Voice of Silence

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New Poetry - December 2013

New Poetry - December 2013

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  • 1. The Voice of Silence
  • 2. The Voice of Silence I saw ... her eyes ... full of pain ... It reflects ... in my eyes ... I have ... she gave me ... a heavenly smile ... and said ...   "Does my love not enough ?”
  • 3. The Voice of Silence I close my eyes full of tears n ask myself,   “How did it happened ?”
  • 4. The Voice of Silence Why do I have to hurt someone I really love ? Just to give myself a shield not to get hurt ?
  • 5. The Voice of Silence She hugs me for the very last time n  wiped my tears and kissed my eyes cant' help but to hug her tight to feel the warmth of her love n find myself giving her a kiss while she was saying,   “it is only you who beats my heart"
  • 6. Is this I really want ? I thought she can be hurt in all things I have done but I was foolish to think that The Voice of Silence
  • 7. ‘cause it’s too late for me to know how much I hurt her … but I have to let her go n she must let me go coz I could hurt her again that much that she doesn’t   deserve ... The Voice of Silence
  • 8. tis the dawn I grieve er' the morn after dark I was born not this world nor this time how I wish I was blind to all I see all I do day to dusk hours few then the night moonlit watch upon the seas goddess touched The Voice of Silence
  • 9. The Voice of Silence I feel the waves the under tow pulls me down to where I go silent witness as last breath I whisper words nay I confess to love to beauty to all that's grand
  • 10. I do confess to this my plan to love you forever as ever I can dusk to dawn upon the sands hear my whisper as lips pull close so much at stake I will not boast but I am yours as you are mine soulmate found upon a time The Voice of Silence
  • 11. fly too high get up ... look at me ... n feel ... my love ... iz pure ... like ... this clear sky ... you’ll be ... right beside me ... let us fly ... I'll give you ...   my wings ...
  • 12. where the love has gone   it was one of those November evenings The sky was bright A cold breeze passed through the seashore and chilled my nerves Words Were Not Enough
  • 13. My thoughts went back to earlier times      The time was rolling through the tunnels of life    There was brightness darkness happiness and sorrow  Words Were Not Enough
  • 14. I saw Words Were Not Enough the flame of love burning in me on those days       How can I tell her ?   The time has changed me to some other mould neither good nor bad but a soul who like to share the passion
  • 15. What more ? She puts me in dilemma .. by asking a question .. in such a time .. when .. it cannot be answered ... I squabbled with my conscience ... and searched for words .. to give an assurance .. but words were not enough .. Time stand still in that vast night .. under the infinite sky .. when I failed to give her a definite answer ... nd say .. I will wait ...
  • 16. All what I ever wanted was your heart we be together & never be apart. No one could even compare with us   You're perfect love We have the same way I love you more than I thought I ever could. I promise to give you all of me I'll do anything,   to be with you ... Perfect
  • 17. I'll do anything, for living in your sea and on your sand our all my life   I see our present & future and by this way that you look to me I know we will last for ever I hope that one day you will come to realize the perfect love for you   in my eyes ...
  • 18. I'm Yu ... I'm you You make me laugh You Make me live You Make me smile You turn my life upside down.   Believe in me i'm You now .. I'm afraid ...
  • 19. I'm Yu ... I need you more than you can believe, Love you more than you can conceive. Think about you every night and day   I want you I cannot find happiness without you   You make me & I'm you
  • 20. Give Me Yu ... Show Me you are for me .. love is asked me to stay the staying is happiness show me what me to be lend a hand give me you
  • 21. I carry your heart with me anywhere I go you go   loving you is in my vein loving you is my hope   the wonder that's keeping the star in my heart .. I Carry Your Heart
  • 22. IN MY HEART I know .. I feel your love so deep inside my heart   I will take YOU and only you I want I know God will grant me ...
