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Autumn in My Life
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Autumn in My Life


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Poetry ..

Poetry ..

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  • 1. 28.11.13 07:40 AM
  • 2. God is always there Forgiving, guiding and always protecting us Giving us another chance each day Another reason to hope for as we journey in our lives. And to live with the people around us.
  • 3. People People survive wars People survive disasters People survive pain People survive sadness People survive hurt People survive people   So why wouldn't I ?
  • 4. Infinite Sadness a ray of light of golden red sun breaks the cold and bitter night I repeat the unspoken words that were not meant to be drowning myself in infinite sadness the words, written on a line that you will be mine and intense will be Love that rises above as a ray of light breaks the bitter night
  • 5. sitting alone once again thinking of my life My past is passing me by lot of pain lot of tears That's how I remember it a lot of days I could only cry hope was faded away wanted to say goodbye to everything A Fool
  • 6. A Fool Sometimes I still cry in nd outside But that's different   in da past I wanted to say goodbye to everything what was I   a fool
  • 7. A Fool Coz if I really said goodbye I had never felt this lovely feeling deep inside a great feeling, called love nd m so thankful for finding my love It's making me stronger day after day There were time that I wanted to say goodbye, Now   I want to live !
  • 8. Loneliness s tearing me apart. How can find a way o your heart? Now, omorrow and 'till he end of time. Let me surround you with all my love. t's all I have been hinking of. want you n my life. But if I lose you it will cut me like a knife. I don't want to play a role. I just want to give you   my soul. Unanswered Love
  • 9. When you feel all alone inside your heart, don't be scared to fall apart. in these moments I'll be always near. Even though not physically, sure I'll be there for you Like a guardian angel following you, wanna protect you in anything you do. Have no fear, I'm Nea
  • 10. As time flies by I'll always be around, even when you're nowhere to be found. Deep in your soul there's no dying light, but a strong being prepared to fight. Think of me when you feel so blue, 'cause then I'd run to you. Wanting to hug you and give you all of me, that's what I'm gonna do Have no fear, I'm Nea
  • 11. Have no fear, I'm Near No need to say 'I love you' anymore, that's something you already know from before. Only when we die there'll be our goodbye
  • 12. sitting here .. alone .. thinking ..  it through .. trying .. to convince myself ..  dat m not losing yu ..   why can't yu .. just forget da things .. I've said ? It was so strong ! where did it all go wrong ? tell me why ! m swimmin' .. against da tide .. nd m praying .. for a life-line .. 'coz .. m losing yu .. Losing Yu
  • 13. Losing Yu are yu giving up this fight  ? I can't stand .. won't stand .. losing yu .. Yu don't have .. to say a word .. It's in yur eyes .. nd I know .. losing yu .. iz just too much .. for me to take .. tell me why .. I won't stand .. losing yu .. won't stand .. losing yu !
  • 14. Teardrops It doesn't matter how hard I try, to keep you inside I realize I'm floating, so I've got to blink my eye Its okay to loose, Its oke to let it out, no reasons left to deny Once the first drop slides against your nose just remember, I feel them growing in my eyes now, but I know there'll come   dry nights
  • 15. ake me away, don't want to see nother day ake me nto the screaming silence f Hell. Give me rest, et me heal Don't want o be a part f this spinning wheel. Go away nd never come back. ou killed me with your roken promise Hate
  • 16. Lonely Soul I have never seen the sun for real, just a reflection of its beauty. Just a wink of an eye, like the love I need so hard. The pain, the anger, they all fill space in my mind, empty the heart, bit by bit. Every day i hope and pray, every day the gaps get bigger, every day more lonely, every day more hidden, every day a piece of me dies,
  • 17. until my heart became empty, that was the day i couldn't die no more... and yet... i keeps on   livin' Lonely Soul
  • 18. Fool Things will never be the same m lost in your eyes, and caught by your name ... My memories are black as a cold and lonesome night nd my soul is lost in a never-ending fight There's a chill in my bones it's keeping me close... close to your dreams as mad as it seems show me the ways to hate your name forever... Coz m acting like a complete fool, always having my heart set on you...
