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  • 1. Odysseus in The Land of Phaecians
    Created by : Georgina, Emma,
    and Katrina
  • 2. Ino
    a Theban princess, gave her veil to
    - The veil, would keep him from
    harm as long as he is in the sea.
  • 3. Poseidon sent wave of waves to Odysseus and tore the raft part. Poseidon left and Athena calmed the sea.
  • 4. Odysseus was awakened by the sound of maidens. Princess Nausicaaof the Phaeacians came to the riverside to wash her dress.
    Odysseus approaches as a suppliant, and Nausicaa instructed him how to get the king's help in returning to his home. Odysseus follows her into town.
  • 5. Odysseus came to the hearth of the palace and went right up to the queen and asked for help. The king receive him with hospitality.
    The next day he told the story of his 10 years of wandering.
  • 6. When Odysseus has finished his tale. The king assured him to come home to Ithaca. The sailors put him down on the beach asleep. When he woke up he did not recognized his homeland. Athena revealed herself and told him where he is.
  • 7. Athena transformed him into a poor beggar.
    Eumaeus, his swineherd welcomes the poor stranger, fed him well and lodged him for a night.
  • 8.
    • Athena put to Telemachus’ mind, to go the swineherd. Odysseus was preparing breakfast when the young man appeared at the door. Telemachus send Eumaeus to his mother to announce his safe return.
    • 9. Odysseus saw Athena at the door and turned him into his own form.
    • 10. Telemachus saw him and he told Telemachus that he is his father Odyssues and hugged each other.
  • Odysseus disguised again as an old beggar and journeys to town. At his castle gate, he was recognized by his dog Argos. When he saw his master again, the dog dies.
    Odysseus asked food to the suitors whenan evil-tempered man, hurt him. The Queen heard what happened and came to him.
  • 11. Odysseus has a long talk with Penelope but did not reveal his identity. Penelope orders a maid, to bathe his feet. Eurycleia, who was Odysseus' nurse when he was a child, notices a scar above the his knee. Odysseus got it from a wild boar when hunting on Mount Parnassus when he was young. The maid recognize her master, and. But Odysseus instructed her not to tell who he is.
  • 12. Penelope appears to her suitors and said "Whoever strings Odysseus’ bow and sends an arrow straight through the sockets of twelve ax heads lined in a row will be the man will I marry“. Telemachus tried it first and let the suitors see that he cannot do it.
    The suitors take turns trying to bend the bow to string it, but all of them lack the strength. Odysseus asks if he might try. The suitors refuse, fearing that they'll be shamed if the beggar succeeds. But Telemachus insists. Odysseus easily strings the bow and sends an arrow through the ax heads.
  • 13. Odysseus shot arrows to the suitors . And killed them all.
    Eurycleai climbed the stairs and said to Penelope “ Awake my dear, Odysseus has come home and all your suitors are dead.”
    Telemachus cried and told her that Odysseus is alive.
    Then the well-ordered hall is filled with rejoicing. For Odysseus at last after 20 years wandering had come home and every heart was glad