  • 23. Sit by those blue waters keeping our eyes on each other None will dare to seize Stars will appear like a dream Moon will skim on the water there will be the fragrance of silence   Let’s feel the infinite love in that time of sand Give Me A Life
  • 24. I love you like the sky that hides the moon in vein I love you like my soul secluded with a brim of hope I Love You
  • 25. Somehow through the days I don't give in I hide my tears That wait within but then through sleepless nights I cry again Why did you go ? Don't you know ? I need you
  • 26. I keep hoping you'll come back to me let it be Please let it be please end These sleepless nights for me Why did you go ? Don't you know ? I need you
  • 27. When I’d lie awake If only I could tell you how I feel Sleepless at night Well I remember the sleepless nights
  • 28. I would walk around the earth To have another chance with you Spend the evening, paining thoughts of all you do
  • 29. Have you ever loved someone? Hard to find Could you ever love someone? When I’d lie awake Fix me I’m on my own
  • 30. Yesterday the yellow lights had all gone grey Black and white swallowed the light of day And as you laid and cried a million eyes All turned their backs to protect your lies And God above and the ones you love Couldn't even tell they were too caught up
  • 31. You're so alone and all I can't help but see On the back of my eyelids the darkness
  • 32. These sleepless nights never felt so long Your bloodshot eyes never looked so wrong
  • 33. I can feel the night is calling Calling out to you Tossing turning   I’m learning How to keep my mind off of you
  • 34. Pulling Through as the nights get longer Time’s standing still It’s the pain you’re feeling deep inside You need some love to pull you through Pull you through the night now
  • 35. Pulling Through morning’s getting closer and you wonder why It’s the pain you’re feeling deep inside You need someone to pull you through Pull you theough the night now
  • 36. Can’t take no more of these Sleepless nights – driving me crazy They’ve got me losing my mind All night the phone keeps ringing I’m nowhere to be found Your mind is racing and always chasing You know I’m running around Running Around
  • 37. You have no clue to what I’ve been through You tell me I need to feel your love tonight Give it to me   Right ? Let Me Feel Yur Love
  • 38. Yu are .. the perfect assasin .. All do yu luv .. Yu destroy .. Yu came to me.. Unwanted .. Uninvited .. like yu do .. but .. did yu win .. No .. I survived .. is this the end .. Nop .. This is .. the beginning .. For me to walk ... I Survived ..
  • 39. in your life .. you will find .. a person .. your forever .. your one true love ..   the love .. between you .. will go beyond words .. and be spoken deep .. within the eyes and heart .. this feeling .. this connection .. will never be broken .. this will truly show you .. what forever means ..   forever .. Forever ..
  • 40. the dreamz .. of today .. can come true .. Dreamz .. our wishes .. for the future ..  are only limited .. to our desire .. never give up .. on what .. your heart desires .. Love is .. the key .. to every lock .. And with faith .. in God .. LOVE .. and Each Other .. we can have them .. all come true ..
  • 41. when you smile .. i smile with you .. when you laugh .. i laugh with you .. when you cry .. i cry with you .. when you love .. i am the one .. who loves you too .. Love Yu too ..
  • 42. I can see .. that you've been crying You can't hide it with a lie What's the use in you denying That what you have is wrong The Truth Between The Lines I heard her promise you forever But forever's come and gone she would say whatever It takes to keep you blind To the truth between the  
  • 43. it's Now or Never I will love you more than that I won't say the words Then take them back Don't give loneliness a chance listen to me when I say I will love you more than that you deserve much better What's the use in holding on Don't you see it's now   or never
  • 44. Don't Say Goodbye There's not a day that passes by I don't wonder why we haven't tried It's not too late to change your mind So take my hand, don't say   goodbye
  • 45. feel my love for you I'm sitting on the porch Wind blowing through my hair Life goes on around me I don't participate I go through all the motions But what I really do is wait I dream about the day That you'll come to me Nothing else is important Why can't people see? I don't want to go out I don't want to do a thing Until all is said & done
  • 46. feel my love for you They took you in the summer Now fall is almost finished Winter is here And the year had diminished You have no idea how much I cry I never let you know It's so hard out here without you I must pretend all is fine Everyone thinks all's okay But what I never ever tell them Is that I cry for you every day
  • 47. ..I miss you when something is troubling me because you are the one who understands me so well. ..I Miss Yu
  • 48. ..I Miss Yu I miss you when I laugh and cry because I know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear
  • 49. ..I Miss Yu I miss you all the time but I miss you most when I lay awake at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent with each other for those were some of the best times of my life
  • 50. I love your soft kisses. I love your soft touch. I love the way you bite your lip. I love you so much I Love Yu soooooo Much
  • 51. I love the way you look at me. I love the way you smile. I love the way you're shy sometimes Every once and a while. I love it when you look at me When I'm not looking at you. You think I do not realize it But really...I do. I love the way you cuddle. I love the way you sleep. I Love that I Love Yu.
  • 52. I love the way you rub your neck when you are thinking so deep. I love all of you Your nose your lips your hair your feet. I will never stop loving you. You are so amazingly sweet. I love that I love you. I have loved you from the very start I Love that I Love Yu.
  • 53. I Love that I Love Yu. I LOVE ALL OF YOU I now hand you the key to my heart ..
  • 54. I'd like to run away from you but if I were to leave you I would die I'd like to break the chains you put around me And yet I'll never try Love Hurtzz
  • 55. You mean a lot to me I sit alone, wishing you were here, For I miss you so much my dear. How can I enjoy this beautiful day, Knowing you are so far away.
  • 56. You mean a lot to me The sky is a soft shade of blue, With only a fluffy cloud or two. But, my heart can not appreciate it, For it is all alone here that I sit.
  • 57. You mean a lot to me If only we could be together, Storm clouds or sunny weather, Would make no difference, you see, If only you were here beside me.
