1.vocabulary meanings from context


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Vocabulary quiz for beginner to intermediate English learners. Source:RHL School website

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1.vocabulary meanings from context

  1. 1. Vocabulary: Word Meanings from Context 11. The news story was based on a letter that was a fabrication. Now the1. Poor Farmer Chevez labours sixteen hours a day and never has time for reporter who wrote the story is in big trouble. Will anyone believe hima vacation. He deserves better! Everyone should have at least one day a again?week for rest and relaxation. A fabrication is __________.A. plays C. works a. made of cloth c. funnyB. eats D. unions b. full of long words d. fake2. Its not that Im unfriendly, but sometimes I want to leave society 12. The reporter insisted that the letter he used was authentic. He saidbehind and be alone for awhile. that he had shown it to many experts before he used it in his story.A. people living as members of a group When something is authentic, it’s __________.B. homes with messy floors a. genuine, or realC. the fastest runners b. carefully writtenD. people who are afraid of Girl Scouts c. full of tasty worms d. very old3. Our new alarm system will wake up the entire neighborhood if anintruder gets in the house. 13. In 1975, Governor James promised to do something about the highAn intruder is someone who intrudes. To intrude is to __________. taxes in our state. She didn’t present a tax cut bill to lawmakers untilA. paint or repair old buildings 1985. It took her a decade to keep her promise, but better late thanB. wear ones shoes on the wrong feet never.C. go where one is not wanted or doesnt belong How long is a decade?D. be very noisy a. 75 years c. a century b. 85 years d. 10 years4. Those scientists want to hear what our professor thinks about theirtheory because he is the foremost expert in their field. 14. Your plan looks good. I hope it will really work. It’s time to implementA. The first or main one C. least informed it and see if it’s as brilliant as you claim.B. craziest D. loudest a. instrument c. change b. take apart d. carry out5.Fortunately, the dizzy spell was transient. He was able to continueplaying within seconds and had no trouble winning the match. 15. If your plan fails, we’ll have to find someone who can devise a betterWhen you describe an event as “transient,” you are saying that one.__________. a. designa. it sounds like a train c. it helps you win b. dislikeb. it is quite harmful d. it doesnt last long c. appliance d. to use peanut butter as toothpaste6. Brea and Elizabeth are having a dispute over which radio station to playat work. It would be so much simpler if they both liked the same kind of 16. Of course, I’m not saying that your plan is no good. I tend to bemusic. optimistic, so I won’t be surprised when you succeed.A dispute is a __________. a. expecting the best to happena. musical instrument c. discovery b. needing glasses to seeb. choice of music d. disagreement c. full of gas d. unselfish7. When they heard the good news about the court’s decision, the angrycrowd cheered and then began to disperse. “It looks like everyone is going 17. When your plan brings us great wealth, you will be rewarded for yourhome,” one reporter stated. sagacity.Which would be the opposite of “disperse”? a. good looks c. intelligencea. come together c. fly like a bird b. mistakes d. huge appetite for herbsb. smile d. sing 18. No matter what happens, I assure you that I will not forget how hard8. It’s a wonder to me how anyone can still be undecided about this you have worked on this project.election. These two candidates are certainly distinct. Each would lead our a. dare c. act like a donkeynation in opposite directions. b. promise d. forgetWhat does “distinct” mean?a. needing a bath c. clearly different Ryan is a great inventor. However, I don’t think that his latest invention,b. dishonest d. about the same age edible socks, is likely to be too successful. Not many people want to eat socks. There are some things in life that should remain inedible.9. Mr. Huge was very proud of his auto superstore. “We have such anextensive selection of cars,” he said, “so everyone should find a vehicle 19.Which word in the passage means “fit to be eaten”?that he or she will love!”The word “extensive” means __________. 20.Which word in the passage means “not fit to be eaten”?a. costing a lot of money c. having no colorb. large amount d. not enough 21. Marsha is really an introvert. When I took her to Jason’s party, she sat10. Friendship is a priceless thing. If Chris put a price, or conditions, on her in a corner without speaking to anyone. All she did was eat most of thefriendship, it’s no longer priceless. In fact, it’s not real friendship at all! snacks. The only reason she hangs out with me is because I never try toIf something is priceless, __________. force her to be sociable. She would never forgive me if I introduced her toa. it has a missing tag c. it has great value anyone.b. it has no value d. it is made out of rice An introvert is usually _____.
