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New Poetry …

New Poetry
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  • 1. Unsaid
  • 2. My Life
  • 3. The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said, or never explained
  • 4. My life..  My choices..  My mistakes..  My lessons.. God will never put me through anything i can't handle ..
  • 5. try to forget me nd I will let yu remember
  • 6. dA wAy I'm don't allow me to luv yu, coz then, I will force yu to luv “ME” ..   don't allow me to come near yu, coz then, I will force yu to chase me ..   don't make me crazy for yu, coz then, I will force yu to be insane ..   this iz dA wAy I'm .. :)
  • 7. dA wAy I'm If I sacrifice something for yu, don't make me regret .. If I kill my feeling for yu, don't let me grow a feeling of regret over it .. If I leave my loved ones for yu, don't leave me .. If I give up my luv for Yu, luv me more .. Make me feel more loved If I irritate, handle me .. Coz there is something behind this irritation
  • 8. dA wAy I'm If I am silent, find reasons of this silence .. If I am lost, find me otherwise I will be lost forever .. If I am avoiding yu, it means I am avoiding a conflict .. nd if m gone, come to me .. to shed some tears nd put some flowers where I rest .. 
  • 9. I Rise from the ashes I rise Now .. I am strong because I've been weak. I am fearless because I've been afraid. I am wise because I've been foolish.
  • 10. Memories I ponder .. my thoughts .. here .. as I sit .. Basking in the sun .. here on the deck My thoughts drift .. in and out .. like the tides .. Playing out .. Memories .. throughout my life .. Like a movie .. I see them so clear .. Despite the dust .. added over the years ..
  • 11. Memories I have felt sunshine I have felt rain Conquered storms yet the scars remain I have lost Loved ones along the way Though I carry them in my heart everyday Wounds were healed by a lover's touch A new part of life has just begun What the future holds I do not know I embrace this life wherever it goes
  • 12. Sittin' crying a river Sleepless night feelin' sick Because I can' stop thinking how she mistreated me I don't believe you left like this I'm tired of my heart Being broken I'm tired of these tears Falling down my face Why
  • 13. Why I'm tired of this love Being taken For granted why did you go away? There's one thing I must ask you why you took your love away?
  • 14. Miss You miss you like I miss a flower in the morning miss you like I miss the rising sun miss you like I miss the beautiful moon miss you like I miss the bright stars up in the sky miss you like I miss a beautiful bird high up in the sky miss you much
  • 15. I wish I wouldn't have this pain Those last words  yu said to me then Those last words before I run Yu shouldn't have said that yu were gonna leave my side coz since yu left  m scared  wana hide hunted Hunted
  • 16. A Shadow of Fear am afraid to come out coz voices keep telling me to stay nd wait for yu The spirit dat I had has become a shadow of fear words are all I offer A dream is wat I have It will never be real But without this I can not   live ..
  • 17. I Refuse .. sometimes .. i think .. Whats’ .. Ifs’ .. Thens’ .. but .. i already know .. it's no use .. i do still miss .. the times .. but .. i don't want .. to think .. about the past .. I refuse ..
  • 18. So Much to Say .. what are you .. still doing .. in my mind ? why do I hope .. you think of me too ? there is .. still so much .. to say .. but .. it's too late .. and .. time went ..   too fast ..
  • 19. Memories remember .. everything .. like it was .. yesterday .. I know .. what .. we had .. I had the chance .. to know you well .. to remind .. myself .. sometimes .. how it used to be .. how great it was .. together ..   you and me ..
  • 20. Girl in the Mirror I see a girl .. in the mirror .. she is crying .. nd think .. who she really is ? but then .. she sees .. her past .. nd think .. how .. it cud be like this ? now .. she wants .. to make her life .. different .. then her past ..
  • 21. her past .. is what she wants .. to forget .. real fast .. she thinks .. dat she has been hurting .. other people .. now .. she is all alone .. nd wants .. to tell everybody .. how she feels .. Girl in the Mirror
  • 22. Unhappy wat is it like ? people tell me .. to laugh .. don't look sad .. but .. I don't know .. what it's like .. to be happy .. I keep falling down ..
