MDG & RDM field reports Aaron Zornes - 2012 Singapore- print v1


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keynote from 3rd annual MDM & Data Governance Summit in Singapore December 2012

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  • A Global Perspective Trusted by 3,300+ Enterprises Worldwide Our client base includes emerging and global IT end-user, vendor, and public-sector enterprises More than 250 Analysts/Consultants Average 13 of years IT experience Former CxOs who understand boardroom challenges Former Big X consultants who understand first-hand the ins and outs of large strategic IT projects Former IT executives who understand back- and front-office issues Former IT vendors who understand the markets Fun Facts 25% of META Group’s research staff have over 20 years of experience 40% were directors and above 10% were at the CxO level 20% come from the Fortune 500
  • MDG & RDM field reports Aaron Zornes - 2012 Singapore- print v1

    1. 1. WelcomeMenyambut 欢迎 நலவரவ
    2. 2. Product Evaluation Criteria & Field Reports for Leading MDG & RDM Solutions Aaron Zornes Chief Research Officer The MDM Institute @azornes +1 650.743.2278
    3. 3. About the MDM Institute Founded in 2004 to focus on  MDM Alert™ newsletter MDM business drivers & technology  MDM Market Pulse™ market challenges research & multi-client studies MDM Advisory Council™  MDM Fast Track™ one-day of 150 Global 5000 IT organizations with public & onsite workshop rotating unlimited advice to key individuals, quarterly through major North e.g. CTOs, CIOs, data architects American, European, & Asia-Pacific MDM Business Council™ metro areas website access & email support to 35,000+  MDM & Data Governance members Summit™ annual conferences in MDM Road Map & London, NYC, San Francisco, Shanghai, Milestones™ annual strategic planning Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo & Toronto assumptions About Aaron Zornes  Most quoted industry analyst authority on topics of MDM, RDM & MDG  Founder & Chief Research Officer of the MDM Institute  Founder & conference chairman for MDM & Data Governance Summits series  Founded & ran META Group’s largest research practice for 14 years  M.S. in Management Information Systems from University of Arizona “Independent, Authoritative, & Relevant”© 2012 The MDM Institute
    4. 4. MDM Institute Advisory Council Representative Members  Apria  National Australia Bank  3M  Nationwide Insurance  BCD Travel  Norwegian Cruise Lines  Bell Canada  Novartis  Caterpillar  Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corp.  Celgene  PC Connection  Cisco Systems  Polycom  COUNTRY Financials  Pratt & Whitney Canada  Educational Testing Svcs  Roche Labs  Embraer  Rogers Communications  Forest Labs  Scholastic  GE Healthcare  Sony Pictures Entertainment  Honeywell  Stryker  Information Handling Svcs  SunTrust  Intuit  Sutter Health  Loblaw  TUI  McKesson  W.W. Grainger  Medtronic  Wal-Mart  Medecins Sans Frontieres  Westpac  Microsoft  Weyerhaeuser  Motorola  Woolworths 150 organizations who receive unlimited MDM advice to key individuals, e.g. CTOs, CIOs, & MDM project leads© 2012 The MDM Institute
    5. 5. MDM & Data Governance Summit™ Conference Series MDM & Data Governance Summit Singapore Marina Bay Sands Resort ▪ December 4-5 MDM & Data Governance Summit Shanghai Shanghai International Convention Center ▪ March 2013 MDM & Data Governance Summit Europe Radisson BLU – London ▪ April 15-17, 2013 MDM & Data Governance Summit Asia-Pacific Four Points Darling Harbour– Sydney ▪ May 20-21, 2013 MDM & Data Governance Summit San Francisco Hyatt Embarcadero – San Francisco ▪ May 2013 MDM & Data Governance Tokyo Belle Salle Kanda– Tokyo ▪ June 14, 2013 MDM & Data Governance Summit Canada The Carlu – Toronto ▪ June 2013 MDM & Data Governance Summit New York Marriott Marquis NYC Times Square ▪ October 2-4, 2013 “More MDM programs get their successful start atMDM & Data Governance Summits than anywhere else”© 2012 The MDM Institute
    6. 6. MDG Prologue  Understanding scope, diversity & limitations of current Master Data Governance solution offerings is tremendously challenging – even more so, given fast pace of M&A & complexities of integrating such diverse software portfolios  Nonetheless, business & IT leadership chartered with defining & executing MDM programs need help to understand & navigate through numerous Data Governance options  “Go governance, go early” is rallying cry of savvy enterprise & solution architects chartered with setting scope & direction of their enterprise’s data integration programs© 2012 The MDM Institute
