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Microsoft word 2007

  1. 1. Microsoft Word 1 2007 29/11/2010SENA MICROSOFT WORD 2007 Guía practica para utilizar Word | Félix Alberto Gaitán Sogamoso 1
  2. 2. Microsoft Word 2 20071. Installation and utility for Microsoft Word2. Microsoft Word-working environment3. Procedimientos descriptivos 3.1.1.Steps to enter and exit in Word 2007 3.1.2.Steps to open or save a file 3.1.3.Steps to insert wortart styles 3.1.4.Steps to work with office button 3.1.5.Steps to work with the format box 3.1.6.Steps to insert bullets and symbols 3.1.7.Steps to place type, style of font, size, color, underline and effects to the text style 3.1.8.Steps to format a table 3.1.9.Steps to change upper and lowercase 3.1.10.Steps to configure a page 3.1.11.Steps to insert equations 3.1.12.Steps to work with forms and formats giving wordart styles 3.1.13.Steps to insert chart 3.1.14.Steps to print a file 3.1.15.Steps to insert brand water and frameset document 3.1.16.Steps for inserting comments to your document Steps for working with text boxes Other useful software to perform jobs and benefits of each processortexto(Microsoft_Word_etc) 2
  3. 3. Microsoft Word 3 2007Do Microsoft WordconfigurationFirst everything when we have the software introduce it boxed cd in the Tower, when weintroduce it gives us a screenshot of the software information and wants to install it.In this case we choose update after we leave more options which we click oncontinue, after a time leave us options to install the package of office or single wordgive option to all office package we then begins to automatically install oursoftware. 3
  4. 4. Microsoft Word 4 2007Working environment ofMicrosoft Word 2007 Here we see the Ribbon this split into tabs and which have a few boxes withvarious functions. This is the button for very important office wing time to do ajobHERE WE CAN GIVE A LOOK TO OUR PLACE OF WORK PER SO IT HAS MANY FEATURES THATLATER WE WILL EXPLAIN TO MAKE EVERYTHING CLEAR. 4
  5. 5. Microsoft Word 5 2007ProcedimientosdescriptivosSteps for entering and exiting Microsoft Word to join Microsoft Wordcome to our desktop and we give click on startup, the detachedsubmenu we seek software Microsoft Word 2007 and we click as wellas displays imagen……..To give you click appears to us the tools to start towork in Word 5
  6. 6. Microsoft Word 6 2007To quit Word do the following close restaurar minimizarWe address top right wing and we see an X we give click andimmediately exits the application is very simple by this X are tabsthat are minimize, maximize, and restore shown in the image 6
  7. 7. Microsoft Word 7 2007As open and save a file in Microsoft Word to perform any text or work in Word, there is a tool which saves our work and foundthe button start, this button located on the top left. Botón inicioTo give you click deploys us A submenu like that shown below: Here we see ours here we can see our option Save, (save as) to give on the with the cursor shows other tools save, the more advisable is saved in a format that can be opened both in Word 97 - 2003When we are saving as Word 97-2003 document a box us of dialogue and the optionto save to your computer. 7
  8. 8. Microsoft Word 8 2007 Here the name with which we are asked to save the file Here escojemos placewhere we are going to savethe document.(my documents) This tab shows the type of document, as thisset is saved as a Word 97-2003 documentNow we give click to open our word that we kept according to the previous steps wewent to our button start, then the tool that says my documents document and lookfor the paper name that have assigned you to work. 8
  9. 9. Microsoft Word 9 2007As we can see here most ofthe work of Word aresaved, to open thedocument we give double 9
  10. 10. Microsoft Word 10 2007click and gives us thescreenshot saved work. 10
  11. 11. Microsoft Word 11 2007How to insert a style inWordartTo insert some style we went to the Ribbon in Word, we look for the option insert, then letswing text box and look for the wordart tool as shown below: Insertar WordArt tool to give shows of click in a variety of styles, give the title of the workChoose one of these styles the title change to a shape more striking and decorative. 11
  12. 12. Microsoft Word 12 2007How to work with the officebutton The office button has many tools, this tool that we see here is used to open a new blank document to work This tool is used to open a document you saved is another way to open it directly from the word environment Here we find a tool in order to print the job echo in WordIn this we can publish our work on the BlogAs we saw gave a look to the very important office button when it comes to draw up a Wordwork now knowing a little more about the content Word things look more advanced to do agood job 12
  13. 13. Microsoft Word 13 2007Caja formatoThis box is very important because it allows us to modify images paste, or to give it anyother way any box text etc, this button appears when inserting say an image we click on theimage and appears on the Ribbon, upper right cpomo shown in the example. Here we have our format box. Heres the inserted picture, we give click and framed us image and at the same time our format box appears. When we give click Boxed format deploys us a few tools to make shapes borders colors wing image previously selected. 13
  14. 14. Microsoft Word 14 2007How to insert bullets andsymbolsto insert a bullet come to our Ribbon, we seek the paragraph box, and we give clickon bullets, if a list to have a touch of creativity, our bullet tool is the best choice.Here we have options that gives us and our bullet tool Here we haveoptions that gives us and our bullet tool Here we have options thatgives us and our bullet tool And in this way our list is, this tool more than everything gives style to our document. 14
  15. 15. Microsoft Word 15 2007To insert a symbol, at the top right under the option Insert we see a simbolito bluewe give click and symbols that we can use and place in our work go us . This is our symbols box Al dar click nos despliega un submenú con los símbolos disponibles para utilizar 15
  16. 16. Microsoft Word 16 2007 Our options given by the tool symbol. Location of symbols and symbol tool boxInsertar un tipo de fuente 16
  17. 17. Microsoft Word 17 2007As we can see we found the location of our font tool, is used to give an of each option Here are options de stylestypeface we can give to the text, to go through the options the cursor text changes anddisplays the preview font style to text. 17
