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Presentation about research challenges and upcoming calls in Software and Services for the S-Cube workshop at the International Conference on Software Engineering, Zürich (Switzerland), 5 June 2012

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20120605 icse zurich

  1. 1. Software and Services Research – Whats coming up? Arian Zwegers European Commission Information Society and Media Directorate General
  2. 2. Agenda• S-Cube – NoEs• Future research in S&S – Cloud Computing• Work Programme 2013• Horizon 2020 – PPPs in H2020?• What’s next?
  3. 3. The NoE efforts during the The NoE has also past four years have led to two succeeded in bringing joint, multi-institution together groups from programs, one at the masterdifferent research fields in level and one at the PhD level. an attempt to bootstrap This alone is remarkable, the emerging area of considering its embedded “Service Engineering” administrative and legal challenges. The five summer schools, initiated by the NoE, have developed into an important tool for the community alignment and for establishing successful research networks between and across the different areas. The NoE’s long term impact on the State-of- With 242 scientific the-Art is reflected by papers the S-Cube the large number of research output in published papers and terms of publications the excellent research is very impressive results achieved
  4. 4. Networks of Excellence n=59 (IST), 37 (ICT) min max avgDuration IST 18 63 43.9 ICT 36 60 45.1Funding IST € 1.5M € 9.9M € 5.3M ICT € 2.4M € 8.5M € 4.3MNumber of partners IST 9 95 31.4 ICT 4 51 17.4Funding per partner IST € 27k € 509k € 210k ICT € 74k € 942k € 307kFunding/partner/year IST € 18k € 170k € 60k ICT € 23k € 248k € 82k
  5. 5. Future Research in S&SContext: European Cloud Computing Strategy Cloud for Europe and Europeans Pillar 1: Pillar 2: Pillar 3:Cloud-Friendly Going Global Framework Cloud-Active Solutions Legal Public International Framework Sector Policy Stimulation Measures Mariahttp://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/ssai/docs/future-cc-2may-ken-ducatel-presentation.pdf
  6. 6. Future Research in S&S Research issues in Cloud Computing• Data Management• Communications and Network• Resource Description and Usage• Federation, Interoperability, Portability• Resource Management• Multi-tenancy• Programmability and Usability• Political and Legislatory• Security• Business and Cost Models 6 http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/ssai/docs/future-cc-2may-jeffery-presentation.pdf http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/ssai/docs/future-cc-2may-finalreport-experts.pdf
  7. 7. Future Research in S&S Long-term research issues • Preservation of privacy and • Service composition tools security • Applications for Internet of Things • Handling vast amount of data• Architectures for decentralised • Lifecycle of digital assets secure services • Services for non-human users • Fully mobile services • Dependability as inherent attribute • Machine to machine • Critical mass of services on • New security models Internet • Public test suites for web apps Interaction IoS and IoT • Participation in standardizationInternet based onPrivacy, Security and Trust User-Centric Internet Gaps and challenges New Service Environments New Role for Services • Global scale service platforms • Scalable infrastructures • Evolution of legacy • Manageability • Smart energy • Interoperability and pervasiveness • Design for virtualization management • New metrics for costs, risks, • More resilient and dependability adaptable clouds • Software engineering for web http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/ssai/docs/softwareconsultationreportfeb2011.pdf
  8. 8. Work Programme 2013 5. ICT for 142 6. ICT for 7. ICT for the 8. ICT for Health, Aging a low-carbon Enterprise and Creativity and Well, Inclusion economy Manufacturing Learning and Governance 172 70 67 1. Pervasive and Trusted Network and Service Infrastructures 344Future and Emerging Future Internet PPP Technologies 2. Cognitive Systems and Robotics 89 JTIs ENIAC and ARTEMIS 3. Alternative Paths to Components and Systems 195 210 4. Technologies for Digital Content and Languages 77 22 International cooperation – Other horizontal actions 34 GC PPP AAL EeB PPP FoF PPP
  9. 9. WP2013, Obj 1.2 Software Engineering, Services and Computing• Delivering services in an effective, efficient and reliable manner across the future computing continuum embracing clouds, communicating objects and smart devices• Expanding Europe’s industrial strength in software and services technologies and industrial software production a) Innovative software and tools for services b) Advanced computing architectures and software engineering beyond the Cloud c) Coordination and support actions• Draft budget: 41.5 M€
