Authors and poets


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roald dahl,eoin colfer,rick riordan,william shakespeare and rabindranath tagore

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Authors and poets

  1. 1. By Azam Khan 7-B
  2. 2.  Roald Dahl wasborn inLlandaff, Waleson September13th 1916. Hisparents wereNorwegian. Hisfather Haraldand his eldersister died whenhe was justthree.
  3. 3.  His Mother was left to take care of 2stepchildren and 4 of her own. Roald was heronly son. Roald based the character of hisgrandmother in his book THE WITCHES as atribute to his mother.
  4. 4.  At 18 rather than going to a university hejoined the public schools exploring societiesexpedition to newfoundland.He was 23 whenwar broke out and he joined the Royal force innaiobi.Dahl’s adventures in war are listed inhis book going solo.
  5. 5. In 1960 ,Roald and his familysettled in Great MissendeninBuckinghamshire, Englandat gipsy house. It was herein a small hut at the bottomof the garden he began towrite . He actually wrotefor his small children.
  6. 6.  In 1990 Roald was diagnosed with a rareblood disorder,Myloe-Displastic-Aneamia. Roald died on November 23rd 1990 at the ageof 74.He was working on The Vicar ofNIBBLESWICKE,My Year and The Roald DahlCookbook.
  7. 7.  Eoin(pronounced Owen)Colferborn 14th may is an Irishwriter. He was born inWexford,Ireland in1965, where he and his fourbrothers were brought up byhis father (an elementaryschool teacher, historian andartist of note) and mother (adrama teacher).
  8. 8.  He first developed an interest in writing inprimary (elementary) school withgripping Viking stories inspired by historythat he was learning in school at the time.He has lived and worked all over the worldincluding Saudi Arabia.
  9. 9.  He received his degree from DublinUniversity and began teaching primary schoolin Wexford. After the publication of theArtemis Fowl novels, Eoin retired fromteaching and now writes full time.
  10. 10.  To date the majority of his works havereached the New York Times Bestseller list atleast once. Colfer currently resides inWexford, Ireland with his wife, Jackie, andtwo children, Séan and Finn.
  11. 11.  "Rick" Riordan, Jr. (born June 5, 1964) isan American author . Riordan was raised inSan Antonio, Texas. In middle school, BernardEvslins ,The Greek Gods introduced him toGreek mythology, and Tolkiens TheFellowship of the Ring "opened up the worldof fantasy" for him.
  12. 12.  He is best known for writing the PercyJackson & the Olympians series. PercyJackson and the Olympians series features atwelve-year-old who discovers he is themodern-day son of the ancientGreek god, Poseidon.
  13. 13.  Rabindranath Tagore May 1861 – 7 August1941), was a Bengali polymath who reshapedhis regions literature and music. Authorof Gitanjali and its "profoundlysensitive, fresh and beautiful verse", hebecame the first non-European to winthe Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913.
  14. 14. Tagore wrote poetry as an eight-year-old. He graduated to his firstshort stories and dramas—and theaegis of his birth name—by 1877.
  15. 15. William Shakespeare (26 April 1564– 23 April 1616) was an English poetand playwright, widely regarded asthe greatest writer in the Englishlanguage and the worlds pre-eminent dramatist.
  16. 16.  He is often called the father ofpoetry. Venus and Adonis and TheSonnets of Shakespeare are Some ofhis famous poems.