Achieve success
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Achieve success






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Achieve success Achieve success Presentation Transcript

  • Lessons – To Achieve Success
  • Write down what you want to achieve Keep it brief – perhapsthree outcomes. Monitor what happens. Dont feel bad if youmodify your plan – life is about change. Whether yousucceed or not, learn from the experience.
  • Learn From Other PeopleNotice what other people do and learn from them. You cangain from their successes and their mistakes. Experience isa harsh teacher, but less so if its someone elses experience
  • Embrace ChangeIf people and ideas didnt change, wed still be in the StoneAge
  • Take ResponsibilityRemember, you are responsible for your own development.If you dont want to bother, who else will ?
  • Recognize Your WorthThink about how others benefit from what you do. If youdevelop yourself, those benefits will increase. Your self-development is for others as well as for you.
  • Think About ResolutionsBefore you make a resolution, make sure you really want thechange. If you dont, you wont keep it up, then youll think uplots of excuses and feel guilty. Think of the excuses now. Ifthey seem valid, you can decide now not to do it, and skipthe guilt.
  • Challenge, Not StrainSet yourself goals that are just out of reach. If your reach forthe impossible you are setting yourself up for failure. If youstick to whats easy youre denying yourself the triumph ofachievement.
  • Accept Some WeaknessesWe are all weak in some ways. We can be well balancedwithout being good at everything. If youre ham-fisted, donttry to make a career of painting Faberge eggs. There areplenty of other areas for self-development.
  • Keep At ItTheres no such thing as finished self-development. You cango on learning, changing and renewing for all of your life
  • Story Continues … Life Goes On …