IBM Tivoli Storage Productivit Center overview and update


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sSM06 presented at IBM Edge 2012 conference in Orlando, Florida

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IBM Tivoli Storage Productivit Center overview and update

  1. 1. IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Overview and Update Tony Pearson, IBM sSM06#IBMEDGE
  2. 2. IBM has enhanced its premier storageinfrastructure management tool:IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center.This session will provide both anoverview of the current TPC 4.2.2product, and an update on therecently announced in TPC 5.1#IBMEDGE
  3. 3. Sessions -- Tony Pearson• Monday – 1:00pm Storing Archive Data for Compliance Challenges – 4:15pm IBM Watson: What it Means for Society• Tuesday – 4:15pm Using Social Media: Birds of a Feather (BOF)• Wednesday – 9:00am Data Footprint Reduction: IBM Storage options – 2:30pm IBMs Storage Strategy in the Smarter Computing era – 4:15pm IBM SONAS and the Cloud Storage Taxonomy• Thursday – 9:00am IBM Watson: What it Means for Society – 10:30am IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Overview – 5:30pm IBM Edge “Free for All” hosted by Scott Drummond 3#IBMEDGE
  4. 4. What is IBMTivoli Storage Productivity Center? Part of IBM’s Tivoli With all functions set of software to centralized into a provide Integrated “Single Pane of Service Glass” Management To help Storage Specific to Storage Administrators be Infrastructure, more productive Supporting IBM and non- and effective IBM devices and networks 4#IBMEDGE
  5. 5. For convenience, I will use the abbreviation “TPC” to refer to IBM Tivoli® Storage Productivity Center Note: IBM, HP and Quantum also use the term “TPC” to refer to Technology Provider Companies in the LTO Consortium. Do not confuse the term TPC with the Transaction Processing Performance Council ( a non-profit corporation, nor the Tournament Players Club ( subsidiary of the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA)#IBMEDGE
  6. 6. IBM StorWatch (1990s) • In the 1990s, there was IBM StorWatch – Monitored performance and replication of the ESS 800 • Feedback from clients: – “We don’t want a Stor-Watch, … Like having a personal we want a Stor-Do!” “X-Ray Machine” to help understand and identify – Manage more than oneproblems with your storage kind of disk array! 6#IBMEDGE
  7. 7. The SNIA Storage ManagementInitiative Specification (SMI-S) • It is intended to be the unifying factor between the objects that must be managed in a storage network and the tools used to manage them. • It is the result of a collaborative effort 7#IBMEDGE
  8. 8. Open Industry Standards Simple Network Storage Management Management Protocol Initiative Specification (SMI-S) Management Application Management Application WBEM SNMP XML/CIM Web-Based over over Enterprise TCP/IP HTTP Management MIB CIM Interface Device Device Management Information Base (MIB) Common Information Model (CIM) for Configuration and Status Object model, classes and methods 8#IBMEDGE
  9. 9. SMI-S Interface for all Storage • The SMI-S interface opened the doors for software to manage the entire storage environment – Applies to Disk arrays, Tape Libraries and SAN switches – Based on open standards The “Universal Remote” for – Supported by all of the major your Storage Environment! storage vendors 9#IBMEDGE
  10. 10. Different Perspectives Fabric Perspective: Looking at storage environment from the fabric level, how it all gets connected togetherDevicePerspective: Data Perspective:Looking at storage Looking at storageenvironment from environment fromthe device level, the host level, forfor performance data stored in fileand replication systems andfunctions databases 10#IBMEDGE
  11. 11. In The Beginning… TPC v1Device Perspective: Fabric Perspective: Data Perspective:Looking at storage Looking at storage environment Looking at storageenvironment from the device from the fabric level, how it all environment from the hostlevel, for performance and gets connected together level, for data stored in filereplication functions systems and databases Tivoli Tivoli Multiple Storage SAN Device Resource Manager Manager Manager (TSANM) (TSRM) Storage SAN Servers Fabric 11#IBMEDGE
