5th grade powerpoint


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5th grade powerpoint

  1. 1. Welcome to 5 th grade! Mrs. Zwoyer Room 204
  2. 2. Morning Routine• Empty things in book bag on desk• Get homework out on desk• Hand in any papers for me (top bin)• Hand in lunch card (if needed)• Hang up book bag and coat on hanger• Sharpen pencils (2)• Return to desk and work on assigned work (EDC) or Daily Edit
  3. 3. Bathroom Review school rules for using the bathroom• Put up 1 finger to let me know you need to use the restroom• When given permission sign out near door• Take pass and go directly to the bathroom• Return immediately ( no longer than 3-4 minutes)• Sign in and return pass• You may go once before lunch and once after
  4. 4. Book bags and coats• Coats get hung up on a hanger ( zip up)• Book bags can go on the hanger also• If book bag needs to go on the floor it must go on the ledge Lets practice and see how we do!
  5. 5. Sharpening Pencils• You should have 2 sharpened pencils in the morning• To sharpen your pencil put up 2 fingers• If I am not teaching you may sharpen your pencil without asking (no more than 2 students at sharpener)
  6. 6. Drinks*If I am teaching and you need a drink put up 3 fingers• If you are working in groups or on your own you may go and get a drink ( only 1 person at the sink at a time)
  7. 7. Zero Noise
  8. 8. • What does respect mean?• How do we show respect?
  9. 9. Expectations• Review Merit Chart• Green, Yellow, Red• Green- you are doing awesome!• Yellow- Warning• Red- You are getting a demerit and either a call or note home to get signed.• Review demerits-how you get them
  10. 10. Lunch• You will be given an assigned seat in the lunchroom• A student will pass out lunch cards• You must take a book with you to lunch• If you are standing when I pick you up it is a demerit• You are there to eat, relax, talk, and then enjoy some silent reading time• Be respectful to all lunch teachers
  11. 11. Tickets• You will each be able to earn tickets. ( write name on them when you get them!)• You can EARN tickets for: • Being respectful • Participating • Being prepared • Following directions • Helping another student • Working in your group • In the morning and at the end of the day you can put your ticket in a bucket for a chance to win!
  12. 12. Our Schedule• 8:30-8:40- Doors open- Work on EDC, Daily Edit, and Question• 8:40-9:10- Writing ( Writing, Grammar, Spelling)• 9:10-9:55- Small groups• 9:55-10:45- Reading- Whole group• 10:45-11:25- Acceleration• 11:25-12:05- Science or Social Studies• 12:05-12:20- Writing- Finish from earlier• 12:20-12:40- Recess• 12:40- 1:10- Lunch• 1:10-2:15- Math• 2:15-3:05- Special• 3:05-3:10- Dismissal
  13. 13. Specials• Monday- Art• Tuesday- Gym (sneakers)• Wednesday- Library (2:15-2:55)• Thursday-Computer (2:15-2:45)• Friday-Music
  14. 14. Homework• If homework is assigned it is your responsibility to complete it and turn it in• Homework is for you to practice what you learned in class• I will check homework and parent signature• If homework is not done it will be done at recess ( demerit)
  15. 15. End of the day• Copy down all homework assignments ( SILENTLY)• There is no talking while I pass out homework and explain directions• When your group is called get your book bag, put all homework inside, put your chair up, and stand behind your chair silently• You may put tickets in bins after your group is called