Media Art (Digital Media) Design Project 1 (FYP)
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Media Art (Digital Media) Design Project 1 (FYP)



My slides for Media Art Project Design or FYP for 2012/2013 session in MMU.

My slides for Media Art Project Design or FYP for 2012/2013 session in MMU.



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    Media Art (Digital Media) Design Project 1 (FYP) Media Art (Digital Media) Design Project 1 (FYP) Presentation Transcript

    • PROJECT PROPOSALTheme: The Art and Science of Urbanism and MediaResearch Topic: Fashion TrendAim and ObjectivesMy aim is to make a unique, interesting and artistic medium to attract the public andaudiences to know about the fashion trend in the urbanism lifestyle that can provideinteresting experience and a bit of information about fashion designThe objective is to study more on variety of fashion selection, to find out what type offashion style that people in the public will prefer more, what influenced them to wear thatparticular type of clothes and how well they know about the traditional and the currentfashion style.MotivationFashion is an interesting subject that I would love to study and make a piece of art from it.We can see different type of clothing and fashion trend that people are wearing in everyday,thus making us (and me) to learn more on how, why and what sort of things that influencedand happened in/to the trend of fashion in our daily life.
    • Precedence StudiesLiving Fashion: Womens Daily Wear 1750- Limited / Unlimited July 20121950 Humanity in Fashion Award
    • RESEARCH AND ANALYSISProblem Statement- Finding out better and accurate information from the public about type of fashion is hard- The choice of fashion or clothing in the public is too large- Not much media content that gives much information about the fashion.- Need more interesting media and event that talks about or showcases fashion trend issueResearch Method- Observation- InterviewLocation for observation/interview- Busy place around KL, like Bukit Bintang and KLCCGeneral Questions For Interview- What type of clothes that people like to wear?- Do people wear certain clothes actually been affected by something or just simply wearing them?- If affected by something, is it mostly because of: * Media/People Influences? * Weather? * Events? * Personal preferences? * Customs Practices? * or anything else…..
    • Observation ResultsBased on the observation that I did in the part of the research: Popular trending fashion, like PunkMost people wear simple and less and Gothic are no longer appearclothing in the hot weather in the public Teenagers like wearing stylish clothing more than the adults
    • Sketches
    • Interview ResultsThe interview was done based on my previous observation. This is to get moreAccurate opinions and information. Here are some general responses: “Our fashion lifestyle is mostly influenced by the international media than in the local. The best example is the current trend K-Pop from Korea” “We actually love our traditional costumes, just not really a good idea to wear them in the public area.” “People will wear fancy clothes when they attend any special events” “Wearing a nice, good-looking fashion is not only because of its popular, but also to show that we can afford to wear them.” “Fashion is more on visuals, rather than telling it in words, or describe it”
    • “Fashion is more on visuals, rather than telling about it in words, or describe it” MODA Fashion Show in Pavilion, KL- The event showcased some weird design and unique fashion style- Unique fashion can only be seen on unique event, such as fashion show- The fashion showcased did not have any proper description and reason; it is merely focusing on visual of the clothing design.- This fashion show has become my main focus and idea for the project.
    • CONTEXTUAL STUDIESSocial ContextsFashion is focusing more on the appearance of the people in the public. So, fashion falls under thesocial contexts category. The fashion or clothing style of the people makes an interesting ‘interaction’to the public.Cultural ContextsFashion also plays a big role in the cultural lifestyle. The best example is in Malaysia, we have threemain race cultures; Malay Chinese and Indian. Each cultures have its own unique traditional clothingthat determined the customs or old ancestors practices.
    • IDEA DEVELOPMENTFor the final project, I decided to do projection mapping on the objects that involves projectingvideo/motion/visual from the projector to the stage area.The idea is about the projection mapping of a fashion style that available in Malaysia. The mannequin isused as a human figure that indicates urban people in Malaysia. The mannequin will become a people orcitizen or resident of a Malaysia that tells you how the urbanism societies will depend on our fashion typeand trend. As the mapping goes, it projected the animated visuals (whether animation, motion videos orspecial effects) to the mannequin and the stage background.There is no interaction for the viewers to try. The installation is almost like a showcase videos. Theinstallation also almost the same as fashion show events.The idea was heavily inspired from the previous project done by LCI Productions.
    • Choosing MannequinsFor this idea development, I need to know more and understand on how to do a betterprojection mapping effect. At this point, I need to think about on how to handle the position themannequin with the area space or stage and also choosing the type of mannequins.The mannequins are usually built with open postureswhere most of upper body parts are exposed widely,for easy clothing display. It is better to find themannequins with their upper body parts exposed,rather than with folded arms that blocked the view ofthe chest area.
    • Montage Storyboard
    • Functional Specification Worksheet and Budget Product Price (RM) Mannequin -Small - Plastic 250 -Large - Plastic 400 -Small - Fiber Glass 300 -Large - Fiber Glass 600 Projector 1,200 Personal Laptop 3,000 Wall Panel (Wooden Board) 300
    • Concept Artworks
    • Small Prototype
    • Poster Design
    • Teaser of the project Video link: