Mpc productivity conference 2012


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Mpc productivity conference 2012

  1. 1. FROM IDEA TO REALITY 16 October 2012 © 2012 Ada Vista Sdn Bhd Paat 015 4872 1345
  2. 2. THE BIG PICTURE 2 Ways To Increase Your Revenue 1. Create a better product 2. Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign
  3. 3. THE BIG PICTURE Evolution of marketing campaign Prints Radio TV Online PC Mobile
  4. 4. THE BIG PICTURE Evolution of online campaign Email Web Search Engine Social Media Apps
  5. 5. THE BIG PICTURE Evolution of Webpresentation Web Card (ADAcard) Micro Blog (Twitter) Web Log (Blogspot) Website
  6. 6. THE BIG PICTURE Business Card 2.0 - WEBcard 015 4872 1212
  7. 7. THE BIG PICTURE Anatomy of ADAcard
  8. 8. THE BIG PICTURE Anatomy of ADAcard
  9. 9. THE BIG PICTURE Anatomy of ADAcard
  10. 10. THE BIG PICTURE Anatomy of ADAcard
  11. 11. THE BIG PICTURE Anatomy of ADAcard
  12. 12. THE BIG PICTURE Anatomy of ADAcard 015 4872 1212
  13. 13. THE BIG PICTURE Anatomy of ADAcard
  14. 14. THE BIG PICTURE Business Card 2.0 - WEBcard 015 4872 1345
  16. 16. The evolution of Mobile Action Codes The next evolution in Mobile Action Codes Dial Us **A A O E DCD THE ENABLER 32728 Barcode Shortcode QRcode Facebook Twitter ADAcode ** • Easy to dial Mobile Action Codes eliiminate “Drop-Off” during the time a person reads an • Easy to remember advertisement and the time they can take an action. For example, a person may • Invite Action • No Web Pre-registration forget the ad when he has enough available time to visit the web or the store. • No credits consumed ADAcode is the only mechanism that utilises dialing, no additional apps, no Dial To Download smartphones, no credit and no delay. 01548721234 ADAcode Presenta on
  17. 17. QR Code QR (Quick Response) Code
  18. 18. QR Code
  19. 19. QR Code
  20. 20. QR Code 1 Locate an ad that has QR code. Make sure you have a Smartphone with QR code app installed. Scan the QR 3 2 code 4 This QR code takes you to the normal website. FACTS: • 32 million mobile phones in Malaysia • 30 % Smartphones • 15 % have Internet access • Only fraction knows how to use QR code • Even when readers successfully scanned. The result is hardly pleasant.
  21. 21. ADAcode – Off-line Mobile Bookmarker Dial Us 01548721341 Dial to Download eBrochure **STA B C S RUK Dial Us to collect 10 Starbucks Points **PREVE 10 Starbucks Points 10 percent off Dial to Download eBrochure Dial Us 01548721302 **A A D code Dial to Download eBrochure THE ENABLER **LA D O N R VER • Free dialing • Free Personalised Portal • Works for all telcos • Works with any phone
  22. 22. ADAcode – Dial to Download eBrochure [PROTON] Dial to Download eBrochure Dial to Download eBrochure 01548721301 **PREVE 1 Hi Azli, 2 3 Proton Preve Brochure: Proton Preve Brochure: 857 857 Portal: Portal: Login:21343 Login:21343 Pwd: XRT Pwd: XRT Email: reply SET your-name Email: your-email Un-registered Registered Personalised Email Personalised Portal
  23. 23. ADACODE Flow chart Proton Preve Brochure: 857 **2633 Portal: Login:21343 Pwd: XRT Email: reply SET your-name your-email CONSUMERS Dial Us **C D OE Dial% % to%Download! 01 548721 301 SMS Broadcast ADVERTISERS Email Broadcast
  24. 24. The ADAcode Platform – Data Mining Dial to Download 01548721301
  25. 25. MAHA2012 DAIL UNTUK MAHA2012 1800222000
