Discovering OERs through RSS and APIs

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Presentation given at the Open Educational Resources International Symposium in the session discovering OERs. …

Presentation given at the Open Educational Resources International Symposium in the session discovering OERs.

The presentation gives an account of the technical decisions made by the core-materials and open engineering resources pilot projects. Demonstrations of three methods of aggregating OERs is given including Custom Google Search Engine, Yahoo Pipes and searching Jorum Open, Flickr, Scribe, SlideShare, YouTube and Vimeo through their RSS Feeds and APIs.

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  • 1. Discovering OER through RSS and APIs Lisa J. Rogers, Research Associate Institute for Computer Based Learning, Heriot-Watt University
  • 2. About Me
    • Two UKOER phase i projects
      • Core-Materials
      • Open Engineering Resources Pilot
    • Additional OER Technical work with CETIS.
      • RSS Feed Deposit for OER
      • Tracking OERs
      • Aggregation of OERS
  • 3. Core-Materials
    • Collated resources and existing descriptions into central database and made searchable.
    • Batch uploaded resources and descriptions to web 2.0 file sharing sites using their APIs.
    • Bulk upload resource descriptions and links to Jorum Open using RSS.
  • 4. Core-Materials Usage Stats Viewing Statistics for CORE-Materials resources (Sept 2009 – March 2010) Number of Resources Uploaded Total number of views Number of subscribers / followers YouTube 128 videos 17,417 20 subscribers Flickr 860 images 25,940 7 contacts Scribd 157 documents 40,706 (2,261 downloads) 32 subscribers SlideShare 157 documents 35,240 3 followers
  • 5. Open Engineering Resources
    • Dissemination to web 2.0 sites and Jorum Open by individual partners.
    • No central database.
    • Cross search web 2.0 sites using APIs to aggregate resources.
    • Resources carefully tagged to allow this aggregation.
  • 6. Aggregation of OERs
    • Provide and document demonstrators
    • Google Custom Search
    • Yahoo Pipes!
    • Query through APIs
  • 7. Google Custom Search
  • 8. Google Custom Search
  • 9. Yahoo Pipes!
  • 10. APIs
  • 11. RSS
  • 12. UKOER Search Demo
  • 13. Lessons Learnt
    • Many APIs have official and unofficial examples of code to help you get started
    • In my experience technical support has been helpful (if you are persistent)
      • Reported bugs in Scribd API and in SlideShare API which have been fixed
      • Suggested new feature for SlideShare API which has been implemented
  • 14. More Lessons
    • These approaches may not be scalable
      • Limit on number of results returned
      • How are results combined?
      • Works for a finite number of sources
      • Current approach relies on tagging (how to extend beyond UKOER)
    • Viable solution for building smaller collections
      • Open Engineering Resources Search
      • Collections of OER (UKOER Phase 2?)
  • 15. Demo
    • Open Engineering Resources Search
    • Returns results tagged ukoer, engscoer plus query.
    • Can filter by partner (each partner assigned unique tag (i.e. LoughboroughUniOER)
    • Rob Pearce continuing to develop this service
  • 16. Open Engineering Resources
  • 17. [email_address] @lisajrogers