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What is empower network

  1. 1. What Is Empower Network?Empower Network is an internet marketing training company that teaches people how to get massiveresults in ANY business without any of the hassles that are normally associated with a home business.In addition to our products and training, Empower Network is also an affiliate program that allows you to earn100% commissions and earn a large income from home by promoting ENs products.What Is The Extreme Team?The Extreme Team is the largest fastest growing team in the entire company.In addition to all the value you get from your Empower Network membership, the Extreme Teams policy is to"UNDERPROMISE and OVERDELIVER".The Extreme Team provides an enormous amount of training and support to your new business that includeswebinars, conference calls, a private audio library, "over the shoulder" video training, marketing tools, andthe opportunity to see what the top earners in the company are doing so you can copy what we do do getamazing results yourself!Plus...were just fun to be around. :)How Much Money Can I Make?Its entirely up to you! We have people who join Empower Network because they want to make a few hundreddollars a week.......and we have people who come here because they want to make a few thousand dollars per DAY! Ultimately,it depends on your goal and the amount of time, energy and work you put into your business.How Quickly Can I Make Money?It depends....how fast do you want to go? We have people who earn a large income in their first month....their first week....even their first DAY. It all depends on how quickly you can get into action and follow our system!These Are Checks Some Of Our Members ReceivedFor Just 90 Days Of Working The BusinessI Dont Have Any Experience...I Dont Have A List....I Dont Have A Big AdvertisingBudget. Can I Be Succesful With Empower Network?Absolutely! In fact, many of the our biggest success stories (below) are from people who have never hadsignificant success in any other business....didnt have an existing "list" of prospects....didnt have any experience....
  2. 2. ....but they came here, rolled their sleeves up, followed our training and are getting fantastic results!All the training is provided. Well show you how to build your own list from scratch (which is exciting)....and you can start making money right away!What Does It Cost To Get Started?Empower Network has five different products that you can choose from. The only required purchase to participatein the income opportunity is the $19.95 affiliate fee.With that said, over 99% of our affiliates also choose to also be a customer of one or more of our five products.The Basic Membership is $25/month and the Inner Circle is $100/month.What Are My Monthly Business Expenses?Your monthly affiliate fee will be $19.95 and we recommend a 3rd party service called Aweber for managingyour leads. They charge $1 for the first month and $19/month thereafter.Whatever you choose to spend on marketing and advertising is up to you. We teach you a full array of marketingmethods that will fit any budget.Thats it!How does the pay plan work?Its a very powerful form of affiliate marketing that works like this:By marketing your affiliate link online (using the methods well show you), your prospects will watch a presentationabout our products and opportunity. When they get started, Empower Network pays out 100% of their productpurchase.For instance, lets say you have 10 Basic Membership customers on your team....you would earn $250 formaking those sales.Thats pretty awesome, isnt it? :)Also, company numbers show that approximately 50% of your customers that purchase the Basic Membershipwill upgrade to the $100/month Inner Circle program.To use that same example, if you have 10 customers at the Basic Level and 50% of them upgraded to theInner Circle....thats another $500 commission you earn.Imagine: you can potentially create a $750 monthly income with only TEN people on your team!And that does NOT include the fact that you will continue to earn that income over and over each month for aslong as theyre customers.....nor does it include the potential income you can make when they choose to buyother Empower Network products!SIMPLY PUT: You do NOT need an army of people on your team to make a large income. You can literally earn your first $1,000 in this businesswithin the next 7 days! (See our income disclosure below)Is this "one-time" money? Or is it residual income?Our Basic and Inner Circle products are subscription-based products that customers pay for monthly. So, whenyou get a $25 Basic Membership sale....or a $100 Inner Circle sale.....youre going to continue to get that monthafter month after month for as long as that person is a customer.Our other products are "one-time only" purchases. Customers who purchase those products have life-timeaccess to them and are qualified to earn those commissions for life.That Sounds GREAT! Do you Guarantee That Ill Make This Money?Nope. You might. Or you might not. Heres why:
