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Power of like_webinar ComScore Power of like_webinar ComScore Presentation Transcript

  • The Power of LikeHow CPG Brands Can Quantify the Value andImpact of their Social Marketing ProgramsAndrew Lipsman, VP, Industry Analysis & MarketingNeal Niemiec, Director, CPG Marketing Solutions
  • 3 Things We‟ll Discuss TodayWhy now is a great time for CPG brands to use socialmarketingHow to apply the Paid/Owned/Earned Mediaframework to Facebook marketingHow to quantify Facebook marketing efforts andmaximize impact and ROI
  • comScore is a Global Leader inMeasuring the Digital WorldNASDAQ SCORClients 2,000+ WorldwideEmployees 1,000+Headquarters Reston, Virginia, USA Measurement from 172 Countries;Global Coverage 44 Markets ReportedLocal Presence 32 Locations in 23 Countries 1 Trillion Events Captured Monthly; 40% moreBig Data than the monthly page views of the internet
  • 4comScore Social Essentials™ complements FacebookInsights, providing competitive intelligence, behavioralprofiling, and behavioral lift measurement SOCIAL ESSENTIALS™ PAGE INSIGHTS Competitive Audience Insights & Reach & Frequency Social Lift for All for Own Brand Brands © comScore, Inc. Proprietary. 4
  • Nearly 1 in 6 minutes online is spent on social networks Social Networking Facebook008 Jul-2009 Jul-2010 Jul-2011 Source: comScore Media Metrix, July 2008 - April 2012
  • 6The Rise of the Visual Web
  • 7 Pinterest and Instagram among the fastest growing sites in the past year U.S. Unique Visitor (000) Trend Pinterest 30,000 Instagram 25,000 20,000 +12x Y/Y 15,000 10,000 5,000 0y-2011 Aug-2011 Nov-2011 Feb-2012 May-2012 Aug-2012 +6x Y/Y Source: comScore Media Metrix, U.S., May 2011 – September 2012
  • There has NEVER been a better time toengage in social media marketing… … but given the channel‟s importance, how can brands begin to quantify its value and optimize their efforts?
  • 9 Effective social marketingbegins with understanding and quantifying the synergies between paid, owned and earned media
  • Paid Media
  • 11Facebook is Yahoo! Google Microsoft 12% 4% 4% AOLby far the 3%largest Facebook 26%publisher Other 51%of onlinedisplay adimpressions Publisher Share of Display Ad Impressions Source: comScore Ad Metrix, U.S., March 2012
  • 12 Despite Social Networking‟s leadership in the display ad market, it does not attract its fair share of online ad dollars 27% Display Ad Impressions 17% Page Views 16% Time Spent Online 14% Display Ad Estimated SpendingSocial Networking Share of Key Metrics Source: comScore Ad Metrix and Media Metrix, U.S., March 2012
  • 1 out of 13 display ads are socially-enabled.Among CPG advertisers, 1 out of 8 displayads are socially-enabled. Socially- enabled Socially- 7% enabled 12% All Other 88% All Other 93% Display Ad Impressions CPG Advertisers Display Ad Impressions Total Internet Source: comScore Ad Metrix Social, U.S., August 2012
  • Owned Media
  • Top CPG Facebook Brands by Likes Brand Likes (MM) Brand Likes (MM) Coca-Cola 53.9 Starburst 11.5 Red Bull 32.9 Sprite 10.7 Starbucks Starbucks 32.6 10.2 Coffee Frappuccino Oreo 30.0 Reese‟s 10.0 Skittles 23.7 Heineken 9.6 Pringles 20.8 Kit Kat 9.5 Monster Energy 19.5 Pepsi 9.1 Ferrero Rocher 16.6 Guarana Antarctica 8.9 Nutella 16.4 Skol 8.3 Dr. Pepper 13.2 Dunkin Donuts 7.8 Source: Facebook, as reported on FanPageList.com, November 2012
  • 16Yesterday‟s Brand.com website istoday‟s Facebook brand page Skittles FB fan page had 14x more visitors than Skittles.com Skittles FB earned media impressions were nearly 150x greater than visits to fan page
  • 17The Facebook Newsfeed represents thegreatest opportunity for brand visibility Share of Time Spent on Facebook Profile Pages 12% All Other 16%Apps/Tools 14% Newsfeed 40% Photos 18%
  • Brand pages are springboards to success, butthe majority of brand impressions occur onthe Newsfeed – not the brand page Ratio of Earned Social Media Impressions Among Fans & Friends of Fans to Brand Page Visits 294:1 145:1 113:1 51:1 Skittles Pepsi Dr Pepper Oreo Source: comScore Social Essentials, U.S., October 2011
  • Earned Media
  • You have fans,Fan and they have friends Fan Brands have theYour opportunity to reachBrand Fan both audiences… at zero media cost
  • Brands control three basic levers thatdetermine social media marketing success Many brands don‟t consider these intermediary steps Brand Fans “Talk News Feed Goal: Messages Get About” Content Max Reach Fans Fans News Feed Spreads to Reach, in News Content Friends ROI Feed 1. Fan Reach 2. Engagement 3. Amplification
  • 22 QUANTIFYING AMPLIFICATION Top Facebook brands reach 0.5-2.0 Friends for every Fan reached with earned media Fans & Friends of Fans Earned Impressions and Amplification Ratios for Selected Leading Facebook Brands 70 2.5Exposed Social Impressions (MM) 60 Amplification Ratio 2.0 50 40 1.5 30 1.0 20 0.5 10 0 - Exposed Fan Impressions Exposed Friend of Fan Impressions Amplification Ratio Source: comScore Social Essentials, U.S., March 2012
