trade Summit 2012 Laidback Luke @ DIEC 4-7 @ Emirates Palace @ Dubai International April Fool’s Day! @ ADNEC 2-4 HAPP @ Yas Arena BIRTHDY Auditorium Cricket Stadium TO MEAY ! 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Ankit Lodha Zainab KhanAPRIL Emirates Skills Tri Yas @ Yas Marina UAE Jet Ski Flea Market The Eagles perform National Competition Circuit tomorrow Championship @ Café Arabia @ The Sevens Stadium t @ ADNEC @ Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Spor 9am- 1pm NEC tomorrow! Exhibition @ AD 11-12 Breakwater 12-14 National Poetry Writing Monthtempo’s people calendar 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Laveezah Khan Dubai Fashion Week Middle East Film and OLIVER! The musical The Dream Players Fall/ Winter 5th Gulf Film Festival Comic Con @ Dubai Walk for Autism Anushka Abraham @ Madinat Jumeirah @ Al Wahda Mall @ Dubai World @ InterCon Hotel, Gulf Rail 2012 12-23 6pm - 9pm International Marine @ Zabeel Park, DFC 10-16 @ DICEC 17-19 Club 20-21 Trade Center Dubai 7-14 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 ABC Expo Tamakkan Zeeshan Razzaqi CITYSCAPE Community Arts Piscine Middle East @ ADNEC 22-25 Seminar Abu Dhabi 2012 Hug a friend day! and Crafts Souq 2012 @ADNEC @ Mamoura @ Café Arabia @ ADNEC Al Ain Education and 22-25 Auditorium Career Fair 10am- 4pm 22-25 30 April- 2 May 29 30 my april eco pledge my april to do list Osama El Kamel Olympians @ ADNEC Beauty Secrets Show till 30th April 2012 @ ADNEC 30 Apr- 3 May
  15. 15. youthtalk THEORIES DEBUNKED: THE FALL FROM GRACE By Ahmed SamirYou’re wrong.Yes, you are.You think you’re right, and perhaps many completely false! A dizzyingly abrupt fall from grace. And similar fallsagree you are right, but you’re very likely as wrong as can be. Allow me litter the science and history books. The Earth was thought to beto explain. flat, not the spherical structure we know it to be today.In the year 334 BC (or thereabouts), a particularly interesting Then followed another faulty theory: the sun was thought to revolveindividual by the name of Aristotle declared that living creatures can around the Earth, as do all the planets - an idea that was supportedarise from non-living matter (among many other equally interesting by the fact that the sun, stars, and planets appear to circle the Earth,theories); that frog tadpoles seemingly appearing out of nowhere and the physical perception that the our planet is not moving, but ain muddy pools and lakes arose from the sand and water. Or that stable structure, the pivot of the universe. Well, wrong again.maggots appearing on decaying meat arose from the meat itself (not, And even today, scientific theories are continually given aas we know now, the result of the hatched eggs of flies attracted to bashing, proverbially thrown against a wall and smashedthe dead flesh). to smithereens for being inadequate, for being superseded by other more advanced, more thorough evidence. It’s aThe theory was Spontaneous Generation - that is, the postulation continuous cycle of ‘find out, think, discard, think again, findthat life can take form from that which does not contain life. At the out again, repeat’.time, the philosopher and polymath’s theory was widely accepted andgenerally held to be the true origin of thing. Frogs looked like they Doubtless, the continuous process of trial and error, discovery andappeared from the water and mud, so they must be born from them! debunking and right and wrong, is integral to our development as aRight? species, and to our understanding of things – which brings up a very interesting question.Well, wrong of course. With the invention of the microscope and thedevelopment of atomic theory, Aristotle’s theory was completely The question now becomes ‘what do we now know and think isdebunked by the 17th century and regarded as having little base right, but actually isn’t’? What will we discover that will tip the scalesin scientific fact. Aristotle, despite being a lucid thinker, was clearly of belief in favour of new theories, new ideas and new ways oflimited; he didn’t know about microscopic life. His limitations led looking at everything? What are we wrongly convincing ourselves of?him to an incorrect conclusion. The interesting thing about all this isthat something once held to be scientific fact was later proved to be Worth thinking about. EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL MEDIA: By Shamma Al Suwaidi GOOD OR BAD? visit a friend for a few hours? Sounds nice and harmless, right? Well, No. Welcome to the year 2012. up to a point. Consider this. A group of Sometimes I like to stop to get off I can use something that can be both friends are sitting at a table, and instead of the fast moving river of life and take extremely helpful and extremely dangerous communicating face-to-face, they are all a look at it from a distance, where it at the same time. It’s what we human beings tapping away on their BlackBerrys, zoned is in clear view. I observe the lives of like to call ‘social media’. You know, BBM, out and into another world. Not so social. people around me, like close friends or Facebook, the stuff that keeps you connected. relatives, and have a quick health scan Social disconnect on my own life while I’m at it. Make-up or break-up? So are these ‘useful tools’ actually bringing What comes to mind when you think deeply humanity downhill? Seems unbelievable, Finding real friends is... are they actually helping us maintain our but it’s actually possible. Apparently I find that an important aspect social lives, or are they just breaking us apart of my existence is my social life. Oh, and from past friends? I find myself attached to these strange by social life, I don’t mean dragging myself things myself, and it feels like only to visit my annoying neighbors on a daily On the positive side, when you’re in a yesterday we had to jam our friends’ basis in order to maintain our ‘neighborly situation where you can’t meet your friend numbers onto our landlines to contact relationship’. I mean my REAL friends in person, you can always contact them easily them. from all around the world. through a social media channel, and pretty quickly too. You can group chat or even I can’t help but notice how quickly the Well, how do you fit a flight to Brazil video chat with a bunch of relatives that you world is evolving. But here’s the question... and back in 24 short hours? And what haven’t seen in a while. In other words, meet is it evolving in a good way? That’s about spending all that money just to them virtually. something for you to think about.18 | www.tempoplanet.com