  • 58. You mean a lot to me Love is such a wondrous thing, And much happiness it can bring. But, with you so far across the sea My total happiness just can not be
  • 59. No matter what you do you drive me crazy I'd rather be alone But then I know my life would be so empty As soon as you were gone Impossible to live with you But I could never live without you For whatever you do I never, never, never Want to be in love with anyone but you Only Yu
  • 60. You make me sad You make me strong You make me mad You make me long for you You make me live You make me die You make me laugh You make me cry for you I hate you Then I love you Then I hate you Then I love you more For whatever you do I never, never, never Want to be in love with anyone but you Only Yu
  • 61. You treat me wrong You treat me right You let me be You make me fight with you You make me high You bring me down You set me free You hold me bound to you I hate you Then I love you Then I hate you Then I love you more For whatever you do I never, never, never Want to be in love with anyone but you Only Yu
  • 62. Why do I love you ? Because I finally learned what the word means and you were the one who showed me. I didnt have a choice when you told me you loved me, I didnt have a choice when I told you I loved you too Why do I love you ?
  • 63. Look .. Feel .. Look in my eyes and you will find me, but look in my heart and you will find you.
  • 64. There are millions of things that I want, but only one thing I really need. I was thinking how it drives me crazy just to feel your hand in mine, and how simple that is. only one thing I really need ..
  • 65. People say Yu can only fall in love once, but every time I hear your voice I fall in love all over again. Find my soul and I’m yours forever. My Luv
  • 66. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  • 67. Angry words are spoken as she walks out My heart lies broken like glass hitting the floor I turn away so she can't see the tears I cry I know it's over but my heart wants to give it one more try Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  • 68. I remember when we were so much in love I thought this love was a gift straight from heaven above but the storm clouds came and our love faded like the night seems nothing pleases you all we do now is fight Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  • 69. Where do broken hearts go when good-bye is the only thing to say   You can't hold on to a love that faded and slowly slipping away I should get on with my life and mend my broken heart but   where do broken hearts go to get a brand new start ? Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  • 70. If words Could say ... what I feel for you ... I Would cherish them ... in my heart ... I Would warm them ... in my hands ... I Would Whisper them ... in your ear ... If words Could say ... And If I Keep my silence ... I Hope you will understand ... That words are only words ... So I just look at you and smile ... My Inaccessible love ...
  • 71. Depth of My Love I can't find the words ... that could tell ... what i feel ... deep inside ... I can't find ... the Voice ... to speak ... to your heart ... I can't find ... the feelings ... to show you ... I Care ...
  • 72. Depth of My Love I don't know ... what to say ... I feel ... like ... i am falling ... in love ... everytime ... i see you ... I feel ... like ... you were ment ... for only me ... I feel ... like I need you ... with all of my heart ... But ... i still dont know ... what to say ...
  • 73. You Are My World ... I want to tell you ... that you are my world ... with this voice ... that rings in my head ... And I want to show you ... that I love you ... more that you could know ... with this expression ... that is locked in my heart ... I want to say to you ... that you are my all ... but u still can't find ... the words to say... I Love You Till the END ...
  • 74. I'm by Your Side Together ... we may struggle ... but without you ... all I feel is pain ... Sometimes ... I may seem confused ... but ... there is one thing ... that will never change ...
  • 75. I'm by Your Side The feelings ... I have for you ... don't fade ... or go away ... They continue ...  to grow stronger ... each day ... with every kiss ...
  • 76. I'm by Your Side Life ... without you ... is something ... I can't imagine ... From within my soul ... it's you I'd miss ... We both have scars ... with memories ... that can not be erased ... but ... together ...  we are stronger ... In your hands ... my heart ... has been placed ...
  • 77. This is a choice ... I have made ... I understand ... the risk I take ... Please hold my heart ... dear to you ... Careful to never break ... If you do stumble or fall ... please don't forget ... to gather all the pieces ... It's your choice ... of what to do with them ... My love ... for you ... never ceases ... I'm by Your Side
  • 78. A Treasure .. I understand ... this world ... more ... then you may know ... I could believe ... in fate ... and put up a fight ... But ... you and I ... are not written ... Although ... there is a truth ... I'd like to write ... A Treasure ...
  • 79. Remembering When ... my hand ... is wrinkled so ... it's you ... that I will still want ... you know ... As my hair ... turns silver ... and gray ... remember me ... as I was yesterday ... we loved ... each other ... with ease ... Remembering
  • 80. Remembering Now ... your hand ... I hold ... you ... keep me warm ... as it turns cold ... Remembrances ... of years ... gone by ... we both smile ...   ... we both sigh
  • 81. I am not asking yu .. to continue ..  m only asking .. to stop  ..  this is breaking .. my nerves .. nd me ..  m tryin .. to tell yu ..  that yu are .. carrying me .. to that stage .. where .. nothin will remain .. me .. Or .. anybdy to ..   fight Stop Please  ..
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