  12. 12. Unified Launcher… TPC v2 Unified Launcher TPC for TPC for TPC for TPC for Replication Disk Fabric Data Common Platform SAN Servers Fabric Storage 12#IBMEDGE
  13. 13. A major rewrite… TPC v3 TPC for TPC for TPC for TPC for Replication Disk Fabric Data TPC Basic Edition Upgrade Path • Basic Edition offered Device Storage SAN Servers discovery, topology, element Fabric provisioning, alerting, health monitoring, asset and capacity reporting 13#IBMEDGE
  14. 14. TPC Standard Edition v3 • TPC Standard Edition managed disk, TPC for fabric and data and offered additional Replication advanced analytics for System z TPC for Upgrade TPC for Fabric Path Standard Edition TPC for TPC for TPC TPC for Replication Disk for Disk MRE Data TPC Basic Edition MRE – Midrange Edition for DS3000, DS4000, DS5000, Storage including when these are SAN Servers virtualized by SVC Fabric 14#IBMEDGE
  15. 15. TPC v4 • TPC Standard Edition / TPC Select TPC for manages disk, fabric and data and offers Replication additional Advanced Analytics for System z TPC TPC Standard Edition Select TPC for TPC for TPC TPC for Replication Disk for Disk Select Data Upgrade Path TPC Basic Edition • Select licensing offers enclosure- based pricing alternative, restricted to IBM DS3000, DS4000, DS5000, XIV, SAN Storage Servers and Storwize V7000, including when Fabric any of these are virtualized by SVC 15#IBMEDGE
  16. 16. A Fundamental Shift in Costs New IT Hardware Spend The time has come for IT Power and Cooling a new approach! Management and AdministrationSource: IDC, 2012 16#IBMEDGE
  17. 17. IBM’s “Single Pane of Glass” Strategy IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Storage Browser-based Control Plug-in GUI for each storage device Large EnterpriseSmall Company Data Center OpsNo formal IT dept Server Admins IT managed by Network Admins non-IT personnel Storage Admins Manage a few storage devices Medium-Size Company Centralized IT Dept IT managers handle servers, storage, networks, backups and perhaps even databases 17#IBMEDGE
  18. 18. TPC 4.2.2 Basic Edition TPC Basic Edition#IBMEDGE
  19. 19. IBM Tivoli Storage ProductivityCenter Basic Edition • Monitor entire storage infrastructure TPC Basic Edition – Device discovery of IBM and non-IBM devices • LUN Provisioning Wizard – LUN mapping/masking – San fabric zoningServers SAN • SAN Topology Viewer Fabric – Health/Status monitoring – Data Path Explorer • SAN Fabric configuration • Tape library reporting • Basic asset and capacity reporting • Policy based alert monitoring 19#IBMEDGE
  20. 20. IBM TPC Basic Editionembedded into other products • IBM System Storage Productivity Center - Integrated pre-installed appliance TPC Basic Edition • IBM Systems Director – Storage Control - A plug-in for the popular systems management framework SAN Servers Fabric • IBM Flex System Manager - Management software for the new IBM PureSystems family of expert-integrated systems 20#IBMEDGE
  21. 21. What is System Storage Productivity Center (SSPC)? • IBM’s Unified Storage Console • IBM System x3550-M3 IBM SSPC - 1 Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor - 8 GB memory • Pre-installed Software:IBM DS8000 - IBM TPC Basic Edition - DS8000 Storage Manager linkage IBM SVC - DS3K, DS4K & DS5K Storage Manager - TS3500 Tape Specialist linkage Storwize V7000 IBM DS3000 IBM DS4000 TS3500 DS5000 TS3310 21 #IBMEDGE
  22. 22. SSPC V1.5 Additional Features• Optional Dual Port Host Bus Adaptor (HBA) Card – This will include instructions on configuration and how to move the TPC database to an external disk through the HBA• Optional second Hard Disk Drive• Orderable feature containing an SSPC Recovery media• System Storage DS® Storage Manager – Version 10.70 of the IBM System Storage DS Storage Manager user interface is pre-installed on SSPC. The DS Storage Manager can manage the DS3000, DS4000™, and DS5000• Pre-load DS8000 R6.0 DSCIMCLI• TPC for Replication management of FlashCopy for DS8000, SVC, Storwize V7000 22#IBMEDGE
