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Lms student nj ask presentation

  2. 2. What Is The NJ ASK?n The NJ ASK is an assessment which measures proficiency in language arts and math for grades 7 & 8, and science for grade 8n NJ ASK test scores enable schools to determine students strengths and weaknesses, as well as measure mastery
  3. 3. How are my NJ ASK scoresused by the school and why arethey important? WSince scores are used to measure achievementand understanding of previously learned material,schools use the NJ ASK to help place and trackstudents. It s important for students to do theirbest on this assessment so that are placed in theappropriate level classes.
  4. 4. What Does My Score Mean?§ Scores are placed into one of three categories § Below 200 Partial Proficiency § Below 250 Proficient § At or Above 250 Advanced ProficiencyEvery student should score at or above proficiency as a New Jersey standard
  5. 5. TEST DATES AND TIMINGDay 1 Lang. ArtsMay 3 Grade 7 1 hour, 45 min Grade 8 1 hour, 45 minDay 2 Lang. ArtsMay 4 Grade 7 2 hours Grade 8 2 hoursDay 3 MathMay 5 Grade 7 1 hour, 4 min Grade 8 2 hours, 13 minDay 4 Math- Grade 7 1 hour, 9minMay 6 Science- Grade 8 2 hours
  6. 6. Language Arts- May 3 & 4, 2011 Days 1 & 2 (Grades 7 and 8)36 MULTIPLE CHOICE4 OPEN-ENDED2 WRITING TASKS
  7. 7. Language Arts Overview Reading Passages Narrative (story) Informational (expository) Interpreting and Analyzing / Critiquing Text 10 Multiple-Choice 2 Open-Ended Questions for each passage
  8. 8. Language Arts Overview Writing Prompts Persuasive (45 minutes) 5 paragraph essay (A)Explanatory OR (B)Speculative (30 minutes) (A) life experience or quotation based (B) writing a short story with characters, dialogue, etc.
  9. 9. Mathematics Overview- Grade 7 Days 3 and 4Type of Question # QuestionsMultiple Choice 42Extended Constructed-Responses 5Short Constructed-Response 10
  10. 10. Mathematics Overview- Grade 8 Day 3, Thursday, May 5Type of Question # QuestionsMultiple Choice 42Extended Constructed-Responses 5Short Constructed-Response 10
  11. 11. Mathematical Areas of FocusConstructed-Response QuestionsHave no answer choices. Students must write answers to mathematical questions.Answers require techniques of listing, counting and reasoning.Calculators are not allowed to be used in this section An example of a constructed-response question is: How many ways can a teacherchoose 2 students from a group of 4 students? Answer: 6Multiple-Choice QuestionsStudents choose the one best answer from four answer choices An example of a multiple choice question is: What is the value of the expression15 3(2+1)? A. 108 B. 36 C. 23 D. 6 Answer: D
  12. 12. Mathematical Areas of Focus, Cont d Extended Constructed-Response QuestionsØ Have no answer choices. Students must write or draw answers to questions.Ø Answers require techniques of recognizing, describing, extending and creating patterns involving whole numbers, rational numbers and integers.Ø Students may or may not use a calculator in this section,An example of an extended constructed-response is: The first 4 terms of Sequence A are shown below. 3, 5, 7, 9, This sequence can be described by the rule, NEXT = NOW + 2 Give the first 4 terms of a different sequence that has the same rule. Sequence A, above, has a rule for the nth term. It is 2n + 1. Give the rule for the nth term of your sequence What is the 100th term of your sequence? Show your work or explain your answer.
  13. 13. vo1 CALCULATOR REQUIREMENT v Bring your own or use a school issued BEST Calculator = The one you use EVERYDAY in Math Class v Calculators will be used for 50% of the test
  14. 14. Slide 13vo1 vorsi, 12/30/2004
  15. 15. vo2 MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE FUNCTIONS v Operations-should have the ability to perform the four basic mathematical operations and have the ability to do powers and roots of any degree v Memory - at least one memory cell v Clearing mechanism Memory MUST BE CLEARED v Remove all reference materials
  16. 16. Slide 14vo2 vorsi, 12/30/2004
  17. 17. test taking tipsüListen to and read the directions carefully BEFORE you look at any answers that may be provided.üUnderline important points in the question.üMake sure you answer the question being asked. Be complete and thorough.üUse the space provided in your ANSWER FOLDER to WRITE and SHOW your work.üAsk yourself, Does my answer make sense?üIf you don t know the answer, take an educated guess!ü Do your best and answer as many questions as possible.ü Check your work when finished each section.ü Trust yourself; you have a lot of knowledge!!
  18. 18. Preparing for NJ ASK nGet a good nights rest n Eat a healthy breakfast n Wear comfortable clothes & wear layers n Make an educated guess on every test question n Bring a #2 pencil n Do your best