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Set5 ict-question

  1. 1. SET5 ICT 2007SECTION AANSWER ALL QUESTIONS.1.Communication is an act of transmitting ___________.A.Messages B.Information C.Knowledge D.Data2. A/An ___________________ is the result of raw inputdata that has been processed by the Central ProcessingUnit into meaningful information.A.input B.output C.Storage D.processor3. The similarity of example devices in Diagram 1 belowis ___________________ device.mouse touch screen graphic tablettrackball DIAGRAM 1A. Pointing B.Indicator C.Input D.Output4. Modem stands for __________________.A.Motivator/ Demotivator B.Modulator/ DemodulatorC.Modelling/ Demodelling D.Modes/ Demonstrations5.It is a radio standard and communications protocolprimarily designed for low power consumption, within ashort range. It is also known as IEEE 802.15.1.A. Bluetooth B.Wireless Access PointC. Satellite D.Infrared6.______________________ is the first phase inmultimedia production.A.Analysis B.Design C.Evaluation D.Implementation7.What is the outcome of this flow chart if days equals to6 ?A. RM55.00B. RM65.00C. RM75.00D. RM99.008.The things that work together in an information systemare called the…A.Data B Computer C. ComponentsWorking D. Parts9.All of the following are parts of the information systemexcept.A.Buildings housing the computer.B.Instuctions to the computerC,Facts stored in the computerD.People who operate the computers10.Which statement below arecorrect about computer lawI. As a rule to control computer users.II. Depends on country and state wherethe crime is committed.III. As a guideline to computer users.IV. Must be followed by the user.A.I, II, III B.I, II, IV C.I, III, IV D.II, III, IV11.In ASCII code 00110000 equal to 0 and 01000001equal to A. What is the ASCII code for number E3?A.00110011 01000101 B.00110101 00110011C,01000101 00110011 D.01000101 0100010112. The three main types of secondary storage are___________________.I. pen drive II. magnetic mediumIII. optical medium IV.flash memoryA. I, II and III B.I, II and IV C.I, III and IV D.II, III and IV13. The implementation phase in multimedia productiontasks consists of:i. Creating texts and changing objects attributesii. Identify the problemiii. Inserting animation graphicsiv. Inserting audio objectsA.i, ii, iii B.i, ii, iv C.i, iii, iv D.ii, iii, iv14.Which type of control structure is represented by thefollowing pseudo code?BEGINRequest IDIf ID is equal to AK73G4J Thenprint “You are allow to access thedata base”Elseprint “Sorry, your ID is not correct”End IfENDA. Request control structureB. Repetition control structureC. Sequence control structureD. Selection control structureDisplay total salaryCalculate total salary(daysmultiply RM12.50)StartRequest number of days,RM12.50 each dayEnd
  2. 2. 15.Rearrange the pseudo code statement given torepresent a program that calculates a user’s result frommid year examination.The program will first request user’s identity cardnumbers. And then the system will Greet “Welcome” withthe user’s name . Then, the program will request user’senter type of the examination. After calculating, theprogram will display the result.I. Print user’s resultII. Print “Welcome” with the user’s nameIII. Request user’s identity card numbersIV. Request user’s type of examinationV. Calculate user’s total markA. V, II, III, IV, I B. V,I,II,III,IVC,. III, II, V ,I, IV D. III,II,IV,V,I16. Question below according to programming language.Choose the correct answer according to the table below.Final Result of ICTName StudentIDAverageMarksPassRosita 98502 72.50 TrueKokKeong98512 52.55 TrueMohan 98342 31.70 FalseZamri 98126 38.20 FalseDataType :X Integer Double Y(a) Define what data type for X ?A.String B.Integer C.Double D.Boolean(b) This data type is important to declarestatement True or False. What data type for Y.A.String B. Integer C.Double D.BooleanInstruction: Determine whether the answer is true orfalse17.The transistor is used to transfer electronic signalacross the resistor. True / False ]18.A WAN is a network that covers a large geographicarea using a communication channel that combinesmany types of transmission media such as telephonelines, cables and radio waves. [ True / False ]19.The terminator in a flow chart shows the beginning orend of a program.[True / False]20.Multimedia presentations involve two or more media[ True / False ]21.People can use information systems on their jobs withlittle knowledge and understanding on how they function.[ True / False ]22.Data is information that is meaningful to someone orsome say processed information. [ True / False ]23.ICT technology has created the term paperlessenvironment which means information can be stored andretrieved through the digital medium instead of paper.