    7. 7. Master Data Governance Strategic Planning Assumption  Through 2012, most enterprises will struggle with enterprise MDG as they initially focus on customer, vendor, or product; integrated MDG that includes E2E data lifecycle will be mandated as 1st phase deliverable  During 2012-13, major SIs & MDM boutiques will focus on productizing MDG frameworks while MDM software providers struggle to link governance process with process hub technologies; concurrently G5000 enterprises struggle to evolve enterprise MDG in cost- effective & practical way from “passive” to “active” MDG modes  By 2014-15, vendor MDM solutions will finally move from “passive-aggressive MDG” mode to “proactive MDG” MDG *must* evolve from point products (i.e., to addresscustomer or product MDG only) to enterprise data governance(supporting multiple domains such as customer, product, supplier, location, price, etc.) © 2012 The MDM Institute MDM MILESTONE
    8. 8. MDM Institute Field Reports – MDG  ASG  Kalido DGD  BackOffice  Microsoft DG Console Associates  Oracle DGF  Black Watch Data  Orchestra Networks  Cognizant + Collibra  SAP MDG  EMC/RSA/Archer  SAS DataFlux  IBM MDPH  Software AG  IBI MD Center  Utopia  Informatica IDD** Persisted customer or product data hubs© 2012 The MDM Institute
    9. 9. Master Data Governance “Top 10” Technical Evaluation Criteria 1. Methodology 2. Data exploration/profiling 3. Data model, policy model & business glossary mgmt 4. Rules/policy mgmt 5. Decision rights mgmt 6. MDM hub integration 7. Enterprise application integration 8. Integrated metrics 9. Multi-level, role-based security 10. E2E data lifecycle support Understanding scope, diversity & limitationsof currently-marketed MDG offerings is tremendously challenging © 2010 The MDM Institute
    10. 10. Field Reports
    11. 11. Field Report: IBM Master Data Policy Manager (MDPM) Strengths Caveats  Common DG layer across  Lack of integration w/ Standard & Enterprise Reference Data asset MDM Server editions  Big IBM stack req’d  Ultimately will integrate  Lack of integration with with Guardium, Optim, Smart Governance et al Council assets  Ongoing integration  No longer a separate w/BPM (BPMExpress product, but instead is a.k.a. Lombardi) bundled w/ MDM Server  IBM BAO/GBS teams available w/w© 2012 The MDM Institute
    12. 12. Field Report: Informatica Data Director (IDD) Strengths Caveats  Good for robust MDM  Out-of-step with main administration as data steward INFA MDM process console flow  Task-oriented & business  Too easy for end process-driven users to inadvertently  Visualization of history & data downgrade hub lineage performance with ill-  Cross-domain hierarchy & advised queries relationship management 1 – Formerly Siperian Business Data  Flexible security model for each Director multi-domain data type 2 – Informatica Data Director (IDD) is data steward console application for entity lifecycle management  Supports centralized architecture with direct input of master data© 2012 The MDM Institute
    13. 13. Field Report: Kalido Data Governance Director (DGD) Strengths Caveats  Visionary leader  Late-to-market integration  UBM methodology with Kalido MDM  Flexible decision rights  One-way trip/export into via mapping of roles & Kalido MDM responsibilities  Only supports Kalido  Export of policy BPM compliance metrics  Policy-focused solution incl remediation processes  Proactive workflow for data & processes  Accenture heritage© 2012 The MDM Institute
    14. 14. Field Report: SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) Strengths Caveats  Ready-to-use governance  Late-to-market with B2C applications integrated customer w/SAP ERP  Lacks flexible hierarchical  Predefined & extensible management of data data model  Lacks master data within  Prebuilt & flexible transactions workflows  Lacks identification of  Multi-mode data replication data pattern profiles  Integration with BOBJ  Nascent cloud- data quality/validation enablement & integration assets (cleansing, matching, &  Nascent big data & consolidation)  Verifiable audit trail analytics support for social CRM data 1 – SAP MDG-F (finance), MDM-M (materials), MDG-S (suppliers), MDG-C (customers)© 2012 The MDM Institute