  • 23. Unhappy but people .. keep telling me .. NO .. you cant go ..  we won't let you .. they won't let me .. people tell me .. to laugh .. don't look sad .. nd not to cry .. but they don't know .. what it's like .. to be just like me ..   so unhappy ..
  • 24. Uncried Tears tears again .. tears .. full of pain .. I've lost .. my way .. thoughts .. running trough my head .. but .. wid my uncried tears .. I cud fill .. another sea ..
  • 25. If I Die .. I know .. how it feels .. wen you fail .. Questions .. about .. life nd death .. the pain .. inside .. nd sometimes .. I juz run .. and hide ..
  • 26. people are liars .. wen they say .. It will be all right .. wonder .. who experience .. da world .. the way I do? they don't feel .. emptiness .. they don't cry .. without knowing ..  why .. they don't think .. about death .. how many people .. wud care .. If I die .. If I Die ..
  • 27. don't know .. where to begin .. seemz .. my love .. for you .. is juz a waste of time .. useless efforts .. impossible .. for me .. to forget ..  thoughts of yu .. Too Lost in Yu
  • 28. Every day .. I get up .. to start .. a fight .. against .. myself .. too weak ..  to win .. lost .. my feelings .. trust me .. I will find my way .. With .. or .. without you .. Too Lost in Yu
  • 29. Question Pain .. is the greatest .. yet worst thing .. that scar's my life .. nd still .. one question .. Why ? Why me ? why can't I be happy ? it seems .. dat this question .. will drown .. in da river .. of my pain .. a question .. dat will never be ..
  • 30. Broken Quit .. playing games .. wid my heart .. Juz .. be honest .. nd say .. you don't love me .. yu' ve caused .. so much pain .. can't you see ? It's hard .. for me .. to believe .. but .. there is no more .. i hope .. some day .. i'll be okay .. for now .. I think .. it's better ..   this way ..
  • 31. Gone yu were alwayz there for me yu held da key to my heart but   somebody turned da card nd yu forgot da facts yu walked out the door so alone don't know wat went wrong don't know wat to do every tear dhat falls down iz a memory of yu   wish yu could hear ...
  • 32. i pray for da will to fight against feelings of emptiness can't take it anymore can't sleep anymore can't dream anymore can't love anyone anymore yu have a part of me can't you see come back can still see yu juz a memory may be Why are yu gone ? Why are Yu Gone ?
  • 33. I tried to tell you but yu just wouldn't listen after all we've been through the end is now so near I guess it had to be this way but i don't fear coz where I'm going i will be happy nd you will regret but it'll be too late ..
  • 34. some things happen Juz because of words those have been stabbing down in my heart nd I made this decision coz I know that I couldn't live like that all yu said I hope that now wen I'm gone Yur pain   will forever stay ..
  • 35. I'm Sorry I'm sorry .. that I said: I'm sorry I'm sorry .. I told yu things .. wich I shouldn't tell .. but I couldn't save this hell .. Sorry for telling yu my deepest pain.. Sorry for telling yu  my fears .. Sorry for telling yu dat I'm so scared .. I hope yu don't mind .. coz I still don't understand ..   why I told you ..
  • 36. Why ? Yu said yu loved me but yu were going to break my heart Yu said yu would love me forever If yu really meant forever Then say yu will try Coz yu once said forever nd that makes me cry ..
  • 37. Goodbye I can’t talk to yu anymore I need to say goodbye I need to walk out  nd all I can do is cry I remember yu said once ..  dat I was the one   yu needed ..
  • 38. Second Time Yu are leaving .. Yu say .. dat yu are annoyed .. Yu cant stay .. I'm left behind .. Yu are now out off my world .. I waz always there .. but wen my life .. waz a nightmare .. nd wen I waz cryin .. Yu left me .. alone .. dying .. 
  • 39. Second Time I know .. there will come a day .. wen you will call me .. nd wen you will say .. “are Yu happy ..?”   nd wen you will say .. these words .. Yu will break my heart ..   for da second time ..
  • 40. I Hate Yu I hate the way you talk to me .. I hate it when you stare .. and the way you read my mind .. even worse you when you make me cry .. I hate it when you not around .. but mostly, I hate the way .. I don't hate you .. not even close .. not even a little bit .. not even at all ..
  • 41. Gone gone with the winter .. gone with the spring .. gone for tree season .. gone, but soon back .. I'll see you in summer .. then … you'll come back to me .. and we'll be together ..   for eternity  ..
  • 42. full of tears. are you gonna leave me again ? after all these years .. please hold me .. don't walk away ... Coz I just want you to stay .. I wanna love you for .. just one last day .. Now I see I'm too late Too late to ask Someday I will ask it again Someday .. Someday it will happen ..
  • 43. Tears thinking .. about good times .. slept .. wid tears .. in my eyes .. wondering .. why would this happen ? i can't make you .. love me .. is it my life ? you're still there .. and I'm still here .. but .. I don't know .. what we are ? slept with tears .. in my eyes .. thinking .. about our good times .. nd you..
  • 44. Mask in the mask .. performing my role .. striving things .. that are useless .. and vain .. deep inside .. filled with pain ..
  • 45. Mask mask .. gives me confidence .. protects me .. shelters me ..  a safe place .. to hide .. nd I wear it .. wherever I go .. no fear .. a long time ago .. i let it in .. nd it became .. part of me .. like a second layer .. of skin ..
  • 46. nd yet .. so painfu .. it knows now .. weakness .. nd offers no surrender .. holds me .. but what is the price .. for the armor I wear .. the vibe .. the terror .. nd the pain ..  is driving me .. so insane .. i scream ..   nobody hears me .. Mask
  • 47. Please, Don't Go I'm weak ? maybe I'm strong but what it means wen you say “yu are leavin” i go inside nd close all doors as so many times ive done before
  • 48. Please, Don't Go don't know wat to do more I've tried to hold on to wat we've had nd go on all these times I've to deny wat I feel inside If I could I would beg you to stay down on my knees "Please, don't go .."
  • 49. I look back can't leave It all behind memories .. sunshine .. rain .. smile .. gentle touch .. pain .. a billion reasons how ? I wish .. I was strong .. I wish .. Yu knew ..  who you are .. nd what yu mean .. to me .. you are ..   a part of my dream ..
  • 50. She came Quietly without a warning filling my heart with hope nd belief .. now she's leaving as quietly as she came getting wid her all hopes nd shattered belief .. will never remember even my existence "Forget-Me-Not"   will be forgotten ..
  • 51. Why You why now? why you? why me ? can't believe you're gone can't believe you're done wish to have one more day Wish to say .. I love you I need you Don't go away I want you to stay I want you here
  • 52. Why You but now you've got wings to fly in the sky won't forget you're still mine
  • 53. In a haze I hear you say You want  to give up everything I listen  how your words Slowly finish into sentences They strike me like lightning This chillness makes me crazy nd this feeling is frightening But your words keep running nd I feel my tears burning Wat's been so safe and so secure Falls down like a house of cards Why
  • 54. Why It's like someone else Crawls into your heart sneaked in To wipe me out nd destroy my life Why didn't you tell me before That you didn't love me   anymore
  • 55. It's hard letting go Of something that was so good for so long but maybe it's the only way of keeping the happiness of all those times together nd maybe someday we'll come to understand Why it didn't last forever! Someday
  • 56. Ifs & Whys.. if arms are made for holding why can't I hold yu ? why can't you see I really need you here wid me why can't my life be perfect .. why don't you want to be wid me ? why do I feel pain thinking that you're never thinking about me!
  • 57. why does love hurt wen it's supposed to feel good ? why isn't my life not like it should ? why can't yu give me one chance to prove my love ? I will never be able to leave yu   behind .. Ifs & Whys..
  • 58. Day after day .. yu make me cry .. Some days .. yu even make me die .. It isn't easy .. for me .. I just don't get it .. Is this now ? how you want it ? Do you really wana see me cry ? Do you really want .. a last goodbye ? Last Goodbye
  • 59. the things yu do the things yu say make me believe yu luv me nd the next moment yu make me realize yu hate me why yu do this ? m I a fool ? wen the other day yu say that you really want to be wd me for eternity is it true ? Why Yu do this ?
