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  • 1. © 2003 - 2014 TALENTWISE, INC. 1.877.893.1665 / SALES@TALENTWISE.COM / TALENTWISE.COM INDUSTRY TRENDS TALENTWISE O F F E R S C R E E N O N B O A R D HR TRENDS FOR 2014: WHAT’S HOT, WHAT’S NOT MOBILE No doubt about it, this is mobile’s moment, and it will be dominating the conversation for 2014. Organizations are scrambling to react to the demand for mobile-friendly solutions to everything, as employees get more and more attached to their digital tethers. The impact on every aspect of HR is undeniable, from recruiting to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies. It started with playing “catch up” by making websites and other tools mobile-friendly, but it has gone far beyond that. New possibilities that didn’t exist before are cropping up, including reaching out to new audiences, as mobile device ownership becomes a global norm. The new norm is constant connectivity – and it’s a vital part of the candidate experience. Look for this to be only more pronounced in 2014. VIDEO The way that people consume their information has changed tremendously in 2013. Just as preferred communications are shifting from email to shorter forms like text, preferred information delivery is moving from the static written word to visual. There has been an explosion in video tools for HR, from video interviewing to employee training and ongoing learning. Got an employee handbook that no one is reading? Make it a video – the information just got delivered. Hat tip to Virgin America, whom transformed the boring safety information traditionally delivered by disinterested flight attendants at the beginning of a flight into a hilarious, entertaining safety video that has every passenger knowing exactly what to do in the unlikely event of a water landing. HR needs to leverage video in the same way. SOCIAL TOOLS Social media was the hot thing…well, maybe a decade ago. Now it’s all social tools for a more productive workplace. We’ve gone from organizations banning Facebook at work to help productivity to using it to communicate with employees. Other social tools like Yammer are booming as WHAT’S HOT communication moves from one-on-one emails, which lead to siloed information, to open sourced networks that pool collective knowledge. Organizations are using company wikis and other platforms to share information at an unprecedented level. Home Depot is just one of the organizations that has had stunning success with this – realizing that their own employees are their greatest sources of information, for both internal process and customer-oriented information. An internal platform connects them all and taps into their collective knowledge. TALENT ANALYTICS We all know we’re in the era of Big Data, but few understand it. For a long time, detailed analytics were only of value to the largest enterprise organizations. But with better tools and better reporting, even the smallest organizations can’t afford to ignore analytics. They can provide a bonanza of insight into where your best hires are coming from, which type of employees are successful in the long run, and how to keep your employees engaged and happy at work. Data can also identify hidden costs in overlooked areas, and help refine processes. Did you realize how long it took you to hire for that one type of position? And how much unproductive time was spent waiting for them to start? Didn’t think so. OPTIMISM This seems like an odd one for the list, but after years of sobering economic news and chilling employment reports, there is a new buzz in the air. All economic reports are showing that 2014 is going to bring a hiring boom. Organizations that have been holding tight are finally loosening the reins. Part of this is driven by tougher competition for top talent, which seems to get tougher and tougher, particularly in the technology fields. Another thing driving this is unprecedented movement of the workforce – the days of a “20 years at a company” norm are a thing of the past. So in 2014 HR is going to have to be, to paraphrase a famous movie, “ABH” – Always Be Hiring. Better make sure you’re doing it as efficiently as possible. ayltics Mobile Stack Ranking Employees 9 to 5 Traditional Job Board Org ChartsAnnual Review Talent Anayltics Mobile Stack Ranking Employees 9 to 5 Traditional Job Board Org ChartsVideo Annual ReviewTools Talent Anayltics MobileOptimism S9 to 5 Traditional Job Board Video Annual ReviewSocial Tools Talent Anayltics MobileOptimism 9VideoSocial Tools Talent Anayltics Mobileism Stack Ranking Employees 9 to 5 Traditional Job Board Org ChartsVideo Annual ReviewSocial Tools
  • 2. © 2003 - 2014 TALENTWISE, INC. 1.877.893.1665 / SALES@TALENTWISE.COM / TALENTWISE.COM INDUSTRY TRENDS TALENTWISE ABOUT TALENTWISE TalentWise is a technology company that’s transforming the most important job in any organization – hiring new employees. TalentWise has built a single, cloud-based online platform that automates the hiring process from offer letter to screening and onboarding, and ensures the very latest in regulatory compliance is built-in. The result is an efficient and seamless experience for HR and new hires alike. TalentWise has been consistently recognized for its superior customer service, making Workforce Management’s “Hot List” for the last six years, and has been ranked by HRO Today in the “Baker’s Dozen” in the categories of “Overall” and for “Quality of Service” for the last seven years. TalentWise will continue to invest in the solid marriage of technology and service, which has made it the leader in the industry. We believe our SaaS solution is unique in the HCM industry, bridging the gap between recruiting and talent management. Our software solution seamlessly integrates with ATSs on the front end and payroll and talent management systems on the back end. The result is a single hiring solution that manages the process from the moment an offer letter is extended until the day a new hire is productive in their role. Our leadership team is committed to revolutionizing the hiring process – one hire at a time. STACK RANKING EMPLOYEES It was the review system employees and managers both loved to hate. It made news in November 2013 when Microsoft abandoned the controversial review system, which was criticized for suppressing true innovation. Forcing all employees into a stacked rank led to capricious rankings, unhealthy competition, and lottery-type evaluations. What happened if you had a team that worked together well and exceeded expectations? Too bad – someone had to be the loser. This system is on its way out. 9 TO 5 WORKDAY This one has been dying for a while, but 2014 will bury it. Where and when you work has become fluid, as technology has outpaced the time clock. With today’s “always on” workforce, more work is being done at all hours, eliminating the need for the morning commute, and sadly, the 5 p.m. quitting hour. Face to face meetings will always have their place, but if your employee is most productive from 8 p.m. to midnight, and has a 3 p.m. yoga class, why not? A “one size fits all” approach to work is no longer necessary for many jobs. TRADITIONAL JOB BOARDS The days of “Post and Pray” are over. With the war for talent ratcheting into high gear, recruiters are going to have to get more creative. Social recruiting is just hitting its stride, and common recruiting practices are becoming obsolete faster. Networking and niche job boards are going to be the way to find top talent in 2014. ORGANIZATIONAL CHARTS The traditional org chart with its pyramid of importance, is becoming a casualty of the new collaborative work environment. Innovative companies are ditching it altogether, saying it just divides people. Instead, people should be looking at circles of collaboration. Zappos just took it a step further and eliminated all job titles in favor of a “holacracy.” An employee should be able to work with anyone he or she needs to in order to get the job done, even if it’s the CEO. THE ANNUAL REVIEW This might become a relic like the organizational chart. It’s more likely it will evolve, as the new order of the day is continuous feedback. Once a year isn’t enough to effect change – feedback needs to be immediate to make an impact. The across-the-desk meeting with your boss seems formal and dated. Look for many small touch points - like weekly emails or texts to mentor and support or redirect efforts – to become the new model for employee evaluations. TalentWise is committed to being on the leading edge of HR technology and thought leadership. Follow us on our social networks to keep up on the very latest from us. Stack Ranking Employees Org Chartsiew Talent Anayltics Mobile Stack Ranking Employees 9 to 5 Traditional Job Board Org ChartsVideo Annual Review bile Stack Ranking Employees 9 to 5 Traditional Job Board Org ChartsAnnual Review Stack Ranking Employees o 5 Traditional Job Board Org ChartsAnnual Review ng s Org Charts WHAT’S NOT