    15. 15. Field Report: Utopia Strengths Caveats  Strong growth North America1,2  No longer sole preferred  SAP, Open Text & ACN partner for SAP partnerships MDM/MDG as of 2012  Utopia Lab/COEs, Uni  Multiple entry points for sales in migration, quality & governance  Support (via Open Text) to 1 – 250% growth despite torpid economy 2 – Captaris, Coca Cola Enterprises, ConAgra, integrate unstructured CSL Behring, CVS/Caremark, Dubai Aluminum, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Grainger,  Full E2E lifecycle methodology Harley-Davidson, John Deere, Kellogs’s, Kennametal, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft, Malaysia (EDLM) – Assessment, Strategy, Airlines, Neptune Orient Lines, Newmont Roadmap Mining, Pertamina, RasGas, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Suncor Energy, Tyco Electronics, Wolters Kluwer  Cloud & HANA 3 – MENA = Middle-East & North Africa  MENA3 depth© 2012 The MDM Institute
    16. 16. Critique of Current MDG Capabilities  Mismatch of applying project-oriented methodology rather than asset-focused methodology  Methodologies missing the asset aspect of data … cost, decaying value, ROI for cleansing data, etc.  Frameworks not addressing “community” aspect of shared asset development – e.g. wikis for global corporate business vocabulary, etc.  Current MDG solutions do not provide systemic rigor nor E2E lifecycle support“(Integrated/Proactive) Master Data Governance” market is a vacuum … nature hates a vacuum© 2012 The MDM Institute
    17. 17. RDM Prologue  In addition to MDM functionality, RDM systems also manage complex mappings btw different reference data representations & different data domains across the enterprise  Governance of RDM is vital— manual or custom RDM often lack change management, audit controls, & granular security/permissions  Because reference data is used to drive key business processes & application logic, errors in reference data can have a major negative & multiplicative business impact  Mismatches in reference data impact on data quality affect the integrity of BI reports & also are a common source of application integration failure Just as businesses no longer build own CRM, ERP, & MDM systems, so too are organizations beginning to acquirecommercial RDM, which can be easily tailored or configured & have full ongoing support of major software vendor© 2012 The MDM Institute
    18. 18. Competition for Multi-Domain RDM  Custom-built, manual solutions  Hierarchy management system adaptations (MSFT MDS, Oracle DRM)  Do not readily support publish-subscribe, classification mapping, etc.  Custom MDM domain type  Lack of data modeling flexibility, rudimentary lifecycle management capabilities &limited data governance features, esp. authoring & workflow  Multi-domain RDM  RDBMS vs. semantic/OODBMS  Purpose-built or industry-specific RDM  Premium priced real-time RDM solutions do not represent good economic sense© 2011 The MDM Institute
    19. 19. Reference Data Management Strategic Planning Assumption  During 2012-13, reference data will emerge as a key entry point for enterprises & in turn influence choice of MDM for Customer, Product & other domains  Concurrently, every MDM vendor will rush to market RDM solutions to apply MDM approach for centralized governance, stewardship & control  By 2013-14, large enterprises will also mandate that Reference Data be part of MDM platform native entities  By 2015, RDM will be commoditized via the efforts of MSFT & ORCL especially Managing “simple” reference data will prove to be a key sales entry point for MDM vendors© 2012 The MDM Institute MDM MILESTONE
    20. 20. MDM Institute Field Reports – RDM  Aprimo LRDM  Microsoft RDM (Teradata) (to be announced)  ASG ROCHADE  Oracle Hyperion DRM (Metadata-driven  Orchestra EBX RDM)  Profisee  DataFlux qMDM  SAP MDG-R  IBM MDM RDM Hub  Software AG  Informatica RDM WebMethods OneData  Kalido ** General-purpose or multi-domain RDM, not industry-specific or real- time RDM solutions such as capital markets, pharma, e.g., AIM, Asset Control, Eagle, Golden Source, Kingland Systems 360 Data, &RSD© 2012 The MDM Institute
    21. 21. Field Reports© 2010 The MDM Institute
    22. 22. Reference Data Management “Top 10” Technical Evaluation Criteria 1. Ability to map reference data 2. Administration of reference data types 3. Management of reference data sets 4. Architecture/performance 5. Hierarchy management over sets of reference data 6. Connectivity 7. Import and export 8. Versioning support 9. Security & access control 10. E2E lifecycle management Understanding scope, diversity & limitations of nascent RDM offerings is challenging© 2010 The MDM Institute