  2. 2. a. friendly c. unclean c. teach about or explainb. hungry d. shy d. disagree with22. Sunshine said, “Amber, why are you making such a big deal about 30. Both sides battled for years. They were very far apart and could findRobert’s hair? Yes, he did dye it purple. It is rather unusual for a guy to no way to make a lasting peace. When the fighting finally came to an end,have purple hair. On the other hand, it’s not exactly going to change the everyone was exhausted and embittered.course of world history. It’s really quite a trivial matter.” What does “embittered” mean?What does “trivial” mean? a. very angry c. humorousa. strange c. disgusting b. sour tasting d. resentfulb. unimportant d. dangerous 31. We walked slowly down the trail with great trepidation. No one who23. Both sides in the election contest are throwing accusations at each had gone this way had ever been heard from again. Had they simply foundother. The Gore supporters claim that Governor Bush is trying to thwart a better place to settle on this dark planet? We doubted that.the will of the people. The Bush supporters say that Mr. Gore is trying to Which word is a synonym of “trepidation”?create votes or assign choices to people who did not really cast votes for a. movement c. enjoymentpresident. b. worry d. laughterWhat does “thwart” mean?a. help c. block 32. Only an hour or so had passed before a tremendous roar shook theb. figure out d. tickle ground. At that very moment, a strange grey creature materialized before our eyes. It resembled a lizard in shape. It was about ten feet high at the24. There is a legal battle raging and the judges are concerned that time is shoulders and at least fifty feet long.running out. Lawyers are being asked to expedite the matter by getting What did the creature do?their paperwork in early. a. It whipped its tail back and forth.What does “expedite” mean? b. It stamped its feet.a. quicken c. sue c. It showed its sharp teeth.b. agree on d. discuss d. It appeared.25. The Florida legislature believes that it has the power to choose the 33. Kathy was looking for a strong but light material to use for making herwinner of the election if the courts haven’t finished their work by water jugs. Unfortunately, she chose noodelite. It proved to too porous toDecember 12. Both houses are controlled by Republicans and they would hold jelly.surely resolve the matter in Bush’s favor. A porous material _____.What does “resolve” mean? a. is good for holding things that you poura. cancel c. debate b. protects you in pouring rainb. consider d. settle c. allows liquids to flow through it d. is necessary for making bowling balls26. The election could actually end up being decided in the U.S. Congress.Al Gore’s vice presidential running mate, Joe Lieberman, and perhaps Mr. 34. We have rather lofty expectations for you, son. You will attendGore himself, would be able to vote on the matter. Some would argue college. You will become rich and famous. You will be elected president ofthat they should recuse themselves, but they would probably exercise the United States before you turn forty.their right to vote. Which word is a synonym of “lofty”?What does “recuse” mean? a. high c. smalla. step aside and not be involved b. shaky d. lowlyb. admit that you are wrongc. leave the country 35. Ashlee was not happy with her friend Samantha. “I’ve been waitingd. insist on being heard here for an hour!” she growled into her cell phone. “You’d better hie yourself over here,” she continued, “or we’ll leave without you.27. If you count all the votes in an area that heavily supports candidate A, a. hurry, or hastenand only some of the votes in an area that heavily supports candidate B, b. stroll, or walk slowlyyou’ll skew the results in favor of candidate A. c. float above the treesWhat does “skew” mean? d. greet in an unfriendly mannera. roast c. slantb. ignore d. ask 36. When Beth and Donna were fighting over a boy who didn’t like either one of them, Shana stepped in as a mediator. She sat them both in a28. The home team made sure that the officials were on their side. They corner and kept them talking to each other. Finally, Shana’s effortswon a close game and the championship with many questionable resulted in her two friends making up.decisions from the officials. However, no one from any other town would What does ‘mediator mean’?accept the winners as legitimate champions. a. troublemaker c. witnessWhat does “legitimate” mean? b. peacemaker d. competitora. real c. sneakyb. talented d. good looking 37. No one suspected that Jerry was a spy. On the surface he behaved like any normal citizen. When his covert activity was discovered and 29. Some people believe that lawyers are always working to see that announced to the world, we were all shocked.justice is done. On the other hand, some believe that lawyers only want to a. friendly c. loudmanipulate the legal system to get what they want. Could both sides be b. helpful d. hiddenright?What does “manipulate” mean? 38. The workers stood in front of the factory and wondered what to doa. control in a dishonest way next. The doors were locked and the windows were boarded up. Theyb. give help