  3. 3. You might be lazy. You might be incompetent. You might be one of those people who say "Ill do what you tell me,just show me how" and then the moment we show you what to do, you decide to do 20% of it because you thinkyou know better than us how it should be done.Or you might be one of those people who CAN follow a system. You ARE serious. You ARE willing to workyour ass off to reach your dreams.So, ultimately its up to you.Heres what we can say: if youre coachable and trainable, theres no reason in the world why youshouldntexpect to get fantastic results by following the same system that our top-earners use.By the way, we are the ONLY affiliate program that Im aware of in the WORLD who not only publishes anincome-disclosure....but ours is also updated in real-time every night. You can see our income disclosurehere.How Can The Company Afford To Pay Out 100% Commissions? No OneDoes That!Wild, aint it? :)Empower Network is a unique opportunity in the home business industry: the company doesnt take apiece of thesales!Instead, the company has a flat $19.95 monthly affiliate fee that covers the companys expenses andpays forthe home office, customer service agents, programmers, graphic artists, etc.By using this model, the company can pay out 100% commissions on every product sold (minuscredit cardprocessing fees).I Dont Have A List. Can I Still Make Money?Absolutely! In fact, one of our top earners earns $80,000 to $100,000 per month and started here with NO list at all:he built his entire list from scratch by following the training that we teach here in Empower NetworkIf you have a list, thats great. But its certainly not required. If youre coachable and trainable, we will show youhow you can have hundreds of people ASKING you for information on your business beginning in the next 24 hours!Where will I get prospects? How will people find me online?When you get started with The Extreme Team, we will show you a virtual "buffet" of marketing methods that weuse personally have thousands of people visiting your Empower Network lead capture pages every single week.These are the exact methods that we personally use on a daily basis to create thousands of dollars per week inincome.Best of all, it doesnt matter if you have a shoestring budget or a big budget. Were going to show you lots of
  4. 4. ways to have people ASKING you about your business every week.....so you never have to chase your friendsand family, cold-call purchased leads lists or any of that nonsense.Wait...are you saying that I dont have to purchase leads? I dont have to cold-callprospects?Yes. Thats what were saying. Calling leads sucks.In fact, as one of our members recently said: "When I stopped prospecting and calling people on the phone....my income jumped to $30,000 per month within 5 months".Were going to show you how to make money from home so that you never have to call prospects,leave voicemails or deal with non-serious prospects again.Where Is Empower Network Located?Empower Network is based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Thats also the location of our corporate office.So, If The Company Is Based In Florida, Why Does David Wood Live In Costa Rica?Because he can. :)So, Where Does David Sharpe live?He just bought a cool new house in St. Petersburg.When I Get Started, Will I Have Support?Absolutely. We have a full-time staff of over 40 people who are available to assist you with any questions youhave about your businessAnd as a member of The Extreme Team, you also have access to our private mastermind group online as wellas a private training center that includes all of the same marketing materials that we use to build our businesses:pre-written automated followup letters, video tutorials, "over the shoulder" training, marketing resources,social media tools and much more...Best of all, there is NO cost for this additional training and support: its FREE to you as a member ofThe Extreme Team!Do I Need A Merchant Account? Paypal?Nope! We have our own in-house payment processor thats included in your $19.95 monthly affiliate fee.Do I Have To Pay Taxes On This Money?Of course. You always have to pay taxes on income you earn. Making money in your own home business is nodifferent....except for one cool thing:Anytime you own a business, you get TAX DEDUCTIONS for the money you spend on your business.That means that you can "write off" as business expenses things like your Internet service....your mobile phone....a new computer....a portion of your rent/mortgage payment....travel expenses....healthcare....and much more.You get a huge number of new tax deductions at the moment you start your business with Empower Network.NOTE: We do not give tax advice. Consult a tax professional for exact details on how you can deduct expensesin a home business.Do I Need To Build My Own Website?Nope!When you join as an affiliate, you will immediately have access to a full catalog of lead capture pages,presentation pages and other resources that are youll use to build your business.Plus, as a member of The Extreme Team, you get access to even more resources at no additional cost.
