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  • What happens at the school level and the classroom level impacts student learning
  • Nto 2012 13

    1. 1. LTPS Administration New Teacher Orientation August 23 – 29, 2012Learning Intention: To gain an overview of the expectations for teaching in Lawrence
    2. 2. Central Office Administration Superintendent’s Office – Dr. Crystal Edwards Office of Instructional Services (OIS)– Andrew Zuckerman Department of Student Services (DOSS)– Dr. Erin Servillo Personnel Office – Rebecca Gold Business Office – Tom Eldridge
    3. 3. Principals/AP TeamCindy Westhead PJ Barrett Cliff Williams Jessica Cincotta LIS LMS LHS LHS Jay Billy SW Alyson Fischer LHS Judith Bronston Dave Adam LES LIS Kathy Mindy Milavsky Robbins LMS EPS Chris Jon Dauber Turnbull LHS BF
    4. 4. Instructional Services & Special Pearl Charatz Services Team Lynn Booth Special Special Education Education K-6 7-12Maureen Hayes Barbara BeersHumanities K-6 Humanities & ESL 7-12Melissa Lockett Yvette PanasowichSTEM K-6 STEM & Pract. Arts 7-12Ken Mason Dana KarasHealth & PE K- Guidance & Career K-12, Athletics 12
    5. 5. A Letter to the New StaffDear New Staff Member, we are and what we hope for. We know that you will use this information to make the best instructionalWelcome to our school district. We are so excited to decisions that would lead to our success.have you here. As you know, our Superintendent onlyhires the BEST teachers and staff members – so you Sincerely,must be something special. The Students of Lawrence Township Public SchoolsOur Principals have asked us to share a little bit aboutourselves – the students you will teach. After all, we’rethe reason you are here! We recognize that your job istough and not many people have the talent and skillsthat you have. It takes a special person to spend 7hours a day, 180 days each year with us. But, we arecertainly worth it.There are nearly 4000 students in this district and eachone wanted to write something in this letter.Unfortunately, new teacher orientation is only a weeklong and it would take over a month to read everyone’scomments. So, we selected a few importantstatements that represent a good cross section of who
    6. 6. Teaching & Learning: What to Teach Curriculum Standards Lesson Plans
    7. 7. Curriculum Resources Available to YOU! Curriculum Corner  Document Cameras/ELMOs First in Math/IXL  Senteo/Smart responders RAZKids  Kahn Academy Mathstories  Study Island Gizmos  Laptop Carts (COWs) Kuta  Computer Labs/Media Centers Glencoe Online  Calculators Teacher Tube  “Awesome Room” Starfall  LTPS Art on the Web Enchanted Learning  LTPS Music on the Web Safari  NJDOE NSTA  Freerice NCTM  Powerpoint Palooza Thinkcentral  Each Smartboard/Interactive Whiteboards  Your friendly building/district Projectors administrator 
    8. 8. ACRONYMS KLT-  DRA-  NAEP- G&T-  OIS-  STEM- RTI-  DOE-  ADA- ASI-  CCSS-  ESL/ELL/LEP- NWEA-  LML-  LRE- NJASK-  IEP-  SWBAT- HSPA-  HIB-  CIAPD- AYP-  DYFS-  LTPS- You better PSAT-  PDP- get this one!! SAT-  LOL- ACT-  PBSIS- APs-  GED- EOC –  PARCC-
    9. 9. TFL-Time For Lunch  See you in one hour!
    10. 10. Welcome Back!
    11. 11. Teaching & Learning: How to Teach Walkthroughs Observations Annual Evaluations Professional Development Plans (PDPs)
    12. 12. Walkthrough Protocol There are 7 areas we observe: 1. Wall, Shelf and Bookcase Walk 2. Assessment 3. Student Engagement and Climate 4. Higher Order Questioning 5. Effective Communication 6. Standards and Objectives 7. Student Interviews
    13. 13. Focus: Questioning & Student Engagement
    14. 14. Focus: Effective Communication & Student Engagement
    15. 15. School and teacher effects onstudent achievement School/Teacher Effectiveness Enter LeaveAverage School/Average Teacher 50th 50thHighly Ineffective School/Highly Ineffective Teacher 50th 3rdHighly Effective School/Highly Ineffective Teacher 50th 37thHighly Ineffective School/Highly Effective Teacher 50th 63rdHighly Effective School/Highly Effective Teacher 50th 96thHighly Effective School/Average Teacher 50th 78th
    16. 16. Formal Observations Observations Annual Evaluations Professional Development Plans (PDPs)
    17. 17. ReflectionTeaching & Learning: What to Teach Curriculum Lesson Plans Curriculum Resources – Web Tools Teaching & Learning: How to Teach Walkthroughs Observations , Annual Evaluations and PDPs
    18. 18. Looking Ahead Tomorrow we will…  Find out who you are as a learner  Complete the LCI  http://www.lcrinfo.com/index.shtml  group code: ltfac  Instructional Strategies