  23. 23. IBM Systems Director • Storage Control plug-in for IBM Storage Control Systems Director 6.3 Plug-in – Based on TPC Basic – Choose IBM DB2 9.7 ESE (restricted-use license included at no additional cost) as the IBM Systems Director database • 90-day Trial Available! Medium-Size Company Centralized IT Dept • IT managers handle servers, storage, networks, backups and perhaps even databases 23#IBMEDGE
  24. 24. Simplified experienceReduce time, effort and risk Expert Integratedthroughout the solution lifecycle Systems IBM Flex System IBM PureFlex System IBM PureApplication System Pre-configured, pre-integrated Pre-configured, pre-integratedChassis infrastructure systems with compute, platform systems with14 half-wide baysfor nodes storage, networking, physical and middleware designed for virtual management, and entry cloud transactional web applicationsCompute management with and enabled for cloud withNodes integrated expertise. integrated expertise.Power 2S/4S*x86 2S/4SStorage NodeV7000Expansion insideor outside chassisManagementApplianceFlex System ManagerNetworking10/40GbE, FCoE, IB8/16Gb FCExpansionPCIeStorage 24#IBMEDGE
  25. 25. IBM Flex System Manager Management • New user interface and configuration automation brings new components online faster Management • Cross-resource integration and automation enables transformation from managing resources to managing applications, services and workloads Networking Storage System infrastructure • Upward integration with the management you have - other IBM platform tools, Tivoli and third-party enterprise management (e.g., CA, BMC, HP, etc.) • Easier monitoring, alerts and problem management through automated resolution processes with integrated Virtualization Compute expertise Setup Wizards Global Find Chassis Map Remote Presence 25#IBMEDGE
  26. 26. TPC for Replication 4.2.2 TPC for Replication for System z TPC for Replication#IBMEDGE
  27. 27. Manage Replication • Simplifies and automates replication – FlashCopy – Metro Mirror – Global Mirror – Metro Global Mirror (DS8000) • Matches source and target volume • Manages mainframe (CKD) and distributed systems (FBA) format data • Supports IBM DS8000, DS6000, ESS• Disaster Recovery Management 800, SVC, Storwize V7000, and XIV - Site Awareness - Stand-by Server option - Disaster Recovery Testing - Practice Volumes 27#IBMEDGE
  28. 28. TPC for Replication Editions TPC-R TPC-R TPC-R for z TPC-R for z 3-site 2-site 3-site Basic EditionRuns on Windows of Linux-x86 Runs on System zTPC-R 2-site: TPC-R for z 3-site: • Disaster Recovery management between • Same features as 2- two sites including failback features site and 3-site, but runs on mainframe • Includes support for: FlashCopy, Metro instead Mirror & Global Mirror TPC-R Basic Edition:TPC-R 3-site: • For z/OS HyperSwap • Disaster Recovery management between using IBM DS8000 three sites: DS8000 Metro/Global Mirror Metro Mirror 28#IBMEDGE
  29. 29. TPC for Disk / TPC for Disk Selectv4.2.2 TPC for TPC Disk for Disk Select#IBMEDGE
  30. 30. Manage Disk Performance • Centralized point of control for Disk storage – LUN Provisioning Wizard – Capacity monitoring / reporting • Storage Performance Reporting – Thresholds and alerting – Historical trending – SVC – Volumes, Managed Disks, backend storage volume names • DS8000 Element Manager enhanced GUI • Automated status and problem alerts 30#IBMEDGE
  31. 31. TPC versus TPC Select Edition TPC TPC Select Edition• For performance and reporting of • For performance and reporting IBM and non-IBM storage devices of DS3000, DS4000 and DS5000, Storwize V7000 and• For advanced device discovery, XIV provisioning, configuration and performance monitoring of storage • For attractive entry-level systems and storage networks pricing for operations with smaller workloads• For managing multiple storage arrays and SAN fabric components • Pricing based on number of enclosures managed• Pricing based on TB managed - 4U drawer of 60 drives counts as a single enclosure 31#IBMEDGE