  10. 10. WP2013, Obj 11.3 PCP Action on Cloud Computing• High quality cloud computing environment for public sector needs, validated through a pre-commercial procurement action jointly undertaken by Member States and the European Commission• Action targets the harmonization of requirements and the implementation of a joint strategy for cloud computing in the European public sector• Scope covers both internal use of Cloud computing for ensuring smooth operation of administrative processes and the external use of Cloud computing for the provision of e-government type services• 9 States already positive about participating in this objective (NL, DE, FR, UK, IT, ES, NO, SI, Turkey)• Draft budget: 10 M€
  11. 11. European Research R&D Expenditure as % of GDP (1999, 2009) • Other regions spend more on R&D than Europe • Large differences within Europe Source: OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2011http://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/science-and-technology/oecd-science-technology-and-industry-scoreboard-2011_sti_scoreboard-2011-en
  12. 12. The ICT world is changing Where is Europe? Instant Apps messaging IaaS Webmail PaaS SaaSSearch enginesSocial & Professional networks Virtual Worlds Sharing Other content- files related services
  13. 13. The ICT world is changing Tech wars?http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/160/tech-wars-2012-amazon-apple-google-facebook
  14. 14. The ICT world is changing Example of Applehttp://www.asymco.com/2012/05/03/the-phone-market-in-2012-a-tale-of-two-disruptions/
  15. 15. The ICT world is changing Are we going to act?• Web 3.0 = Google/Apple/ Amazon/Facebook Inc?• What can Europe do? Framework Programmes Digital Agenda• Are we going to act (or not)?
  16. 16. Horizon 2020 Commission proposal €80 billion 46% 8.5% Increase compared to FP7of overall EU budget 2014-2020
  17. 17. Horizon 2020 Objectives and structure Europe 2020 priorities International European Research cooperation Area Shared objectives and principles Tackling Creating Societal Industrial Challenges Leadership Excellence in the Science BaseSimplified access Dissemination & Common rules, toolkit of knowledge transfer funding schemes
  18. 18. Horizon 2020 Excellent Science Base• European Research Council• Future and Emerging Technologies (FET-Open, Proactive, Flagships)• Marie Curie actions on skills, training and career development• European research infrastructures (including eInfrastructures)
  19. 19. Horizon 2020 Tackling Societal Challenges• Health, demographics changes and well-being• Food security, sustainable agriculture and the bio-based economy• Secure, clean and efficient energy• Smart, green and integrated transport• Climate action and, resource efficiency, including raw materials• Inclusive, innovative and secure societies
  20. 20. Horizon 2020 Industrial Leadership• Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies: – Information and Communication Technologies – Nanotechnologies, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing and processing – Biotechnology – Space• Innovation in SMEs• Access to risk finance• Grant to the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT)• Direct actions of the Joint Research Centre
  21. 21. Horizon 2020 ICT in Industrial leadership• A new generation of components and systems• Next generation computing• Future Internet• Content technologies and information management• Advanced interfaces and robots• Key Enabling Technologies: Micro- nano-electronics and photonics
  22. 22. Whats next?WP2013• Discussion with ICT Committee May/June• Opinion from ICT Committee 20 June 2012• Commission decision 9 July 2012• Call 10 launch 10 July 2012 • Deadline • 15 Jan 2013• Call 11 launch 18 Sept 2012 • Deadline • 16 April 2013• ICT Proposers Day 2012, Warsaw (Poland) 26-27 Sept 2012H2020• FIA Research Roadmap for Horizon 2020 25 June 2012• Parliament and Council negotiations on the basis of the Commission proposals Ongoing• Adoption of legislative acts by Parliament and Council on Horizon 2020 Mid 2013• Horizon 2020 start 1 Jan 2014
  23. 23. For more informationSoftware & Service Architectures and Infrastructureshttp://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/ssai/ @INFSOD3Future Internethttp://ec.europa.eu/foihttp://www.fi-ppp.eu/ @FI_PPPThis presentationhttp://www.slideshare.net/azwegersE-mailArian.Zwegers@ec.europa.eu