  18. 18. Microsoft Word 18 2007Estilos de fuenteTo insert a style weve got to go to the login box. Here we see the box style and theSubmenu options where we will find the variety of styles to to insert you text we are making 18
  19. 19. Microsoft Word 19 2007This is a text to give an estilo….How to insert color, size, and othertoolsThis option helps us give color to the text you can give a custom color or the default This option helps us to highlight some important word that Excel or text. 19
  20. 20. Microsoft Word 20 2007 This icon is the bold with this optionAquí podemos darle un tamaño podemos hacer que el texto se oscurezca y seAl texto . note mas.In this case we can make all modifications to the text as color, bold, underline, italic,underlined and other more.This icon is italic makes this icon underlined us text making the text to a shape that is all textor Curvada and is a way to make a word in particular. Different any word in the text.Format a tableEverything there is to know how to insert a table the following image first show as.Here we see the options that gives us the table box to insert into the Word document. 20
  21. 21. Microsoft Word 21 2007When already insert table at the top right leaves us with new tools to work as showing theimage.Here we see two new options that give us to format a table wing, each serves a differentfunction that we will see with more illustrations below. Here we see table layouts option to move the cursor by some style automaticallytable take a different look and there are several styles, and each will according to thepersonality of each who. This edges option we can give you a different color wings table lines This shading option gives us the possibility to fill any box of anysingle color table we need to Click on the box to go to our option shading give a color and now. 21
  22. 22. Microsoft Word 22 2007As we can see here gave color to a square table with the steps previously realized.How to change uppercaseto lowercase This 22
  23. 23. Microsoft Word 23 2007option it we can find at home, in the font box as indicated by the graphic. When we give clickshows us a submenu and find uppercase, lowercase. Type prayer etc, look at the example.Here are our choice to lowercase to make it work we must select the word and give you clickimmediately our floor passed to lowercase 23
  24. 24. Microsoft Word 24 2007Configurar una paginaFor example, if we want that this page vertically lets wing orientation option and we giveclick vertical as shown in this image.Here we also see thesheet size you canmodify well either sizeletter ex officio orthere are otheroptions. 24
  25. 25. Microsoft Word 25 2007Como insertar ecuaciones As we can see the option this at the top right we find it as equation by giving clickshows us a series of operations to insert them Here we see various options gives us tool equations we can insert equations to taste and modify them to enter the word work Here are the symbols and the two options that gives us to insert the equation box 25
  26. 26. Microsoft Word 26 2007How to work with forms To work with the form we need to go wing option insert and look the boxartwork there are many options to insert is a rhombus a star or lines 26
  27. 27. Microsoft Word 27 2007As we can see when we give click a choice gives us the opportunity to work anywhere in theform chosen.To give color wing chosen way we address wing format option that appear us in the top rightand give a color.We thus give a wing format shape and we are left with color and so the work we have morecreativeHere we find the option to make the outline of the shape more thick and feel more line andshapes in the image. 27
  28. 28. Microsoft Word 28 2007Give formats to wordartstylesFirst everything to format a Word style we should select the word we go where says insertand there is an option that says wordart styles options emerges us and choose some, whenwe choose it leaves us with a box of dialogue and give acceptcall us immediately should be a style as next esl: And here we see how our word is converted if we want to give some colorgoing wing option fill form and so we changed even more word style 28
  29. 29. Microsoft Word 29 2007How to insert anorganization chartTo insert an organization chart we must seek the option Insert there give us several toolsand we are going to find this boxed illustrations, there we see an icon of a green arrow thatsays smartart we give click gives us a few options and displays the image and choose anorganization chart, depending on the case. Aquí vemos el organigrama como nos queda según escogimos 29
  30. 30. Microsoft Word 30 2007How to print a fileTo print a document we need to enter the menu of the button start, find the option to printwe give click and we get a box of dialogue like thisWhen we give click the properties option allows us to look more options with respect to thesize of the sheet position etc. 30
  31. 31. Microsoft Word 31 2007Here we can configure the print mode and sheet size so that the impression is morepersonalized. 31
  32. 32. Microsoft Word 32 2007How to insert a watermarkHeres an example of how to insert a watermarkHeres where we find the watermark tool option (layout of page) When we give click watermark gives us some options listed here to give one of them appears a letter almost transparent centered datasheet that is a watermark. 32
  33. 33. Microsoft Word 33 2007How to insert a comment tothe documentAs we can see this side of the document follows a few boxes small to insert a comment,step-by-step we see what to do to enter one: first of all find the option to revise it are here,then lets wing box comments and we find it in this side of the Ribbon, when we find newcomment we give click and the box that we see here, after the procedure we can begin toinsert our comment automatically appear us 33
  34. 34. Microsoft Word 34 2007How to work with the textboxThis is our menu of our text box options are varied consist of giving an option to insert a textwith the default styles that are here in the menu 34
  35. 35. Microsoft Word 35 2007Option found in the Ribbon (insert, text box) to giving a click you will find the options, andchoose one and the only thing we have to do is write the text, if we want to give a differentstyle going wing option format and we tailor our box Other useful software for workAbiWord: this text editor is very similar to Microsoft Word is appropriate for a wide varietyof word processing tasks 35
  36. 36. Microsoft Word 36 2007Zoho Office suite writer: allows you to share the work online with friends individually and ingroup, upload documents from your desktop, Google Docs, or anywhere on the Web. 36