  32. 32. Mixed Disk EnvironmentsOption 1 Option 2 IBM DS8000 and • Pay the Tiered-TB price Non-IBM for the “non-select” disk Disk• Add up all the TB for + all the disk to be IBM • Pay the “Enclosure” price managed and pay the DS3000 Tiered-TB price DS4000 for the qualified “select” DS5000 disk products Storwize V7000 XIV SVC 32#IBMEDGE
  33. 33. TPC for Data v4.2.2 TPC for Data#IBMEDGE
  34. 34. File and Database Reporting • Comprehensive Discovery – files, filesystems, databases – servers – storage • Enterprise Wide Reporting • Threshold Monitoring • Alerts • Automated Scripting Facility • Automatic Policy Based Storage Provisioning • Tivoli Storage Manager integration • Chargeback Capability • Reports on all storage – IBM, EMC, HDS, HP, NetApp, etc. 34#IBMEDGE
  35. 35. TPC Standard Edition andTPC Select v4.2.2 TPC TPC Standard Edition Select TPC for TPC TPC for Disk for Disk Select Data#IBMEDGE
  36. 36. Manage SAN Fabrics• Multi vendor switch zone provisioning – Create, modify, delete, etc.• Switch Port Performance Reporting – Thresholds and alerting – Historical trending• Alert monitoring – Port state changes – Error rates• Multiple topology views – Servers, Storage and Switches• Synchronized Graphical and Tabular views – Semantic zooming• Health, Alerts and Performance Overlays• Automated status and problem alerts – Integrated with 3rd party system management via SNMP 36#IBMEDGE
  37. 37. Advanced Analytics • Advanced Storage Analytics – SAN Best Practices Monitoring – SAN Provisioning Planner – Disaster Recovery Planner – Configuration Change Analysis – Storage Optimizer 37#IBMEDGE
  38. 38. Automated End-to-End Provisioning• New wizard-based experience for full provisioning tasks – Support for all storage systems – Performance based recommendations for IBM storage – Operator control over which steps to include• Includes copy services configuration capabilities – Configure FlashCopy or Mirroring for additional volume protection• Ad-hoc or scheduled execution of plan – Approve all steps in configuration prior to execution – Schedule provisioning jobs to be completed during change control windows 38#IBMEDGE
  39. 39. Monitor for SAN Best Practices• Validate configuration based on best-practices policies• Automated Analysis or manual analysis by fabric or zone set• Policy violators are flagged and displayed in the topology viewer• Real-time Security events notify IT administrator of zone security violations 39#IBMEDGE
  40. 40. Configuration Change Analysis • Automatic or manual detection of changes -Device removed • At-a-glance views of topology information Change summary • Pop-outs provide detailed change information • Helps minimize potential outage impacts from SAN configuration changes 40#IBMEDGE
  41. 41. Data Path Explorer Display resources associated with this data path• Quickly assess the performance Health icon displays status of your Configure aggregated health Topology viewer status port is connected storage infrastructure• End-to-end view of the entire data path (including SVC)• Reduces time to problem source Performance icon shows if any identification performance alerts have been triggered, hover over displays most recent performance metrics 41 #IBMEDGE
  42. 42. Performance Optimization – End-UserTransparency Reduce service-level response times Non-intrusive of resource-constrained applications analysis by an average of 48% up to 90% Automatically identifies hot spots and provides recommendations to improve Reports & disk efficiency & end-user application Recommendations availability OutputNew Technology from IBM Researchprovides Out-of-band storage optimizationengine that lays out a process to optimizestorage allocation, migration, and consolidationSupport DS8000, DS6000, DS5000, DS4000,SVC and Storwize V7000 disk systemsto enable migration of storage pools to optimizedata throughput.#IBMEDGE
