20111026 FI-PPP upcoming calls


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Presentation for the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership proposers session at the Future Internet week in Poznan, 26 October 2011

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20111026 FI-PPP upcoming calls

  1. 1. FI-PPP Proposers day FI-PPP Proposers day 26 October 2011 26 October 2011uropean Commissionnformation Society and Media Directorate General
  2. 2. Ca FP7 ICT Programme Structure De ll 8 ad lin e :1 ICT for socio-economic challenges 7/1 12 /12 1- gets 01 d P2 s b u ~10% 260 M€, 11% 280 M€, 12% 140 M€, 6% 100 M€, 4% Ca W ar ~9% e De ll 9 2y 6. ICT for ad 5. ICT for 8. ICT for lin Lower- 7. ICT for e :1 Health, 7/4 Manufac. & Learning & Ageing, Carbon /12 Enterprise Cultural Inclusion Economy Resources 1. Network and & Gov. Fa 261 M€, 11% Service 625 M€, 26% Gr cto Infrastructures En e e n ryBasic ICT technologies & er Ca of Technologies (FET) gy Future & Emerging Fu Ef rP th 2. Cognitive tu fi c PP e re Fu ien infrastructures PP tu Systems and In tB re te u il Ps PP Robotics 155 M€, 6% rn di n De P et ad PP gs lin 3. Component P PP e: 2/1 FI P 2/1 and 402 M€, 17% PP 1 PD Systems ea dli ne 4. Digital 165 M€, 7% :2 9/1 Content and 0/2 01 Languages 2 International cooperation, Cooperation in an enlarged Europe, Pre-commercial Procurement ••• 2
  3. 3. WP2011-12 Challenge 1, except FI-PPP ObjectivesCall 7 Call 770 MEuro 30 MEuro The Future Internet 1.5 Networked Media 1.3 Internet- and Search Systems connected objects Call 8 1.4 Trustworthy ICTCall 8 70 MEuro80 MEuro 1.2 Cloud Computing, Internet of Services and Advanced Software Engineering Call 8 160 MEuro 1.1 Future Networks Call 8Call 7 1.6 Future Internet Research 25 MEuro20 MEuro and Experimentation (FIRE)
  4. 4. Objective 1.1 Future Networksa) Wireless and mobile broadband Systems• LTE-Advanced and post-LTE Systems• Flexible and efficient spectrum usage• Novel radio network topologies• Integration radio and fibreb) High capacity end-to-end infrastructure technologies• Ubiquitous fast broadband access• Ultra high capacity all-optical networks• Functional split between circuit, flow and packet switching• System perspective for photonic components and sub-systems undertaken in Obj 3.5 (Core and disruptive photonic technologies)
  5. 5. Objective 1.1 Future Networksc) Novel Internet architectures, management and operation frameworks• Future Internet architectures• Visionary multi-disciplinary research on new architectures• Network management and operation frameworksd) Flexible, resilient, broadband satellite communication• Innovative system architectures and technologies• Novel technologies and architectures for resilient and flexible networkse) CSA and NoE Obj 1.1 Instruments: IP, STREP, NoE, CSA Budget: 160 M€
  6. 6. Objective 1.2 Cloud Comp, IoS and Adv Software Engineeringa) Cloud computing• Management of cloud resources• Technologies for infrastructure virtualisation• Interoperability amongst different clouds• Seamless support of mobile, context-aware applications• Energy efficiency and sustainability• Integration of computing and networking environments• Open Source implementations of a software stack for Cloudsb) Internet of Services• Service engineering principles, methods and tools• Integration of real and virtual worlds• Massive scalability, self-management, verification, validation and fault localisation for services• Life cycle management
  7. 7. Objective 1.2 Cloud Comp, IoS and Adv Software Engineeringc) Advanced software engineering• Advanced engineering• Quality measure and assurance techniques• Management of non-functional requirements• Tools and methods for community-based and open source software development, composition and life cycle managementd) Coordination and support actions• Standardization and collaboration• Open source development model• Cooperation with Japan Obj 1.2 Instruments: IP, STREP, CSA Budget: 70 M€
  8. 8. Objective 1.4 Trustworthy ICTa) Heterogeneous networked, service and computing environments• Trustworthy architectures and protocols• A trustworthy Future Internet• Virtualisation and other techniques to provide protection, assurance and integrity• Metrics and tools for quantitative security assessment• Enabling technologiesb) Trust, eIdentity and Privacy management infrastructures• Trust architectures, protocols and models for trust assurance• Protocols for privacy infrastructures• Management of identity claims
  9. 9. Objective 1.4 Trustworthy ICTc) Data policy, governance and socio-economic ecosystems• Management and governance frameworks for trust and security policies; Technology supported socio- economic frameworks.• Multi-polar security governance; Tools for trust measurementd) Networking and Coordination Activities• Stimulating and organising interplay technology-law- society-economy• Standards, certification, best practices• Coordination national RTD activitiesObj 1.4 Instruments: IP, STREP, NoE, CSA Budget: 80 M€
  10. 10. Objective 1.6 Future Internet Research and Experimentationb) FIRE Federation• Implement a high level federation framework for all FIRE facilities• Making Federation self-sustainable towards 2015• Set common tools• Opennessc) FIRE Federation• Experimentally-driven research of Future Internet• Visionary R&D subjects• Innovative usage of the FIRE facility(-ies)e) FIRE Coordination and Support Action• International and EU-wide cooperation with related stakeholders• Exploiting synergies, developing standards, identifying socio- economic requirements, analysing impacts, and creating awareness Obj 1.6 Instruments: IP, STREP, CSA Budget: 25 M€
  11. 11. Obj 1.2 What are we looking for? New research directions• Preservation of privacy and • Service composition tools security • Applications for Internet of Things • Handling vast amount of data• Architectures for decentralised secure services • Services for non-human • Lifecycle of digital assets users • Fully mobile services• Dependability as inherent attribute • Machine to machine • Critical mass of services on• New security models Internet • Public test suites for web apps Interaction IoS and IoT • Participation in standardization Internet based on Privacy, Security and Trust User-Centric Internet Gaps and challenges New Service Environments New Role for Services • Global scale service • Scalable infrastructures • Evolution of legacy platforms • Smart energy • Interoperability and pervasiveness • Manageability management • New metrics for costs, risks, • Design for virtualization • More resilient and dependability adaptable clouds • Software engineering for web http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/ssai/docs/softwareconsultationreportfeb2011.pdf
  12. 12. Obj 1.2 What are we looking for? No repetition of existing projects Call 5 • Many projects “in the cloud” • Less coverage of software engineering + FI-PPP, other ICT, ITEA, Celtic, national http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/ssai/projects_en.html
  13. 13. Obj 1.2 What are we looking for? Considering controversial aspects • For instance, major cloud challenges – Interoperability • Lock-in risks • Portability of data, security settings – Privacy & Legal • Where is my data? Whose law applies? Who can access data? – Governance, control • No control of licensing terms, SLA, use of legacy application – Security, Dependability • Data, outages – ... http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/ssai/docs/cloud-report-final.pdfhttp://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/security/docs/the-cloud-understanding-security-privacy-trust-challenges-2010_en.pdf
  14. 14. Obj 1.2 What are we looking for? Taking into account key European values • For instance, areas of the EU policy framework which touch on Cloud Computing include: – Data protection – Privacy and Security – Consumer protection – Standardisation, Interoperability and Portability – Industrial Policy – Innovation and RTD Policy – International Policy Can Europe become cloud friendly and cloud active?
  15. 15. Obj 1.2 What are we looking for? Expected industrial impact • Research projects often live in their own world • Exploitation is often limited to transfer of results to ‘the next project’ • Same thing happens in ‘the next project’ • Creation of a ‘shadow world’ Taking research results out of the research world into the real world
  16. 16. Obj 1.2 What are we looking for? User involvement
  17. 17. FI-PPP upcoming Calls DG Information Society and Media European Commission
  18. 18. Future Internet Public Private Partnership - Programme Architecture Call 1 Call 2 Call 3 CONCORD: Programme Facilitation & Support INFINITY: Capacity Building & Infrastructure SME Innovation FINEST Obj 1.9 Capacity Building INSTANT MOBILITY USE CASES SMARTAGRIFOOD Obj 1.8 Use Case Trials FINSENY 3rd Call Up to 5 Trials Use Case SAFECITY Expansion OUTSMART Phase Obj 1.8 Use Case Trials FI-CONTENT ENVIROFI FI-WARE Technology Foundation TF Continuation2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
  19. 19. Phase 1 - Use cases & trials1. A comprehensive set of detailed technical, functional and non-functional specifications for an experimentation in the given use case, including the characterisation of use case scenarios.2. Development of domain-specific capabilities and conceptual prototypes demonstrating critical technological solutions and the overall feasibility of the approach suggested for phase 2.3. A phase 2 implementation approach, including a detailed analysis of the potential experimentation infrastructures, and a plan for user community building.
  20. 20. Phase 2 - Use cases & trials1. Working experimentation sites building upon common components and Generic Enablers as provided under the Core Platform Objective complemented by the identified use case specific capabilities;2. Selected test applications implemented on these experimentation sites;3. Validation of the openness and versatility of the Core Platform and its soft ware development kit, through implementation of mixed use case scenarios originating from more than one use case project;4. A detailed plan for how to move into phase 3, including detailed plans for the large scale expansion of platform usage facilitated by local and regional stakeholders including SMEs.
  21. 21. Phase 1 - Infrastructure support• The identification of existing and future advanced test and experimental infrastructures across Europe and the associated technological constraints.• The maintenance of a web-based repository of available infrastructures potentially engaged in trials and of their key functional characteristics;• The identification of the usage-related operational constraints derived from these infrastructures;
  22. 22. Phase 2 - Infrastructure support• The integration of some of the identified infrastructures relevant to support or complement the early trials of phase 2.• The necessary adaptation, upgrade and validation of the infrastructures in view of supporting usage requirements stemming from the experimented use cases and a mix of those.• The assembly of a pan-European federation of test and experimental infrastructures satisfying the interoperability requirements, equipped with the functionality of the core platform by the start of phase 3 to support the validation through large scale trials in representative environments.
  23. 23. Phase 3 in preparationThe current work programme provides guidance on Phase 3• Provide and maintain a stable infrastructure for the large scale trials, expand the core platform, the use case specific functionalities and their demand-driven instantiations.• Run large scale trials populated with a variety of applications challenging the overall platform, and proving the viability of the concept.• Prove the value of services mash-up across use cases as the bases for a new dimension of services and application.• Involve SMEs at large as developers and providers of services and applications.
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. For more informationFP7 FP7http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/ http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/Future Internet Future Internethttp://ec.europa.eu/foi http://ec.europa.eu/foihttp://www.future-internet.eu/ http://www.future-internet.eu/This presentation This presentationhttp://www.slideshare.net/azwegers http://www.slideshare.net/azwegers