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impossible necessity portfolio impossible necessity portfolio Presentation Transcript

  • Anette Margrethe Basso Portfolio - Impossible Necessity Bergen school of Architecture Spring 2009
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Table of Contents Portfolio - Impossible Necessity About the course Task 1 - Mapping the Edge DAV w/ Eva Kun : personal space Task 2 - Cabinet of Curiosity : a library of 4 objects Task 3 - Library of 10 questions Task 4 - The Ark : a Library of 2000 volumes Janice Kerbel-Workshop : Exploring media conventions DAV w/ Eva Kun : Light
  • Anette Margrethe Basso About the course Impossible necessity studio This studio will explore the theme of knowledge in relation to archi- tecture and the architecture school. The basis of our approach is analytical and critical: we regard the library as an ‘impossible necessity’, a place that strives to con- tain a comprehensive, authoritative, complete & limitless set of resources, even within a particular field, while at the same time remaining, like any work of architecture, necessarily defined by its limits. Decisions about what is included and excluded in a library, what is accessible and inaccessible, how information is classified, dis- seminated, and propagated – these determine the shape of our knowledge, as much in terms of the contents of a library as in its architectural form – and, indeed, as a description of the discipline of architecture per se. The studio places emphasis on process rather than product, al- though high levels of finish and professionalism are expected in all the work produced. This simply means that the final outcome will not be known at the outset, should be constantly challenged by the process, and may only be recognized or understood once it has arrived. The four studio projects aim to establish a symbiotic relationship between SWA, who will come to understand the culture and iden- tity of Bergen, BAS and the student library through the lens of the students, and the students, who will explore the complex notion of ‘library’ through the framework presented by SWA. The responses to the questions posed will form the philosophical, cultural and Spring 2009 social brief for the new BAS library. View slide
  • Anette Margrethe Basso 1. Mapping the Edge Task: A rigorous, methodical, mapping, information gathering, surveying, documenting, collection-exercise. The edge will mark a boundary where change affects Bergen in an observable way. : by Anette Basso and Siri Nicolaisen View slide
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Mapping the Edge Process
  • Mapping the Edge : Result
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Personal space / DAV with Eva Kun Task: Our personal space is not stable. It changes, depending on our mood, on whom we are with, on our situation in general. Choose a mental mood you can recall, or just the way you feel right now. Try to materialize and show your personal space.
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Personal space How big is my personal space? How much space do i need? And what is the least amount of physical space i need in order to feel comfortable? I chose a space where i felt safe and comfortable; in the corner with the wall behind me. I then narrowed my own space as much as i could, us- ing red threads. My space changed from day to day, from being very narrow – too narrow, to being a bit bigger, but still the least amount of space i could manage with, in order to movement and comfort. Red threads indicates personal space. Wooden stick are constructive elements.
  • Anette Margrethe Basso 2. Cabinet of Curiosity - A library of 4 volumes Task: Design and construct a container which houses 4 objects of your choice, sourced from either side of your edge – 2 from each. The objects, removed from their context, must be categorised in a way which ascribes Concept meaning to the group as a whole. This meaning may have little or nothing to do with the edge defined in project 1. Intention Cabinet of Curiosity
  • Concept Anette Margrethe Basso Cabinet of CuriosityConcept Concept Intention Intention Intention Result Cabinet of curiosity Cabinet of curiosity
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Cabinet of Curiosity Result
  • Anette Margrethe Basso 3. Studio for a stranger A library of 10 questions “A craftsmans retreat” : a place to be inspired
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Janice Kerbel-Workshop Media conventions Sort by colour Attract by light
  • Anette Margrethe Basso DAV ll / Eva Kun LIGHT workshop : qualities in the library
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Task 4 : The Ark A library of 2000 volumes “Library for recycling”
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Concept Keeping unwanted, but fully useable things out of landfills, and in circulation for rent, (so that people don’t have to buy more than they actually need.)
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Site, building and content Recycling in all stages Bergen As the building communi- cates the potential of re-use, Bryggen so should the building and the site; The library should be situ- ated to a site and a build- ing which is not in use at the moment, and also within Site: The former the limits of the central city prison acces-area. In other words - I want to Lake: reuse both: Lungårdsvann - site - building - library-content.