  43. 43. What’s New in TPC 5.1 Support for Cloud Functionality • Upward Integration • Storage Tiering Optimization • SONAS management and reporting Usability • Integrated Web-based GUI • Cognos-based reporting License and Packaging • Integrated Installer • Simplified Packaging • TB and enclosure-based licensing#IBMEDGE
  44. 44. Web Based User Interface • Proof of technology with most core day-to-day function - Redesigned Web-based interface based on customer feedback - Navigation built around the tasks needed for the environment - Rapid access via simplified navigation • Legacy GUI still available with full functions 44#IBMEDGE
  45. 45. Tivoli Common ReportingEnhanced with Cognos • Data Abstraction - Modeled Tivoli data makes report creation/customization simple for customers • Simplified report editing - Run an out-of-the-box report, and launch the editor in context to make changes • Ad-Hoc Reporting - Novice users can rapidly create reports with intuitive drag & drop function via the Query Studio • Other capabilities - e-mailing of reports - Additional report formats (XML, CSV) - Greater granular data security - And more...Brings industry leading reporting suite toTivoli customers at no additional charge 45#IBMEDGE
  46. 46. Datacenter Tiering Policy-driven Information Lifecycle LUNs Management (ILM) – Leveraging virtualization technology toStorage provide recommendations for storage Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 pools re-location – Based on file system level data, performance and capacity utilization – Developed by IBM Research and has been deployed by IBM GTS to manage SSD High High storage assets Performance Capacity HDD HDD Benefits – Ensures only highest performing workloads are allocated to most expensive storage – Enterprise wide datacenter storage tiering solution complementary to Easy Tier technology 46 #IBMEDGE
  47. 47. IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center family • Gain comprehensive insights for improved service delivery • Manage SAN through policy-driven recommendations • Establish and achieve storage service level agreements • Optimize resource utilization for enhanced return on storage investments 47#IBMEDGE
  48. 48. Thank You#IBMEDGEIntel, the Intel logo, Xeon and Xeon Inside aretrademarks or registered trademarks of IntelCorporation in the U.S. and /or other countries.
  49. 49. Tony Pearson 9000 S. Rita RoadAbout the Speaker Master Inventor, Bldg 9070 Mail 9070 Tucson, AZ 85744 Senior Managing Consultant Mr. Tony Pearson +1 520-799-4309 (Office) Master Inventor, IBM System Storage™ Senior Managing Consultant IBM System Storage Tony Pearson is a Master Inventor and Senior managing consultant for the IBM System Storage™ product line. Tony joined IBM Corporation in 1986 in Tucson, Arizona, USA, and has lived there ever since. In his current role, Tony presents briefings on storage topics covering the entire System Storage product line, Tivoli storage software products, and topics related to Cloud Computing. He interacts with clients, speaks at conferences and events, and leads client workshops to help clients with strategic planning for IBM’s integrated set of storage management software, hardware, and virtualization products. Tony writes the “Inside System Storage” blog, which is read by hundreds of clients, IBM sales reps and IBM Business Partners every week. This blog was rated one of the top 10 blogs for the IT storage industry by “Networking World” magazine, and #1 most read IBM blog on IBM’s developerWorks. The blog has been published in series of books, Inside System Storage: Volume I through IV. Over the past years, Tony has worked in development, marketing and customer care positions for various storage hardware and software products. Tony has a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering, and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, both from the University of Arizona. Tony holds 19 IBM patents for inventions on storage hardware and software products. 49#IBMEDGE
  50. 50. Additional Resources Email: Twitter:Øtony Blog:Ø Books:Ø_tony IBM Expert Network:Øtony 50#IBMEDGE
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