    23. 23. Field Report: IBM MDM Reference Data Mgmt Hub Strengths Caveats  Purpose-built,  Lack of BPM integration commercially proven RDM & workflow (needs  Utilizes IBM MDM configurable workflow)  Lacks Cloud architecture foundation  Full function with strong & SaaS offering  Perception of excessive taxonomy support & mappings software stack foundation  Ease of deployment,  Missing adapters for implementation, & use other IBM software  Market momentum1 (Discovery, etc.) & other major apps such as Oracle & SAP 1 – Achmea, ANZ Bank, BCBS of North Carolina, Citi Mortgage, DnB NOR ASA, IBM Office of the CIO, LabCorp, Standard Bank of South Africa and The CIT Group© 2012 The MDM Institute
    24. 24. Field Report: Orchestra Networks EBX5 for RDMStrengths Caveats  Robust solution for centralized DG,  Nascent North mgmt, stewardship, & distribution American market of enterprise reference data presence  Enterprise-scalable RDM1  Shortage of EBX-  Strong taxonomy support & knowledgable mappings consultancies  Model-driven ease of deployment,  Vulnerability in rapidly implementation, & use (built-in process evolving market flows + semantic database underpinning) crowded with mega  Support for temporal reference vendors & other data nouveau MDM  Cloud-based, SaaS option vendors  Under invested in 1 – BNP Paribas, Crédit Suisse, Michelin, … marketing© 2012 The MDM Institute
    25. 25. Field Report: Software AG wM OneData RDM 8.5Strengths Caveats  Robust solution for centralized DG,  Nascent market mgmt, stewardship, & distribution presence of enterprise reference data  Shortage of  Proven multi-domain RDM1 knowledgable  Strong taxonomy support/mappings consultancies for internal & external reference data  Lacking SaaS  Can ingest customer metadata capabilities models & UI wraps around model  Under invested in  Model-driven ease of deployment, marketing implementation, & use (integration w/ 1 – Allianz, Avon Products, Chubb BPM for SOA & MDM deployment)) Insurance, General Electric, Givaudan,  Stable, deep pockets vendor2 Nokia, Parexel, Pepsico, SwissGrid, Wellpoint, … 2 – 2012 est. revenue $1,2B, 5K employees, 70 countries© 2012 The MDM Institute
    26. 26. Critique of Current RDM Capabilities  Challenge of RDBMS-flavored RDM vs. semantic/OODBMS-flavored RDM  RDM *is* mission critical  Error in reference data will ripple outwards affecting quality of master data in each domain, which in turn affects quality in all dependent transactional systems  Heavily interconnected nature of reference data is why it requires separate management & governance  Cloud-enabled, SaaS model still proving itself for mission-critical  Majority of MDG solutions do not address notion of "temporal" reference data  Market misconception/dogma that RDM *must* be in same stack as multi-domain MDM© 2012 The MDM Institute
    27. 27. BOTTOM LINE  Acknowledge no single MDM vendor “does it all well”  Nascent Master Data Governance capabilities  Out-of-the-box RDM vs. do-it-yourself RDM  Little hope for 3 rd party MDG to unify MDG of mega vendors  Plan for possibility of different brands of MDM  RDM  Operational/transactional MDM  Insist on RDM capabilities with strong workflow/authoring© 2012 The MDM Institute
    28. 28. © 2010 The MDM Institute
    29. 29. © 2010 The MDM Institute
    30. 30. How to Leverage the MDM Institute Kick start “MDM, MDG or RDM evaluation process”  Attend public workshop  Bring workshop on-site Fine tune in-process MDM strategies  Due diligence on reference checking & contract details Stay ahead of curve via MDM Business Council  Re-qualify every 6 months via survey  Receive MDM Alerts & access to Web-hosted research Increase your knowledge & negotiating strengths via MDM Advisory Council Membership  Participate in monthly email surveys & receive updated industry scorecard  Receive monthly MDM consultation via telephone “Independent, Authoritative, & Relevant”© 2012 The MDM Institute
    31. 31. MDM & Data Governance Summit™ Conference Series MDM & Data Governance Summit Singapore Marina Bay Sands Resort ▪ December 4-5 MDM & Data Governance Summit Shanghai Shanghai International Convention Center ▪ March 2013 MDM & Data Governance Summit Europe Radisson BLU – London ▪ April 15-17, 2013 MDM & Data Governance Summit Asia-Pacific Four Points Darling Harbour– Sydney ▪ May 20-21, 2013 MDM & Data Governance Summit San Francisco Hyatt Embarcadero – San Francisco ▪ May 2013 MDM & Data Governance Tokyo Belle Salle Kanda– Tokyo ▪ June 14, 2013 MDM & Data Governance Summit Canada The Carlu – Toronto ▪ June 2013 MDM & Data Governance Summit New York Marriott Marquis NYC Times Square ▪ October 2-4, 2013 “More MDM programs get their successful start atMDM & Data Governance Summits than anywhere else”© 2012 The MDM Institute
    32. 32. Aaron Zornes Founder & Chief Research Officer +1 650.743.2278 @azornes Authoritative Independent Relevant© 2012 The MDM Institute