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Site Before and after Police- station Main square Train- & bus- station today and library Event and access square
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Site Analysis - movement My library is a place where you deliver your unwanted stuff. If people are going to use it, it has to be easy accessible... Pedestrian directions Vegetation Traffic directions ...strategically placed next to trafficated routes a place in the middle of the city centre where most people have to cross to get from a to b. Pedestrian intensity Traffic intensity
  • 4th floor S 3rd floor Anette Margrethe Basso M What’s in the library? L 2nd floor Object-organisation Entrance XS 1st floor loft Spatial Outdoor organisation Object-list: ROOMS: elevations Outdoor -hall loft Based on things given away for free, XL Heavy thingsfloor 4th XS ROOMS: S elevations in Bergen, during the two first weeks Basement magazines of May ( 4th floor S Storage? floor 3rd diverse nips shoulderbag M sweather Children/toys 3rd floor leathershoes Clothes 2nd floor M treasurebox ram for macintosh Media: magasinez etc BOARDGAVE Animals L SMALLER TOYS Books 2nd floor CHILDRENSBOOKS Small stuff 1st floor L Outdoor Food/health Entrance retrochair -hall XHIBITION : MUNICIPALITY leatherchair Music Outdoor Outdoor XL Heavy things Entrance 1st floor stressless and skammel mirror -hall dishwasher Electrical Outdoor Basement veggseksjon XL S Heavy things XS magazines SOIL DININGTABLE W/CHAIRS Interior/furniture smaller CHAIRLENESTOL (5) Storage? Basement diverse nips ACER LAPTOP 2005 kjjøleskap 19”COMPUTERSCREEN shoulderbag shelf magazines sweather 14” tv Children/toys TRAINTICKET Storage? 14”TV leathershoes WARDROBE nips diverse Bigger M COMPUTER-CABINET officefurniture Clothes Technical/building treasurebox ram for macintosh shoulderbag ikea bathroomfurniture sweather Media: magasinez etc Children/toys BOARDGAVE møtebord+8stoler Instruments music (piano etc) Animals leathershoes DININGTABLE Interior/furniture bigger Clothes SMALLER TOYS treasurebox GLASSTABLE ram for macintosh Books Media: magasinez etc CHILDRENSBOOKS reol BOARDGAVE Small stuff L Service-equipment Animals SMALLER TOYS retrochair Food/health Books XHIBITION : MUNICIPALITY CHILDRENSBOOKS Music leatherchair Small stuff bathtub 5 stressless and skammel Food/health XL mirror retrochair XHIBITION : MUNICIPALITY sofas 6 dishwasher leatherchair Electrical Music SLEEPINGSOFA (2) veggseksjon Travelling/events/tickets S XS SOIL 3+2 sofas DININGTABLE W/CHAIRS stressless and skamme Interior/furniture smaller Deliverybox stove LAPTOP 2005 ACER CHAIRLENESTOL (5) mirror dishwasher Public toilets Electrical S XS CHAIR FOR AUDITORIUM 19”COMPUTERSCREEN kjjøleskap veggseksjon dogs shelf SOIL Cafe Interior/furniture smaller 14” tv PLASTIRINGS FOR FISKEOPPDRETT DININGTABLE W/CHAI skrankeBigger hamster TRAINTICKET 14”TV PIANO WARDROBE 2005 ACER LAPTOP officefurniture CHAIRLENESTOL (5) rabbits M CAR COMPUTER-CABINET 19”COMPUTERSCREEN kjjøleskap ikea bathroomfurniture shelf Foaje Technical/building burmesian cat 3 BRAKKER ORGAN SANDER TAKSTEIN 14” tv møtebord+8stoler 14”TV WARDROBE Instruments music (piano etc) kittens Bigger TRAINTICKET M STÅLPROOFILER FOR GIPSVEGG DININGTABLE COMPUTER-CABINET officefurniture Interior/furniture bigger bird in a cage Technical/building WHITE DOORS GLASSTABLE ikea bathroomfurnitur cat reol møtebord+8stoler Outdoors Instruments music (piano etc) L DOOR DININGTABLE Service-equipment Interior/furniture bigger READ ROOF-STONE GLASSTABLE GLASSDOOR reol L sleepingsofa (2) Service-equipment XL bathtub 5 sofas 6 SLEEPINGSOFA (2) Travelling/events/tickets 3+2 sofas bathtub 5 Deliverybox XL stove sofas 6 Public toilets Travelling/events/tickets CHAIR FOR AUDITORIUM SLEEPINGSOFA (2) dogs 3+2 sofas Cafe Deliverybox PLASTIRINGS FOR FISKEOPPDRETT skranke hamster PIANO stove Public toilets rabbits CAR CHAIR FOR AUDITORIUM Cafe dogs ORGAN PLASTIRINGS FOR FISKEOPPDRETT Foaje burmesian cat skranke kittens 3 BRAKKER hamster SANDER TAKSTEIN PIANO rabbits STÅLPROOFILER FOR GIPSVEGG CAR bird in a cage WHITE DOORS ORGAN Foaje cat burmesian cat 3 BRAKKER SANDER TAKSTEIN Outdoors kittens DOOR STÅLPROOFILER FOR GIPSVEGG bird in a cage READ ROOF-STONE GLASSDOOR WHITE DOORS cat Outdoors sleepingsofa (2) DOOR READ ROOF-STONE GLASSDOOR sleepingsofa (2)