  • 19. please listen to the things I gotta say... you know I love you in every way you know wanna be with you so bad, but why is it that when I'm with you I'm always sad? I know I'm supposed to be strong ..but... how can I... why can't you see without you I can't be ..but... if it's gonna be like this I can't go on Listen
  • 20. so if you keep treating me this way I'm gone... I just wanna say with this words the way you treat me   HURTS...!!! Listen
  • 21. Painful Goodbye Hush now, don't say a word Unspoken thoughts, I've already heard Time has passed and the distance is great We can't recover tracks it's too late
  • 22. Painful Goodbye Our love will forever be bonded in time In a beautiful child, both yours and mine Who could of known just how it would end I still love you and will miss you This pain is great and hard to hide... Yet through all the memories, I'll say Goodbye.
  • 23. my morning .. starts to shine .. with teardrops .. in my eyes .. nd .. here I am .. alone .. starting to realize .. that my days .. would be brighter ..  if I could learn .. to hide .. the feelings … that .. If I could Learn to Hide
  • 24. these feelings .. keep hurting me .. inside .. then my day begins .. with simple thoughts .. of you .. hoping .. that tomorrow .. will be me ..  and you .. sharing dreams .. with each other .. nd making them .. come true .. holding one another .. Saying … "all I need is you" If I could Learn to Hide
  • 25. but .. will you say .. that you love me .. nd show me .. that you care .. say .. when I need you .. Yu will always .. be there .. but if you go .. and leave me .. this I swear .. is true .. my love will .. always be ..   with you .. If I could Learn to Hide
  • 26. now .. my nights .. would end .. with just .. one wish ..  that you .. hold me .. in the dark .. and help me .. make it through .. coz .. the pain .. That is .. inside me .. Would simply ..  melt away .. If I had you .. here with me .. And promise me .. you stay .. Pleas e Stay
  • 27. Looking back for the years … There are so many things .. I would do ... Saying more “I Love You” … Being around more … showing I care … There’s so much of my life … I’m wanting to share … Looking Back
  • 28. Life gets a bit complicated … Doesn’t always go your way … Time flies by … then “I’m Sorry” Becomes hard to say … Looking Back
  • 29. Looking Back Distance and responsibilities … May keep us apart … But Love is the bridge between … Our two hearts …
  • 30. Where is she ?  Where has she gone ? In her own wonderful world .. Playing her own sweet song .. In a world full of wonder .. Where everything is right .. there is music and laughter .. From morning till night .. Wanting to feel wanted .. Held and feel love .. Praying for a miracle .. From Our Wonderful God .. Joy’s World
  • 31. Joy’s world is .. Flowers .. sun .. and rainbows .. A love .. that flows .. and grows .. Wanting .. to feel wanted .. To be .. in love one more .. Wanting to know .. What’s behind .. that closed door .. Joy’s World
  • 32. A perfect love .. Created for you and me .. True love forever .. Like you find in a good book ... Hand in hand .. As we stroll among the pines .. Sweet words are whispered .. It's a love that binds .. I love you the same .. As when we said .. 'Till death do us part .. Forever and ever .. You'll live in my heart .. Endless Love
  • 33. Show You Care How can you walk by ? Pretend you don't see .. Is your heart as cold .. What if this were you ? What if your life fell apart ? What if people ignored you .. Showed you no heart ? Friends Spot
  • 34. Show some compassion .. Reach out to others .. Show them you care ... It could be you one day .. If we don’t learn to share .. Show You Care
  • 35. There's nothing .. that can .. keep you away .. from me .. not wind .. not fire .. not raging sea .. Not distance .. or time .. friend or foe .. Your love .. shines the way .. I can see it's glow .. Your Love is a Candle
  • 36. Your love's like a candle whose flame Never dies It's a comforting touch a word a sigh It's a promise kept a smile a caress It's the look in your eye it's your loving kiss Your Love is a Candle
  • 37. Love finds a way to connect two hearts. Brings two together so they will never part Love shows two people a love that's true. Brings to their lips the words "I love you." Love Finds The Way
  • 38. You are a wonderful blessing A treasure from above. I love your laughter warmth and special charm Your thoughtfulness and love. You bring me a special joy, Special Blessin
  • 39. Special Blessing With every year that passes, You are more special than before. Through every stage through every age, I love you more and more
  • 40. Oceans Of My Heart My heart is filled with love that is forever true. So many feelings so much love for you. My heart is filled with memories secrets, dreams and love. Filled with wishes I made on the stars above.