  • 23QUANTIFYING THE VALUE OF EARNED MEDIAEarned impressions outpace paidimpressions for some brands Paid Media vs. Earned Media Analysis Social Media Impressions (MM) vs. Display Ad Impressions (MM) for Selected Brands 32.2 29.4 26.6 15.9 6.8 0.2 Monster Energy Oreo Dr Pepper Social Media Impressions (MM) Display Ad Impressions (MM) Source: comScore Social Essentials, U.S., July 2012
  • 24QUANTIFYING THE VALUE OF EARNED MEDIAHow much is all this earned media worth? Oreo: Paid Media vs. Earned Media Analysis Monthly Social Media Impressions (MM) vs. Display Ad Impressions (MM) 29.4 Estimated Annualized Value of Earned Impressions based on $3 CPM = 6.8 $1.1 Million Oreo Earned Impressions (MM) Paid Impressions (MM) Source: comScore Social Essentials, U.S., July 2012
  • 25HEAVY BUYER ANALYSISA significant percentage of Fans and Friendsare also moderate and light purchasers Distribution of Soft Drink Purchase Intensity Among Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and Coca-Cola Purchasers Total Internet 24% 26% 50% Soft Drink Purchase IntensityPurchasers Purchasers Purchasers Coca-Cola Exposed Coca-Cola Fans 38% 33% 29% Classic Exposed Coca-Cola Friends of Fans 33% 34% 33% Dr. Pepper Exposed Dr. Pepper Fans 46% 30% 24% Exposed Dr. Pepper Friends of Fans 46% 35% 19% Exposed Pepsi Fans 43% 27% 31% Pepsi Exposed Pepsi Friends of Fans 37% 36% 27% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Heavy Medium Light Source: comScore Custom Analytics, March 2012
  • Quantifying Effectiveness
  • 27Power of Like 2: Key FindingsAMPLIFICATIONBrands can meaningfully extend Facebookreach through amplification to Friends of Fansand help drive salesEARNED MEDIA LIFTThe causal effects of earned media exposurecan be isolated, and show lifts in purchasebehaviorPAID MEDIA LIFTFacebook advertising also shows evidence ofdriving lifts in purchase behavior Download full white paper at: www.comscore.com/like2
  • 28 EARNED MEDIA LIFT Starbucks earned media impressions drove significant lifts in in-store purchase Starbucks Fans & Friends of Fans In-Store Purchase Behavior: % of Exposed Group vs. Control Group Purchasing Starbucks Weeks 1-4 Following Earned Media Exposure Nominal Lift in Purchase Incidence% Reach of Exposed and Control 2.40% 2.12% 1.60 1.80% 1.40 2.00% +38% 1.20 1.54% 1.60% 1.36% 1.30% 1.00 Groups 1.20% 0.83% 1.00% 0.80 0.58 0.66% 0.50 0.60 0.80% 0.36 0.40 0.40% 0.17 0.20 0.00% 0.00 Week 1 Weeks 1-2 Weeks 1-3 Weeks 1-4 Nominal Lift Test Group Control Group Source: comScore Social Lift, U.S., February-March 2012
  • 29PAID MEDIA LIFTFacebook paid ad campaigns can drivepositive lifts in purchase behavior Retailer Premium Facebook Ad Lift % of Exposed Group Purchasing Online and In-Store Weeks 1-4 Following Paid Media Exposure 1.60% 1.47% +16% 1.18% 1.20% 1.27% 0.84% 1.00% 0.80% 0.46% 0.69% 0.61% +56% 0.40% 0.49% 0.37% 0.38% 0.39% 0.32% 0.19% 0.20% 0.00% 0.11% Week 1 Weeks 1-2 Weeks 1-3 Weeks 1-4 Online - Test Online - Control In-Store - Test In-Store - Control Source: comScore AdEffx Action Lift, U.S., September-December 2011
  • 30 WHAT’S NEXT? PAID MEDIA AMPLIFICATION Facebook paid ads can help reach a qualified audience at scale U.S. Audience (MM) Reached • In cases studied, paid ads amplified reach by by Paid, Earned & Both 4-6x earned media120 4.9x alone100 5.2x • In each case, audience 80 reached via paid had significantly higher 60 5.6x brand purchase and/or 40 engagement 20 • Conclusion: paid media 0 can help reach qualified audience at Retailer Mobile Mfr Financial scale Earned Only Both Paid + Earned Paid Only Source: Facebook-comScore Paid Reach Research, June 2012
  • Putting it all together: Paid, Owned, Earned
  • What Social Marketing SuccessLooks Like: A Virtuous Cycle PAID OWNED Quantify & Optimize EARNED Source: comScore Media Metrix, August 2012
  • 335 Things to Remember to Achieve SocialMarketing SuccessStop just collecting Fans: use them as a leverage point toachieve marketing objectivesReach Fans effectively: get them to engage and amplify yourmessagesKnow who you’re reaching & how often: tie these metrics backto your broader marketing strategiesQuantify value of earned media: compare earned to paid ads &put a $ value on exposures; measure „social lift‟Cultivate the ‘virtuous cycle’: Paid, Earned & Owned Media areintertwined and combine to help brands maximize impact
  • The Power of LikeHow CPG Brands Can Quantify the Value andImpact of their Social Marketing ProgramsFor questions, contact learnmore@comscore.comConnect with @comScore on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn