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If Tomorrow Never Comes

If Tomorrow Never Comes



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If tomorrow If tomorrow Presentation Transcript

  • If I knew it would be the last time that Id see youfall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly andpray the Lord, your soul to keep ...
  • If I knew itwould be the lasttime that Id seeyou walk out thedoor, I wouldgive you a hugand kiss and callyou back for justone more ...
  • If I knew it wouldbe the last timeId hear yourvoice lifted up inpraise,I would video tapeeach word andaction, and playthem back
  • If I knew it wouldbe the last time, Iwould spare anextra minute ortwo To stop andsay, "I love you"...Instead ofassuming you knowI do...
  • If I knew it would be the lasttime I would be there to shareyour day, Id be sure itwas your best, before
  • For surely theres always tomorrow to make up foran oversight, and we always get a second chance tomake everything right.There will always be another day to say "I love you",And certainly theres another chance to ask"Anything I can do?" 
  • But just in case Imight be wrong,tomorrow never comesand today is all I get,Id like to say howmuch I love you and Ihope we never forget.
  • Tomorrow is notpromised to anyone,young or old alike,And today may be thelast chance you get tohold your loved one tight...
  • So if yourewaiting fortomorrow, whynot do it today ?For if tomorrownever comes,youll surelyregret the day ...
  • That you didnt takethat extra time for asmile, a hug, or a kissand you were too busyto grant someone, whatturned out to be theirone last wish ...
  • So hold your loved ones closetoday, and whisper in theirear,That you love them very
  • Take time to say "Imsorry," "pleaseforgive me,“ "thankyou" or "its okay",And if tomorrownever comes, youllhave no regretsabout today...