  3. 3. doubted that they would even collect their final pay checks now that the a. very old c. very humorouscompany was insolvent. b. very wealthy d. very stingya. broke, or out of moneyb. hiring new workers 48. There is a very interesting article about solar storms in the Februaryc. changing a name 14, 2000 issue of Time magazine. It tells about how these disturbances notd. making too much money only affect spacecraft, but can also disrupt terrestrial life. For example, they have even caused automatic garage doors to open in one town.39. Kim was a very good substitute teacher. She liked working with third What does “terrestrial” mean?and fourth graders most of all. She especially liked discussing important a. of or on the planet Earthcurrent events issues with the kids. She had expected them to be b. protective of automotive equipmentindifferent to such grown-up topics as taxes and social security. She was c. solarpleasantly surprised to discover that they were really interested in those d. in or near a pondissues and wanted to learn more about them.a. similar c. not caring 49. “Michelle, I’m very upset about what you said,” Rosie stated firmly.b. very unusual d. gross “You didn’t come right out and accuse me of eating all your candy. On the other hand, your remarks about my love of chocolate were made for a40. Mr. Burke stood before his employees. They had never seen him in reason. You are insinuating that I’m the candy thief!”such a serious mood. “I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that your future What does “insinuate” mean?with this company depends on how hard you work,” he stated firmly. a. to keep something hot or colda. a girl again c. important b. to suggest without clearly sayingb. honest and trustworthy d. not responsible c. to do something evil d. to protect from disease41. “I am going to rescind the permission I gave you to use my toys!” T. J.announced angrily. “I thought you would take good care of them, but I 50. I think it would help our basketball team, if we allowed girls to play.was wrong!” I’ve seen how Patty has a knack for making the tough shots when they’rea. repeat c. continue needed most. She wants to play on our team and we’d win more gamesb. celebrate d. cancel with her help. What does “knack” mean?42. I am working very hard for the same candidate that you support. You a. to throw or toss c. a kind of sports bagare doing it for pay. I’m not doing this for money. I’m doing it out of b. a hard punch d. an abilityconviction.a. being found guilty c. anger 51. Prunella and Paula are sisters, but they’re very different. Just look atb. strong belief d. a desire to eat prunes how they dress. Prunella doesn’t care what she wears. Paula, on the other hand, is quite chic [sheek].43. It was a sad and haunting strain that met our ears as we entered the a. intelligent c. full of feathersold theater. There was a beauty in the voice that we’d never forget. This b. stylish d. dressed in old clotheswould be a special concert.What does “strain” mean in the context of the selection? 52. I looked at the plans for your new house. This is earthquake country.a. effort c. melody You need to fortify the frame or you’ll have a disaster with the firstb. injury d. filter tremor. a. shake c. strengthen44. I want you to weigh his words carefully. He seems sincere and b. build d. destroypresents his arguments well. There is, however, something that doesn’tquite ring true about the candidate. 53. Helen’s attitude toward dealing with criminals has changed over theWhat does “weigh” mean in the context of the selection? years. She used to believe that everyone can change and deserves aa. to measure the mass c. to think about second chance. She now believes that some crimes are so heinous thatb. to put pressure on a scale d. to be important those responsible should be shown no mercy. a. guilty c. accidental45. Michael is an ardent supporter of his presidential candidate. That b. terrible d. unimportantbecame obvious to me when I found out how much time he’s donated tothe campaign. Perhaps Michael knows what he’s doing. 54. There may be some parts of my plan to arrest the thieves that shouldWhat does “ardent” mean in the context of the selection? be changed. But I feel very strongly that renting the apartment over theira. old c. foolish headquarters is the linchpin of the scheme. We must do that immediately!b. intelligent d. very strong a. part that everything else depends on b. piece of metal used to connect things46. Mary, of course you’re overweight. You eat too much junk food. Even c. place where people liveworse, you exercise infrequently. d. a computer designed for police workWhat does “infrequently” mean?a. with a frown on one’s face 55. Amy was feeling low. Every business she tried lost money or madeb. at a gym only pennies a day. Her newest idea was selling chocolate covered babyc. while wearing heavy clothes shoes. She was convinced that it would be a lucrative business. Her friendsd. not often tried to warn her that it was not a certain road to riches. a. tasting great with vanilla ice cream47. Your uncle wouldn’t even part with a dime to help the kids pay for b. helping young feet to grow correctlytheir trip. That’s just one more example of his penurious ways. In c. showing no careful thoughtcontrast, many people who have much less money have donated a great d. bringing in a lot of money, or profitdeal to the cause.What does “penurious” mean?