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  1. 1. ATRIUM… ‽ Azizur khan ‽ Manna Kashif ‽ Nikhil Mehta
  2. 2. Introduction..• Atrium is the latin word which is referred to be as open central court.• It is also called as the heart of structure.• It is an old architectural feature with a history of over two thousand years.• Atrium is a large open space of several stories high and having a glazed roof or large windows which are situated within a large multi-level shopping malls, luxurious hotels and prestigious offices.
  3. 3. Introduction..• Atrium are a popular design feature because they give their buildings "a feeling of space and light.• It is often located immediately beyond the main entrance doors.
  4. 4. Atrium Designed At Various Mall…
  5. 5. Inorbit Mall (Malad).. Circular shape atrium is provided beyond the main entrance. Escalators are provided on both side with hydraulic lift at center. huge space is provided below atrium for promotions ,childrens activity etc. Services like toilets , telephones, cyber are placed close to the atrium.
  6. 6. Inorbit Mall (Malad)..Rectangular shape atrium is provided over food court.Tampered glass and steel strips are used .Height of atrium is about 5 -6 m.
  7. 7. Infinity Mall 1 (Andheri)..Pyramid shape atrium is provided beyond the entrance.Open space area are used for events and promotional activities.Escalators are provided below the atrium.Materials used are stainless steel and laminated glass.
  8. 8. Study of Atrium At Infinity Mall 2 (Malad) ..
  9. 9. Infinity Mall 2 (Malad)..It is one of the best and finest mall in Mumbai.It is located in malad west.It is one of the largest atrium through out the Mumbai suburbs.Four atriums were constructed at infinity out of which 3 atriums were rectangular in
  10. 10. Infinity Mall 2 (Malad)..Oval shaped atrium is beyond the main entrance.Below the atrium there is huge space for promotional activities and event .Seatings are provided near escalators.
  11. 11. Atrium..
  12. 12. Plan And Circulation..Four storey mall excluding service floor and admin office. Total four atriums.Service for each floors were at sides of the mall.Sprinklers are at every floor level.Major portion is covered by anchor shops i.e. hyper market , big bazaar & hyper market.
  13. 13. Plan And Circulation..Large corridors which divides anchor shops.Food court and gaming zone are well designed .Multi plex , games zones & food court are placed on one level.
  14. 14. Likes.. Large space for events activities. Excellent flooring pattern. Seatings are placed on every corner of the atrium.Good use of open spaces.
  15. 15. Dislikes..Huge corridor space.Seatings at the center.Services like toilets , telephones, cyber are placed far away from atrium.Glass railings canbecome dangerousas breaking/fallingobjects interrorism orseismic event.
  16. 16. Comparison.. Infinity Inorbit Infinity 2 1 Atrium • Pyramid in • Circular in • Oval and shape. shape. rectangular in shape. Atrium • Tampered • Combination • Polycarbonat material. glass and of metal e sheets. steel. roof and laminated glass Services • Close to • Close to • Far away atrium . atrium . from atrium. Lifts • Placed near • Placed near • Far from the the atrium. the entrance entrance. and atrium. Gaming zone • Away from • Closed to • Away from the food the food food court.
  17. 17. Comparison.. Infinity Inorbit Infinity 2 1 • Majority • Well • Unsymmetric Seatings seatings on designed allly placed. 2nd floor. seatings on each floor. • Placement • Toilet • Gaming zone Positive point of lift near facility. and spacious entrance. food court. Negative point • small open ---------- • Huge space area. corridor space.