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    • azza_yehia azza_yehia Hi Mais, thank you for all your great posts! So, I have been researching Infographics for a while, and I had finally decided on I know about the paid and non paid issue. But from all the sites, they had really good customer support, which is really important. They actually called me when I had a question. Visually, I felt was not user friendly and the site is SO cluttered, it makes you feel uncomfortable using it. Originally I had chosen Piktochart, but when I discovered, I felt that had more features and added more value. But, you have brought to my attention to Visme. I will need to research it too! But in your opinion, if I needed to choose between & Visme, what should I go for? Btw, I'm a researcher and I will be using them to visualize consumer and brand stories. I would really appreciate your help :) Thx! Azza  3 weeks ago
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