  26. 26. ADAcode – MAHA2012 Engagement Module Before During Bookmark (Promotion) (Registration) (Paperless) DAIL UNTUK MAKLUMAT PROMOSI MAHA20112 DAIL UNTUK MENDAFTAR MAHA2012 DAIL UNTUK MAKLUMAT PAMERAN 01548721383 01548721388 01548721388 RUJUK SMS ANDA MAHA2012 23Nov - 2Dec 2012 MAHA 2012 MAHA 2012 10am-10pm Pendaftaran: MAHA-12-0323 Gerai #34-04 FAMA Map: Kunjungi Gerai #345 utntuk Lembu Baka Australia K3 potongan 40% setiap Brochure telah dihantar ke Click: pembelian. email anda di: ----------------------- XyTr BABAS Booth J32 Visit:
  27. 27. Dial To Download01548721234ADAcode Presenta on
  28. 28. AA d D car Have my Webcard Document Photo Icon Attachment Dialable tel number Embeded web address Brochure Shelf Business Card ADAcodeGPS compatible address QRcode
  29. 29. What if your business card could call you? And have video and photos? What if you could beam it to everyone. And they beam it to their friends. What if your name and logo were a button on everyones iPhone and Android? Welcome to ADAcard. Your own app in a minute. Custom Home GPS Directions - Speed Dial Button Facebook- and screen button Interactive Map Customers can call Twitter Integration Your logo Writing your address you straight from Let your customers prominently on puts a beautiful map your app. do the work for you! everyones iPhone into your app so Worlds most They can instantly main screen. Very customers can find impressive business promote your app to impressive! you. card! their own Twitter- and Facebook friends 11 Dial 015 4872 1277 21 Received SMS AA d D car Congratulations! Have my App Card This is your ADAcard link: Update and edit apps Youtube or Live - Remote control Audio- Video Stream to edit: everyones pocket! For TV- or Radio Visit: EXCLUSIVE FEATURE! stations or your own ADA ID: 1234 Change things (even commercials, music PWD: XRTY design) and they and videos. update on everyones 31 Customised iPhone who has your app. © 2012 Ada Vista Sdn Bhd
  30. 30. Mobile APPS 3 1 4 2
  31. 31. AA d D car ADA WEBcard leverage the online tools you already use. We keep it simple. Prospects read and keep all your products brochures right on their phone with eShelf. And to make it easy for your contacts to reach you, your ADAcard comes with address finder and advanced a achment facility to download your products informa on. Have% webcard% my% Custom Fav Icon Personalised subdomain A achment sharing with preview and direct addressing Custom App Icon with Facebook, Twi er and LinkINed Speed Dial and email shortcut Online Radio On Card Custom message Document Shelf with web links Business card ADAcode imageGoogle Map loca on Personalised QRcode and direc on ADAcard is free! Just dial 01548721277. You may personalised your subdomain by upgrading to ADAcard Premium for RM50 © 2012 Ada Vista Sdn Bhd Pa at% Azli% All ADAcard is installable as an App on Iphone and Blackberry
  32. 32. Malaysian Online Statistics • Internet Users – 17.5 Million Internet Users, – 5 Million on Broadband, – 10 Million on 3G • Internet Spending – 2010 – RM 1.8 bil (40% from local website) – 2014 – RM 5 bil • Internet Banking 2011 – RM 1.1 trillion 2.7 million users • RM100 mil via mobile commerce
  33. 33. Have my card, just dial this ADACODE: ™ 01548721 2 21 Ada Vista Sdn Bhd Free service. A er dialing, check your SMS. Founder Communication and Respond Founder Dapat Vista Sdn Bhd FounderListen to me :93.9 FM Azli On AirBernama Radio 24 Hamfest Malaysia Founder Malaysian Mobile Content Provider Azli Paat President 60193398905 Mobile Government Services 9W2FYI Advisor Ada Vista Sdn Bhd (890510-K) C3-3A-16, Solaris Dutamas, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, RakanCOP 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel: +6 03 6211 0878 | Fax: +6 03 6205 4232 Founder E-mail: |