[ True / False ]24.Computer crime is defined as any criminal activitythat is related to the use of computers.[ True / False ]Fill in the blanks with suitable correct answerterminology.25. a.One function of ___________________ is to storeprogram and data for later use. (Storage)b.___________________ software helps computer tomanage the computer system. (Utilities)26._______________________ is one of the Internettechnologies that allow users to make telephone callsusing a broadband Internet connection.27. Answer statements A and B according to situationbelow.a. Operating systems that allow the network tocentralise functions and applications in one or morededicated file servers._________________________b. Serves extended enterprise, including definedsets of customers or suppliers or other partners.___________28. ________________is the collection andsummarization of data and information. It includes report,diagrams, programs, or any other deliverables generatedduring the system development cycle.29. Multimedia elements consists of graphics, texts,sounds, _______ and __________30.The user interface principles applied in designingmultimedia project are Contrast, Alignment,____________, Proximity, Emphasis and Repetition.SECTION B ( 20 marks) Answer all the question.1. State two types of application software and give anexample of each. ( 4 marks )Types of application software Example2. (a) What is computer ethics?_____________________________________________________________________(2 marks)(b) State a difference between ethics andlaw.( 2 marksEthics Law
  3. 3. 3. As an ICT student, you are given a task to develop amultimedia project. In order to do this project, youneed some hardware and editing software.(a)List two examples of hardware to develop multimedia.2 marks )i__________________ ii________________(b) State two editing software that can be used toproduce multimedia elements.( 2 marks )i__________________ ii________________4. (a) Give the meaning of Information Systems.( 2 marks)_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(b) State two types of Information Systems.( 2 marks )i._________________ ii______________________5 (a) List three types of translators. ( 3 marks )i.________________________________________ii. ____________________________________iii _____________________________________(b) Give a programming language that usingcompiler as translator. (1 marks)_________________________________6. Star Topology is one types of network topologies. Givetwo advantages of the usage of this topology in yourcomputer lab. ( 4 marks )i.______________________________________ii______________________________________SECTION CQuestion 1 :Figure 1 shows the some of the componentsof a computer system.(figure 1 at the end of question)Based on Figure 1, answer the following questions.a) Draw a block diagram to illustrate the informationprocessing cycle and give a brief description.b) Explain two functions of Kc) Explain two differences between M and N.d)d)d)d)d)d)d)d)d)d)Explain the difference between G and H.Question 2 :Figure 2Base from the Figure 2 give the definition of multimedia.
  4. 4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------.Question 3 :Figure 3Base from the Figure 3 give 2 differences between Text-based editor and WYSIWYG editor.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Question 4 :Figure 4Figure 4 desribe about medium of multimedia delivery.Desribe 2 differences between cd-based and web-basedmultimedia._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Question 5 :An Audio-Visual Room has been equipped with 10computers and a hub. As an ICT coordinator, you arerequired to set up a small network in the room.a) Sketch the topology for the room.[2 marks]b) Give two advantages of using a networkingrather than a stand-alone pc.[2 marks]c) Define the network communication technology ofExtranet.[2 marks]Question 6Figure 5 shows two different control structures used inprogramming languages.1. Define programming language and give oneexample of low level programming language.BeginRequestmark fromprogramMark>=50?EndPrint “Congratulations”Print “Don’t giveup!”BeginEnternumber ofworkingdaysEndPrint “SalaryAmount”CalculateStructure A Structure B
  5. 5. 2. Base on figure 5 , explain the difference betweenstructure A and structure B3. There are two types of programming approaches.Differentiate between structured approaches andobject-oriented in programming.
  6. 6. 2. Base on figure 5 , explain the difference betweenstructure A and structure B3. There are two types of programming approaches.Differentiate between structured approaches andobject-oriented in programming.