  5. 5. Cause were cool like that.When and How Do I Get Paid?Affiliates are paid every Friday. Your commissions are deposited into your E-Wallet account (see above).From there, you can either transfer it to your checking account, withdraw it from an ATM machine or spend it withour own MasterCard debit card.Do I Have To Attend Meetings?Nope. We are an internet marketing company. We want you to make money from home....not from someone elseshome. :)So, youll never have to do 1-on-1 presentations in coffee shops....do little milk-and-cookie parties in peoplesliving rooms....or stand up in front of a hotel meeting to explain anything. This is about you making moneyby using a simple online marketing system for about 1-2 hours per day.What About Company Conventions?We host 1 or 2 large training events each year. Its an opportunity to meet other people in the community,find out what top earners are doing to earn huge incomes and to enjoy a new part of the world that you mayhave not experience. These events are fun, exciting and affordable for anyone. (Tickets for our last event startedat $99.)Do I Have To Do Phone Prospecting?No, theres no need. Many of our top earners have not picked up a phone in years. The online system isdesigned to provide your prospects with all the information they need to make a relaxed and intelligent decision.I Already Have A Home Business. How Will Empower Network Help Me?Thats great! Many of our affiliates (including some of our top earners) actually have multiple businesses anduse Empower Networks tools and training to get huge results in their other income streams.Ultimated, Empower Network is a training company: we provide you with the information and resources that youneed to learn how to have dozens of people getting started in ANY opportunity without having to prospect,do home parties, do hotel meetings, do 1-on-1 presentations or any of the hassles that are normally associatedwith the home business industry.Empower Network is for anyone whos serious about taking their income to the next level....whether your primarybusiness is Empower Network or something else.Can I Do This Part-Time? How Much Time Does it Take?Most people start part-time alongside whatever else theyre currently doing: a job; another business; raisingchildren, etc.So you can start in Empower Network with as little as 45 minutes per day and then "scale up" from there asyour income grows. Some of our top earners are only working in Empower Network 2-3 hours a day andearning tens of thousand of dollars per month.Will You Meet Me At The Local Coffee Shop So We Can Talk About This Business?Probably not. Mostly because a.) all the information someone needs to get started is available online and b.)because of the weirdo factor.But, more importantly, look at it this way: do YOU want to have to drive around meeting people in coffee shopsto make money?
  6. 6. I doubt it.We dont either. And one of the best parts about this business is that you can work the business from anywherein the world if you have a laptop or an iPad or a smartphone.Your ability to make money has nothing to do with explaining the business personally to anyone else.And that means youve got more free time to do the stuff you want to do.And we think thats pretty awesome. :)Im Completely Broke. Can You Get Me Started And Let Me Pay You Back OutOf My Future Earnings>No. And heres why:Youre asking me to be more committed to your business than you are. And thats not how success works.I get that you might be in a financial bind. But instead of asking for a hand-out, you need to step up, be the leaderand realize a simple fact: you do not have a shortage of money. You have a shortage of IDEAS.Turn off the TV....turn off Facebook....turn off your mobile phone.....get a pencil and paper. And write down10 ways that you can come up with the money within 24 hours. Its simpler than you think.I Know That Some People Need A Low-Cost Opportunity. But What AboutSomeone Who Wants To Make BIG Money? Can I Earn A Super-Sized Income Here?Short answer: absolutelyOur "The $15k Formula" product pays a $1,000 commission....and our Masters Program pays a$3,000 commission.Our top earners here earn over $100,000 per month in personal net income....and some of them have earnedas much as $47,000 in a single DAY.DISCLAIMER: Those are big numbers. Not everyone is going to do that. And not everyone is TRYING to do that.But, you should be aware that the potential is there....and the results you get will be a reflection of your personalefforts, commitment, time and energy. For the full legal income disclosure, see the link at the bottom of the page.So Heres My Question For You:Are YOU Ready To Start Earning The Income You Deserve?Get Started NOW By Clicking The Button Below!
  7. 7. Over $3,000 While Eating Mexican Food! Over $2,000 Before Lunch!Single Mom Leverages Her Time To Huge Results!"I Had So Many A-Ha! Moments…""This Information Blew Me Away...I Made$12,000 In My First 30 Days...!"Look How Easy It Is To Get On The FrontPage Of Google For ANY Business or Keyword!
  8. 8. Now Its YOUR Turn!Folks - obviously, the income examples shown are extraordinary.The income claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income.Instead, theyre designed to give you an idea of whats possible. Success in this businessas with anything, requires leadership, hard work and dedication. Since we want to helpyou make an informed decision, weve gone above and beyond with our incomedisclosure document. If you want to see the average earnings, please see ourFull Income Disclosure. Make Sense?