  • Map based on the things given away on for free in Bergen during may. I´ve reduced the list to things that could fit into the library, excluded 1/3 the list, like animals, barracks etc. Anette Margrethe Basso Dark atmosphere? Vinyl-box Older Library-content Vinyl-records Vinyl-player Retro-chairs Retro posters Lightning Retro-lamps Retro-table Mapping Music Cd-records Forsterker Høyttaler Hifi-shelf Chairs Table-lamp Drawers Drawing- Cd-player Office-chair Drawingtable equipment Shelf Modern Disc-man Cd-rack Inspiration Shelf Magazines Architecture Books Art’ Pictures Colours Windows Lamps Shelf Light to read in Chair Small Sofa Shelf Books Table Hi-fi Loudspeakers DVDs DVD-player Sofa Chair TV Meeting-table/chairs VHS-movies VHS-player Surround TV-shelf Big Prøve-rom Mirror Meeting-table / Chairs Dining-table Summer/bathing Clothes Dining- Diningtable Duk Chairs Lysestake Shelf equipment Nips Treasure-box Toys washing Blankets Bathroom-equipment Vaskekurv Bath-tub machine Childrens Sofa Childrensbed Nightstand Childrenslamp Childrensbooks Shelf magazines Bathing-toys Bathing-duck Sko-skje Shoe-shelf Clothes Klesskap Shoes Stol / krakk Black Indicates things that could be in the library Prøveroom Red Indicates things on my objects-list, given away in Bergen in the first half of May. Space to walk Map based on the things given away on for free in Bergen during may. I´ve reduced the list Shelf to things that could fit into the library, excluded 1/3 Exercise- Tredemølle Joggingshoes Mirror the list, like animals, barracks etc. equipment Chair Vinyl-box Dark atmosphere? Older Vinyl-player Retro-chairs Retro posters Lightning Retro-lamps Retro-table
  • of homogenous sones of objects*. Anette Margrethe Basso Library organisation Actions: Flexible wall-system Group things together: The interior of the building is relatively small: Tear down interior walls Create object-sones Furniture are the walls, Maintain circulation inside Let in light the borders. as outside Make room for things * Like we saw on task one; the dynamic area is where the low-priced coffee meets the high-priced coffee.
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Library organisation but still Flexible wall-system Maintain the oppennes, Flexible wall-system have opportunity to put up walls. Flexible wall-systemThe railsystem makes it a exible space. Maintain the oppennes, but still have opportunity to put up walls. The railsystem makes it a exible space.
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Library Circulation-plan Backyard Existing External space and Open up Approach a natural ...both inside volumes needed backyard circulation... and outside
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Final library plan Plan5 : Library Cafe Delivery Plan 4 : Exhibition-floor Entrance, Library desk Plan 3 : Library Plan 1 / Ground plan : Library Plan 2 : Library
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Section A B A Section BB B Section AA
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Perspectives
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Elevation Outdoor-furniture etc. Childrens-litterature, clothes, toys etc. Bigger things. Exhibition Kitchen, bath- room, bicycles, Activity, sports, tv, sound cars, instruments etc. etc. Litterature, licingroom, dinin- groom, etc.
  • Anette Margrethe Basso Impossible necessity-studio Spring 2009 Bergen school of architecture / Sarah Wigglesworth Architects, London