  • 60. Why I Keep Thinking Why is it so hard for yu to understand Yu betrayed Yu said yu loved me but yu weren't the pain hurt every moment like hell It doesn't stop tears are wat yu sell Don't yu understand the damage yu have done ?
  • 61. first I was afraid to stand up nd told yu how I felt now am afraid I don't know anymore if m still standing high I shiver wen I think about how yu yelled Why I Keep Thinking
  • 62. Why I Keep Thinking I think it's wrong desiring the one who once wounded my soul I don't want to speak I don't understand Why I still love yu It doesn't make sense why I keep thinking
  • 63. At night I lay wid my hands behind my head I have a wish I think it might come true going to sleep I try I can't nd know why I fall asleep knowing I'll be wid yu in tonight's dreamz Can't go to Sleep
  • 64. Yu walked in my life .. I wished .. i could be wid you .. hold yu really tight .. nd never let yu go .. i knew .. dat would be right .. but .. yu left .. it hurts so bad .. i don't know .. if it's wrong or right .. A lie .. if it's wrong .. Yu say it's right .. Right or Wrong
  • 65. Right or Wrong If the world changes .. yu act .. like you're still the same .. If there are no angels .. yu say .. that we are not to blame .. if hell doesn't exist .. then heaven is a lie ..
  • 66. around all around the storm clouds gather the night falls as if slain by the sun soulless It is a night of darkness life flares once then dies My Salvation
  • 67. madness grows as the angry hand falls against my naked soul It wounds me blood drips to the thirsty earth In agony I hang my head My Salvation
  • 68. My Salvation Now alone my soul falls upon darkened eyes am dying here bound to darkness finding my way through this hurtful agony heart so empty and torn beams of moonlight enter this darkened place as I kneel
  • 69. always in pain always lost frozen here waiting this darkness so betrayed a deathly emptiness this is my salvation My Salvation
  • 70. I don't need yur attention All I need right now is "Myself" Me and my knife So shut up and leave me Please, just go away I don't need all this bullshit Maybe another day You can't help me now I have to do this on my own Go listen to your own shit I beg you, just leave me alone! The only way
  • 71. Give me a moment for myself I need to save my life It will all be okay Don't worry about that knife Won't kill myself this evening Just some scratches which I need I know you won't understand But on the inside I already bleed You've already accepted my wounded inside So please accept the outside too I know it isn't a great solution But it's the best thing I can do The only way
  • 72. The injury I'll cause Won't be as bad as the ones inside But you won't see them They're much easier to hide Someday I won't need it By knowing other ways to express But for now I need it It's the only way to control this   painful mess! The only way
  • 73. Broken glass Keeping my head up A cut in my pulse Staying alive I don't feel any pain .. Again .. Again .. I do it once more pain is inside me now I can feel it It's streaming very slow It's begin to less Pain is over..
  • 74. Another Disillusioned Day Pain Another disillusioned day has passed da only thing I wanna do is to run run away from da pain but it is bound with me like I am chained my life is like the rain so many tears wana sleep nd never get off
  • 75. don't wana feel sad but no there is just more pain instead vanished dreams slipping away don't care oh God this isn't fair my heart deserved better eyes closing feeling wind in my hair falling on the floor hope you won't keep me lying on the floor Another Disillusioned Day
  • 76. Can't Even Remember Everyone is trying to tell me something but I don't hear them have I been too hard on yu ? I can't remember Are yu mad at me? I can't say All I want is yu m disappointed nd a little surprised can yu really blame me? then why am I feeling   guilty?
  • 77. Love Hurts Life .. Has it any meaning anymore ? .. 'coz it was you I lived for .. only seemz to leave this all behind... helpless nd powerless
  • 78. I'm Waiting I'm waiting for you to see .. the deep look of my eyes coz I'm sick of all the lies seemz I have to to wait Forever ..
  • 79. a place alone where I can be it's juz a dream i try to reach it but every time hope is taken away again by the things you say every day my sorrow grows Alone
  • 80. Alone i try not to cry but tears rolls slowly falling in the darkness the coldness of my fears with frozen thoughts surrounds
  • 81. It hurts to know Every time I think about you I still feel the hurt You've caused me   you told me that you were afraid to be left behind so you left me first It hurts to know