  • 41. The oceans of my heart overflow with love for you You complete my life. Your loves' a dream come true So many emotions fill the oceans of my heart. When you came into my life, my life had a new start. Oceans Of My Heart This love I feel feels Oceans deep. You forever I'll honor and keep. Everyday I'll live to be forever with you. You are my everything, I'll always love you.
  • 42. Being Away The last few days ... have been so hard to bear .. Away from my love .. who's so far away .. It's hard for you .. to hear .. What heart has to say ..
  • 43. Being Away My heart sings a love song only your heart can hear It makes my love known it's loud and clear It sings a soft quiet tune whispers I love you. I'll be kissing you soon.
  • 44. Come to Me From this day on I'll be forever at your side No more lonely tears will you ever cry, You'll always hear what my heart has to say I promise you my love each and everyday. My heart sings a love song in soft quiet tune Come home to me and kiss me soon
  • 45. Your Wish, Your Dream Remember all the dreams, the wishes made on the brightest star. Did you ever wish for true love ? Did you ever wish for happiness, health a good life ? Have you ever wished on the brightest star, for me to be your life ?
  • 46. Your Wish, Your Dream I'm your wish your dream your love forever more I'll be everything You wanted, ever wished for and more. I'll be your life, your lover, Your wish come true. I'll always be yours, I'm so much in love with you.
  • 47. Your Wish, Your Dream I'll grant all your wishes make all your dreams come true. Bring you happiness, never sadness or ever hurt you. I promise all my love, you'll always be the one. I'll honor and cherish you until ours days on earth are done.
  • 48. Words I Didn't Tell You My Heart was filled with love the day we said 'I do‘ Today I feel so alone, am I losing you ? Your stubbornness and pride are tearing us apart. My love for you is strong, I must share what's my heart.
  • 49. Words I Didn't Tell You Are you sorry you hurt me, Holding your feelings deep inside. The words you wouldn’t say, hurt more than if you’d lied. Telling you my feelings is so very hard to do, but from the bottom of my heart, I truly do love you.
  • 50. Truth and forgiveness are a part of this love we share. Just open up your heart and show me that you care Show Me that You Care
  • 51. I Love You The love we have is buried just below our self-doubt. Let this love surface, then our hearts will shout: 'I Love You'
  • 52. I Love You you'll know my love is true. Never again will there be words, I didn't say to you.
  • 53. Come Home To Me I reach out to touch you you aren't there, I have so much to tell you so much to share. My arms ache to hold you my lips miss your kiss, I need you ' it's your loving' I miss.
  • 54. Come Home To Me When I close my eyes, I see you there, Holding me close saying you care. In my dreams you at my side, When I awake, I'm left with only these tears I've cried.
  • 55. Come Home to Me Come home to me make my dreams come true. Let me feel your touch, let me show you I love you. Let me hold you tight, make love to you, Come home to me I'm feeling' so blue.
  • 56. Come Home to Me Don't let one more night past with us alone and apart. I feel so lonely, it's breaking my heart. I know you'd be with me, if only you can.
  • 57.