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  • 1. Welcome to Armenia ...On his descent from Ararat, Noah first stepped onto the land now known to the world as the country of Armenia, the country of talking stones...
  • 2. Virgin nature This amazing country with ancient history and wonderful nature will make on you an unforgettable impression...
  • 3. Churches 15.000 monuments of history and culture are spread all over the territory of Armenia making this country a unique open-air museum.
  • 4. Religion and alphabet
    • Armenia prides itself on being the first country to adopt Christianity as its state religion in 301 A.D.
    • Armenian has its own unique alphabet, devised between 401-406 c.e. By Mesrop Mashtots.
  • 5. Echmiadzin -ancient capital of Armenia, official center of the Armenian Church and the residence of Catholicos. The main Cathedral was built in 303 by Grigor the Illuminator.
  • 6. Lake Sevan - the largest and one of the highest/2000m above see level/ alpine lake of the world.
    • Sevan monastery built in 874.
  • 7. Garni-Geghard
    • The Hellenistic temple of Garni/1st A.D./
    • The monastic complex of Geghard was built in the 13th century.
  • 8. Tatev-Qarahung
    • The monastry of Tatev is the religious center of historic Siunik, was built in 9th century.
    • The first observatory Qarahung/car=stone, hung=sound/ has a history of 7500 years and scientists believe, that there is a tight conection between the Qarahung and Stonehenge in Britain/about 4000 years/.
  • 9. Khachqar or Cross-stones
    • Unique manifestation of Armenian national art, which in its form and type has no other equivalent in the world.
  • 10. Rich culture and traditions Lavash/national bread/, Duduk/national instrument/ and carpet.
  • 11. Tsitsernakaberd-Genocide
    • Armenian Genocide Memorial stands in a solemn silence on a hillside, where one feels the loving power of biblical Ararat.
  • 12. Fruits of Armenia Fructus Armenicus
    • The sun shines here around 300 days a year.
  • 13. Cognac and wine of Armenia
    • According to the Bible, Armenia is the cradle of viniculture and wine-making.
  • 14. Yerevan is the 13th capital city of Armenia, was founded in 782 B.C. The oldest city in ex USSR and one of the oldest in the world.
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  • 16. The famous Opera House in Yerevan is where many cultural events take place. Classical concerts, ballets and other performing arts are regularly scheduled here. It is a beautiful structure that makes it one of the landmarks of Yerevan.
  • 17. On one side of the Opera House is the Opera discotheque where many youths go for dancing at nights. There are several good discos in Yerevan and this is one of them.
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  • 19. How do Armenians celebrate the New Year?
  • 20. Armenians prepares to greet the New Year day with loads of amuse and pleasure where exchanging gifts amongst friends and family members is an important part. The reek of pastries and cakes envelopes the neighborhood as the Armenians arranges to welcome the forthcoming year.
  • 21. Nothing sounds more exotic to the Armenians than to welcome the first day of the year with colossal vigor and energy. No new year is complete in Armenia without the magnificent present of the traditional foods like Darin, Dolma, Kata and Anush Abur.
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