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A&D Conf BAE Systems

  1. 1. Protection SystemsArizona Aerospace, Aviation & Defense Requirements ConferenceDon Dutton, Vice President Protection SystemsJanuary 26, 2012
  2. 2. One of the World’s LargestDefense Companies• BAE Systems • Approximately 100,000 employees worldwide • Top-ten U.S. prime contractor • Five home markets • Presence in more than 100 nations • Major operations in 38 states, the UK, Sweden, Israel, Germany, Mexico and South Africa• Protection Systems • 945 employees • Operations in Arizona, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Tennessee • Body Armor • Aircrew Survivability • Aviation and Ground Vehicle Seating • Vehicle Armor • Helmets • Load Carrying Equipment • In-house test facilities include: drop towers, a horizontal sled and ballistics ranges
  3. 3. Arizona Product Snapshot Ground Vehicle Seating Aviation Seating Body Armor ASV Armor Kits Air Warrior Parachutes Transparent Armor Flotation Collars
  4. 4. Seating Systems for Aviation and Ground Vehicles• World leader in crashworthy rotorcraft and fixed wing seating• Market leader in mine blast resistant, energy absorption technology for occupant protection• Industry-leading crew and troop seating systems to protect aircrew and vehicle crewman in a range of fixed-wing aircraft and ground vehicle programs
  5. 5. Aviation, Ground Vehicle andMaritime Armor• Only U.S. manufacturer of the Modular Expandable Armor System (MEXAS) for the U.S. Army’s M1117 ASV• Provider of lightweight ceramic composite armor ®• Patented Cleargard , a monolithic transparent armor system
  6. 6. Parachutes and Aircrew Survival Products • Vacuum-Sealed Parachutes • Vacuum-sealed technology developed by BAE Systems in 1986 • In service with US Navy (6,250 units*), German MOD (600 units) and others • Air Warrior • Modular system provides aviator with advanced life support, freedom of movement and enhanced comfort and cooling • Major components include: flexible body armor, flotation collar, primary survival gear carrier, weapon holster
  7. 7. Body Armor • Produce state-of-the-art tactical vests as well as hard and soft body armor • Provide multi-hit protection and can be worn on the front, back and side torso for maximum protection • Over 1.25 million hard armor inserts produced and delivered • High-volume manufacturer for U.S. DoD and international customers • Primarily pursue large, competitive procurements
  8. 8. Partnering Together• Supply Chain Commodities • Machining Houses • Metal Fabricators • Plastic Machining • Spring Manufacturers • Hardware Distributors • Treatment Houses • Fabric Suppliers• In need of reduced lead times and low cost solutions
  9. 9. Partnering Together• Future opportunities • Looking to form long-term strategic partnerships with preferred vendors • Typically 3-5 year long-term agreement commitments to mirror customer contract needs • Willingness to supply Just-In-Time or participate in Vendor Management Inventory• Supplier Performance • Establish price stability • Delivery improvement – 100% On-Time Delivery • Quality performance – 0 Parts Per Million expectation. • ISO certification – strong quality management systems• Continuously looking to provide opportunities to Small Businesses of all categories